Title: Tarzan
Author: Eiris Hales
Pairings: JeffxOC
Summary: WWE's top Diva, Cara falls in love with TNA's most wild superstar, Jeff Hardy. Even though she believes she's nothing like him, he shows her that she and him have more in common than she thinks.

Tarzan - Jeff Hardy
Jane - Cara Richards
The Professor (Jane's Dad) - Stevie Richards
Clayton - Kevin Nash
Tarzan's Mom - ODB
Kerchek - Raven
Tantor - Abyss
Terk - Daffney

Chapter One: He'll Never Fit In

His image, his entire look was something he lived on for his years as a professional wrestler. He was the best, the greatest high flyer anyone ever saw. He was a hero to kids and an inspiration to his all of his fans to be different and stand up for what you believe in. But, he couldn't keep up with that for long when he image was trashed. And that was only because he went back to his old habit. And one that he was unproudly known for. Drugs.

And so, the WWE fired him when they found out what he was up to. Of course, his older brother, Matt reemed his ass for it. And after a couple of months, eventually Jeff found a way to start over. And that was in TNA. He made it go pretty good for a while, doing his same gimmick like he did in WWE, with a small twist. And he wow'd the fans and the others he worked with backstage.

But, not everyone was impressed. One night, as Jeff Hardy was preforming a scene with Mr. Anderson in the ring, Raven watched him from the screen backstage. He just shook his head at the sight of the boy. It wasn't like he expected more of him anyway... He's been doing the same song and dance for over ten years. He'd never make it any farther in TNA than he did in the WWE. Both Raven and Jeff had their history together in both businesses. He knew that kid quite well that he would fall behind. And fast.

"Wow, look at him." a rough, female voice spoke behind Raven. "He seems to make himself pretty comfortable in the company, ain't he?"

"Yeah...too comfortable." Raven said, without turning around. He already knew who it was.

She walked up beside him, smiled, and chuckled bitterly. "You...Hah...you don't like him."

"No. No, I don't."

"Well, why don't you just give him a chance?" ODB asked him. "He'll be a great add to the talent. He's an upstanding preformer, Raven."

"No, he's not." he differed. "He's a superstar that only goes so far. That's what he is. He's all glitz and glamour. There's nothing deep within."

"What if he surpasses your expectations?"

"That'll be the day." Raven said, sarcastically. "He got himself in a place where he doesn't belong. TNA is for winners. For the powerful. He'll never fit in."