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Chapter 0-A mysterious visitor

The sun was high in the sky above the home of siblings Aldo and Reiha, as birds flew by, and the serene waves slowly slapped the beach near the house. The house was on an island off the coast of Marbado, a nearby village housing the Kascuza people. A young boy, with brown hair walked out of the clever house, and into the clearing. The boy, Aldo, was no ordinary boy. He was a Summon Beast. He had a brown bandana over his head, wore light colored jeans, and wore a vestish shirt. He had deep blue eyes, and had a sword hidden somewhere in his outfit. The sword was for combat. Along with his sister Reiha and other allies, Aldo had recently journeyed over the world to calm the spirits of the world Clardona so the world wasn't at risk of being destroyed. Aldo sighed as he glanced up at the sky. The brightly lit sky was flocked with seagulls.
``Another quiet day. It's been at least three months since the incident in the Human lands. I wonder how everyones doing?`` He thought to himself. A quick look around told him that he was alone. He giggled.

``Maybe I could visit Millisar and the others at Marbado. I guess since Reiha is out at the hilltop again gathering Banna Berries, I could leave a note for her.`` Aldo thought. He thought a bit more, and then nodded to himself.

``Yeah! I don't think she'd mind if I went out for a couple hours at least. It give her time to make dinner.`` He agreed with his thought, and ran inside his house to gather his things. Once he was set, he ran back out, and left.

He arrived at the shore of Marbado not long after he left for it, and Aldo grinned

``I'm making faster time than I thought. Perhaps I'll have more time to visit with everyone.`` He said to himself. Aldo ran along the beach, and made his way into the canyon nearby.

There wasn't any enemies to worry about now, because the spirits corruption was over. Although the barren sight of the land still unnerved Aldo. He made sure not to make any stops along the way so that way he had time to make it back to the house without Reiha noticing he was gone. He finaly arrived at the entrance to Marbado, and was greeted by an overly cheerful green haired man. He was young, like Aldo, but this guy wasn't to be messed with. He was a Kascuzan, and a close friend of Aldo.

"Yo Aldo! What's the rush?" He said. Aldo gave a questioning look, and then realized that he was still panting from his run to the village.

"Nothing Nassau. I just want to visit with you guys for awhile, then make it back before Reiha notices I'm gone." Aldo said, and Nassau chuckled.

"You do realize, that she's here in the village right?" He grinned, and Aldo looked genuinely suprised.

"Huh? But she said she was going to get Banna Berries for tonight!" He said, in a mini temper tantarum. A laughing sound could be heard from afar, and Aldo's eyes darted to try and find the source of the laughter. His gaze fell upon a young orange haired girl. She had on mostly white clothing, and wore a necklace around her neck, which Aldo recognized as her fathers.

"Hah hah! Aldo, you sound so funny when your angry!" She said, and Aldo was set to make a remark, but Nassau stepped in.

"Even though your coming of Age ceremony was a little while ago, you and Reiha still act like children." He commented, which made the two siblings shot arrow glares at him. Nassau chuckled still, and walked off. Reiha got off the log she was on and walked over to her brother.

"Sorry about lying to you. I just kind of miss them. We had to keep out of contact with them in case of any problems." She said, and Aldo nodded.

"I know how you feel. I miss them too." He said comfertingly. Reiha smiled.

"That's the brother I know. Now come on. I'm sure the others will want to see us. I'm gonna go visit Lila, Ayn and Ticah." She said, and ran off.
"Reiha wait!" Aldo called after her, but she was off out of his sight.

"Oh well. I might as well go visit Mardin and Millisar." Aldo said to himself. He walked around the open clearing of houses, until he spotted an overly decorated house. Aldo grinned, and recognized it as Mardin and Millisar's handiwork. He walked towards it, and ducked so he could enter.

He spotted an older man and another Summon Beast, who Aldo thought of as a friend. The older man looked to Aldo and grinned.

"Ah Aldo. So good of you to stop by." He said, and Aldo shrugged.

