A/N-This is my tribute . I am completely ignoring the show-Golden Palace-if anybody wonders about the storylines I put in here.

May Rue McClanahan rest in peace.

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Rose was sitting in her living room in Miami. It was her living room now because...

Rose was softly crying when the doorbell rang. She got up to go answer it and there stood Rebecca with Aurora. Rebecca was looking in her bag of groceries so she didn't see the steady stream of tears down Rose's cheeks.

Rebecca spoke, "I stopped and got us some lemonade from the store down the street. It's awfully not and..." Rebecca comes right on in without even looking. She just puts her package down on the coffee table and Little Aurora says, "Momma?"

Rebecca looks at her daughter and asks, "What is it baby?"

Aurora steps up and gently takes Rose's hand and says, "Aunt Rose is crying"

Rose turns around and all color drains from Rebecca's face when she sees Rose. Rebecca's heart starts pounding like a drum in her ears and Rose says: "I'm sorry Rebecca"

Rebecca turns around and runs down the hall to her mother's room. She opens the door and it hits the wall. Then she sees her momma, beautiful even in death. Rebecca screams, "Momma!" She breaks down sobbing uncontrollably by her momma's bedside.

For a reason known only to her, Rose felt like the most blessed person in the room. She had lived and loved Charlie for 32 years and he died in her arms. She had married Miles and 6 months later, the found out he had terminal cancer and when he died a year later, she was holding his hand. And now…..Blanche….Rose has been the last person her best friend and roommate saw. She wasn't in the room when she died, but somehow that didn't matter.

Kirsten came running into the living room and went over to her mother. Softly, she sat down beside her and wrapped her arms around her and asked "How are you doing momma?"

Rose sniffles then says: "I'm okay"

Just then the .'s roll Blanche's body out on the gurney. Rose takes a look at Rebecca and they roll the body on out then Rose asks: "W-what do w-we do now?"

Rebecca puts a wet napkin to her mouth so Kirsten gently answers: "We say goodbye"

They all lean on each other as the gurney goes out.