Sobbing, Cloud couldn't stop himself from rocking against his partner. There was no pleasure in his moves but he knew that if he didn't move it would just be worse. Although, really, how rape could get worse he didn't know. When he felt the sudden jerk he nearly cried out in relief as the other man released inside him. It was over. Gaia be praised, it was over.

The blonde was so numb he didn't even notice when the other man ripped out of him and shoved him to the ground. He just curled up in a ball, his arms around his stomach as he sobbed. Though he could hear someone speaking he couldn't focus on the words. Surely by now they knew that.

It took a few hours but Cloud finally forced himself back to reality. He was alone once more as he forced himself to his feet. Dully he looked around his cell, wary of any lingering items. After all, his tormentors liked to leave traps for him. The last thing he wanted to do was trip one. But when he saw nothing he limped over to his measly excuse of a cot and fell on it. His lower body throbbed in pain but he grit his teeth and bore it. He'd suffered worse though he couldn't remember when.

Laying on his back, Cloud tried to remember how this had all started. For a moment his mind was hazy but then he recalled his purpose. A slight smile tugged at his lips when he remembered. If only these wretched people knew who they were holding. He'd take great pleasure in telling them someday. Not right then, obviously, for he was still in their clutches. But someday he'd be free and as soon as he was he'd rub it in their faces. It would be the perfect revenge.

A slight twinge near his stomach made the blonde wince. True, he wouldn't ever truly be free of what happened here. Although, if it was as he thought it was, things wouldn't be to bad. Tense, yes. Awkward, definitely. But not bad.

A clang made the blonde look up. His body wanted to jump up but he couldn't manage that much movement just then. The guard stepped in, hood pulled up as always. They closed the door before stalking over to the helpless boy. Yes, he was still a boy despite everything.

Cloud stayed tense until the mouth of his guard suddenly turned up in a smile. Relieved, the blonde relaxed and smiled back. "Hello Krysta," he rasped, his voice still raw from his screams. The guard simply pulled their hood down. Their sharp eyes trailed over his body but Cloud couldn't manage to feel awkward. After the last two years he was used to it.

"Cloud," the guard whispered, kneeling down beside him. They didn't say anymore, just gently stroked his hair. The boy closed his eyes, letting the peace fill him. He knew it wouldn't be long before one of the other tormenters showed up. After all, he'd only been raped twice that day. He had at least five more to go before he hit normal.

"That's the last one," Krysta suddenly whispered though their movements never faltered. Cloud cracked a single eye open to glare at them. He didn't want to hear empty promises. He'd resigned himself to his fate months ago. There was no reason for the guard to offer him false hope. But said guard saw the glare and smiled grimly.

"I mean it Cloud," they insisted. "That was the last one. Ever. I know you won't believe me for now but hear me. You will never be raped again. This ends today."

Voices came from the hall, making the guard glare at the door. Though they obviously didn't want to leave they flipped their hood back up and left. Cloud was again alone and he tried to fade in to sleep but his mind was churning. Despite his best efforts, he held out hope that the guard was right. That this was the last time. He rested his hand on his stomach once more as a single tear escape.

Please Gaia, let Krysta be right.