"Ah, well I needed something to do Mardin." He said, and sat down next to him. The other Summon Beast spoke up.

"So where were you Aldo? While we were rebuilding the city." He said. Aldo grinned

"Hello to you too Millisar." He said, and Millisar growled mockingly. Before either of them could spit remarks, Mardin spoke up.

"So Aldo, have you recieved any messages from Talij?" He asked. Aldo shook his head.
"No. You?" He asked back. Millisar answered this time.

"Nah. Perhaps their too busy rebuilding over there. Or something is going on that they don't want us to know about." He chuckled. Aldo rolled his eyes at the Summon Beast. A Orange haired head peaked into the hut.

"Aldo? We should get going. The rain is starting to come down." Reiha said. Aldo frowned.
"Drat. And I didn't have anytime to catch up." He said glumly. Mardin raised an eyebrow, and got up to see the rain. He peeked his head out from the hut, and frowned.

"Reiha's right Aldo. The rain looks like- No, it is coming down hard." Mardin said, sounding suprised. Aldo and Millisar walked over to the entrance and looked out.

"Huh? How did the rain start coming down so fast? That shouldn't be possible." Millisar said, as Aldo stared at the black clouds that hung overhead.

"He's right Uncle Mardin. I think it would be best If me and Aldo went home right away." Reiha added, but Mardin shook his head.

"It wouldn't be wise to go out into the rain like this. Remember the last time? You and Aldo were seperated by the tide." He said, and Aldo grimly remembered that moment. He and Reiha were going to Marbado to meet with Ingiell about the situation with the spirits, but Reiha protected him, and she and him got seperated.

"Your probably right. We should bunk somewhere in the village." Aldo conceded, and Mardin's face grew mischevious.
"There are two spare huts you can use. Go on then." He said, and ushered the siblings out the door. Reiha sighed.
"That's Uncle Mardin for you." She said, and Aldo nodded.

"Yeah. Come on, lets go." He said, and gripped Reiha's wrist and tugged her along.

Sadly though, their huts were on opposet sides of the village, much to Aldo's dismay. The night settled over the village, and unfortunately the rain continued to barrage the ground. Near the entrance of the village, a shady figure stood by a tree. In the persistant darkness, little could be seen, other than the figure, and some other shadowy figures, in the shape of monsters. The shadey figure turned around and made hand gestures, motioning for the creatures to run off, and wait for something. The person walked in the direction of Reiha's hut, and grinned.

``Too easy.`` It thought, and once it arrived at the entrance of the hut, it made another hand gesture, a signal, and the shadowy creatures charged off in different directions. The figure itself made its way into the small hut ever so silently, and knelt beside Reiha's sleeping form. It reached inside of its cloak, and pulled out a strange bracelet, with engravings on it that glowed, and the person silently wrapped it around Reiha's wrist. Once that was done, the being smirked in triumph.

``It won't be long now.`` It thought.

"Hey Aldo wake up!" Nassau's loud voice made Aldo's ears ring, and immediately, he shot upwards.
"What? What's going on?" He asked. Nassau didn't answer. Instead, he drew his ax and ran out of the hut. Aldo took this as a gesture saying "were under attack" and ran out of his hut, sword in hand.
His guess was right, as several hound creatures were attacking the towns people. Aldo snarled a battle cry, and leaped upward, and came back down, embedding his blade in the nearest hound. It shrieked in pain, causing it to rear back. Aldo managed to retrieve his blade in time, but something weird began to happen. The hounds began to gather in a group, and began to retreat. Aldo raised an eyebrow as Nassau, Mardin and Millisar gathered next to him.

"What was that about?" Nassau said, still clutching his ax. Mardin narrowed his eyes.

"Let's worry about the who and why later. Let's make sure no one was hurt. Nassau and Aldo, check on the east section. Millisar and I will check west." He said, and they all nodded and headed out. Aldo was busy searching the huts, while Nassau made his way over to Reiha's place. He peeked inside, and got a shock. Reiha was lying silently on the ground, with a strange wristband, and yet there was no sign of any harm.

What was that about?

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