Glitch was learning something new about how things worked at the Slayer House. Tonight was his first patrol and according to the rules, the newest member got to be the bait. So here he sat, seemingly alone, in the dark, on a park bench. And he only had two thoughts in his head. The first was he hated being bait. The second was that his butt was falling asleep from sitting on this stupid bench.

He continued to pretend to do something called texting on something called a cell phone. Xander had promised to show him how to use it later and get him one of his very own if he liked it.

Glitch was a bit nervous but the thought that hidden around him were Xander, and Faith comforted him a little. He was just starting to calm down when he heard footsteps coming down the stone pathway. And not just one pair of footsteps, but at least 4. Glitch pretended not to notice and kept looking at the cell phone in his hand.

He did look up however when the footsteps stopped right in front of him. He looked up and gasped. Before him stood 3 vampires and what looked like a humanoid demon with red skin, solid black eyes (of which there were 4), and no hair. Glitch didn't even have to pretend to be scared.

The red demon smiled, showing a set of razor sharp teeth. When he spoke it was like listening to sandpaper…if sandpaper could talk, "Well, aren't you a pretty one? You'll do nicely for my diner."

Before anything more could be done to Glitch Xander and Faith leapt from the shadows and the fight began. Glitch was shaken out of his slight fear by this and joined in. He had just staked a vampire when a cold hand took hold of his neck and he was lifted into the air.

"If you take one more step I'll snap his neck like a twig." said the red demon to Faith and Xander who had just finished dusting the other vampires

Glitch grabbed the demon's wrist with both hands in an attempt to get free but found that it was no use. He could see Xander and Faith not far away. Faith look cautious and ready to spring. But Xander was pale as a sheet and looked scared at the sight before him. Glitch tried to speak but the demon tightened it's grip making Glitch gurgle for air, a sound that made Xander's eyes harden. As Glitch watched Xander's face turned from pale to bright red. His face became, not one of fear, but one of rage.

Glitch was starting to become dizzy when all of a sudden Xander pulled a throwing knife out of nowhere and hurled it at the demon. Glitch was splattered slightly with green blood as the knife lodged itself halfway into the demon's skull. Glitch was dropped instantly and started to gasp for much needed air.

Glitch didn't have a moment to think before Xander was next to him on the ground, holding him close as if he would never let go. Glitch secretly wished that he never had to. Glitch looked up into Xander's single eye and smiled, "So, do I still have to be bait next time?"

Xander snorted and Faith chuckled, "Them's the rules Z. Next time that won't happen. That dude got lucky." Faith stopped talking when she realized she was being ignored, and with good reason. Xander was kissing Glitch senseless. Faith just whistled, "Wow, now that is hot."

As soon as they got home that night Xander and Glitch went straight to Glitch's room. When Faith was asked what happened and she told them they understood why. Still, the slight noises every now and then was a bit disturbing for the girls on Xander's squad. When they told this to Faith she smiled, "I've already heard those sounds, doesn't bother me none. Besides, Xander deserves some good loving after all the shit he's been through."

The next morning Glitch woke in Xander's arms. He smiled as he looked at the man holding him. He looked so much younger when he slept. Almost as if he didn't fight the forces of evil on a daily basis. Glitch leaned forward and kissed Xander lightly on the nose.

Xander's eyes fluttered open and he smiled sleepily at Glitch, pulling him closer to his chest, "Morning baby, sleep well?"

Glitch snuggled into Xander's chest and sighed happily, "Better then I have in a long time? How about you?"

"The same."

Suddenly the moment was broken as the door to Glitch's room was slammed open. Standing in the door way was one of Xander's girls. She had her hand placed firmly over her eyes and said, "Hey lovebirds, your late for training. Stop whatever it is your doing or finish it quick cause you promised to show us that cool move with the long staff." the girl closed the door right before a pillow made contact with it

Glitch was bright red and hiding under the covers like a small child. Xander lifted the edge of the sheet and poked his head under it, "Sorry about that. At least she had her eyes shut."

"This is going to be he way my life is from now on isn't it?" Glitch asked with a blank face

Xander's face fell and he looked away, "Yeah, I guess so. I hope you can live with that?" Xander felt arms slip around him

Glitch whispered into Xander's ear, "Of course I can. I wouldn't want to live any other way. I love you, I love you, I love you…"

Xander smiled at the glitching going on behind him. He would have stopped it, but he loved those words. When Glitch did finally stop 2 minutes later he hit Xander lightly on the shoulder, "Why didn't you stop me?"

"Because I liked hearing you say that." he held Glitch's hands in his and looked him straight in the eyes, "I love you to Glitch."

The moment was broken as the door was once again slammed open. This time it was Faith and she was staring unashamedly at the pair of them, "The girls said to drag you both down right now. I'm giving you 60 seconds to get dressed before I drag you down there naked."

Xander and Glitch made to get up but paused when Faith didn't turn her back or leave the room, "Faith, aren't you going to leave?" Glitch asked

Faith just smiled, "And miss the free show? I don't think so." the next thing she knew a pillow hit her in the face and in the time it took her to get oriented again both Glitch and Xander had run to the closet and shut it behind them, "You better be getting dressed and not having closet sex. Not that I would mind normally but the mini's are waiting."

"We'll be out when we finish dressing." yelled Xander. He then turned to Glitch in the small walk in closet that was just big enough for they to get dressed in and asked, "So, still think I'm worth it?"

Glitch kissed him sweetly on the lips and said, "I'm sure."


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