Something I wrote for Film History Class awhile back. A series of poems for Leonard, Natalie and Sammy plus a reflective piece.

Poems for Memento


confused and lost

aimlessly wandering

like a lost child.

If only he had been awake that night.

If only Leonard had been awake that night.

He wouldn't be like a lost child

He wouldn't be wandering aimlessly

He wouldn't be lost or confused.

He would still have his wife.


devastated and bitter

wickedly cunning

like a malevolent black cat

If only she had stopped Jimmy that day.

Always wickedly cunning

Natalie should have known.

She should have stopped him.

She shouldn't have trusted that guy called Teddy.

She shouldn't be bitter or devastated.

Leonard shouldn't be here.


empty and automatic

stumbling blindly

like a sightless bird

If only his wife had adjusted better

He became automatic and empty

New memories weren't his to have

Like a bird without sight he stumbled blindly

His wife, she couldn't cope.

And both she and Sammy paid the price.

~~*~~Reflective Paragraphs~~*~~

In writing my poetic pieces for Memento, I choose to focus on the characters Natalie, Leonard and Sammy. In the film, there were regrets. They were not very often expressed but they were there and I wanted to express their feelings of bitterness and hate towards themselves. Leonard's pieces are focused on his condition and the night his home was broken into and his wife attacked. He is wandering the world without a memory, just getting by with his notes, tattoos and pictures. But even though he can no longer remember anything, he can still regret the night his wife died. When unpleasant things happen, a person's mind is filled with 'If only's and 'what ifs'. They regret what happened and wish it had turned out differently.

They wonder what could have happened. To pair with Leonard's regrets, I also wrote Natalie's poems. I wasn't too sure of what kind of relationship she had had with Jimmy so I decided to assume it was a good one between them. I believe that once she realized what had happened to Jimmy, she would regret not doing anything to prevent it. They had no reason to trust Teddy but Jimmy went to the mill anyway. If she had such good instincts, why didn't she say anything? I also believe she would have resented Leonard for being the source of her confusion.

I arranged the poems like steps. Events are important stepping stones in a person's life. Living with the burden and pain of regret allows them to grow. Regrets encourage them remember what had transpired before and helps them strive to be a better person. Even Leonard, lacking in a memory as he is, must regret to take these steps and move forward. A set of stairs represents the challenges the characters must overcome. Each obstacle in your life is another stair to the top wherever it may lead.