The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #: 25

Pen name: ICMezzo

Pairing: Bella/Alice

Rating: M

Photos for prompts can be found here:


#25: What if Bella swung the other way

"Jasper is leaving, Bella."

I tried to restrain my emotions, fearful Jasper was near enough to read them. But I knew she could hear my heart pounding.

"Are you going too?" I asked desperately, grabbing her hand as if I could keep her with me this way. I tried to ignore the resulting electricity.

"That's such a silly question." She looked at me and shook her head. "I told you already that I knew from the beginning I'd love you too."

I nodded as the horizon filled with possibilities.

"You're my life now," she whispered.

A/N: Thanks to everyone for reading. I hope you enjoyed! And, again, thanks to Mrs. Agget for betaing everything for me.