On the cliffs by the institute Kitty was sitting on ledge she'd phased down to staring in the direction she assumed Genosha was in and wondered when her heart was coming home. She also wondered if the person (or elf) that held it really had been spending an unheard of amount of time with a certain Scarlet Princess like she'd heard. If he was well, she owed Bobby and apology for the bruise she'd given him for saying so.

Meanwhile a Man with Ice running through his veins sighs as he watches a woman with her mind somewhere else frown. Bobby watched Kitty and wondered when Kitty would realize Kurt wasn't coming back (so he-sort of-hoped) and would turn to him for support eventually realizing she loved him. Yeah right Drake, that's gonna happen- sure you're funny but face it you make ice- you gotta be cold to make ice, and well Kurt has a tail and he's furry. Not to mention an accent (chicks dug accents) (I know I do) and he was kind and a gentleman and well there were a thousand things Kurt was that Bobby wasn't.

At the same time a fuzzy blue elf paced his cell, longing for his Katzchen and wondering if she had grown tired of waiting for him. If perhaps Bobby had charmed her away from him finally. He longed to feel her hands in his fur, her lips on his, her smooth skin against his tail. She'd probably already heard that Kurt had left her for the Scarlet Witch, which (no pun intended) simply wasn't true. He was simply being a gentleman, maybe a little more friendly than required but only because he missed Katzchen. He sighed and said out loud to nothing "I miss you my Katzchen, Vore Van you cahn evher know"

Little did he know that outside his cell and out of sight sat a Scarlet haired woman who wondered if the man she loved's 'Katzchen' knew how lucky she was. Probably, when he'd mentioned Kitty Pryde his face had lit up and his tail had moved in slow circles. She'd seen pictures of this Shadowcat who was now a woman with curves and shiny brunette hair and elven facial features and … well she looked like a fairy. But according to semi reliable reports from Avalanche and Quicksilver "fought like a goddess" and she was a genius to boot. So she was up against a Fairy Warrior Goddess 'Vonderbar' as Kurt would say.