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Chapter 1-Cursed Summoning

Mardin had called a meeting inside of Reiha's hut, to discuss the mysterious attack by those hounds, and the strange wristband on Reiha's wrist. Aldo sat next to his sister in a protective manner, which confused her, but she said nothing. Millisar was sitting on the opposet side of the room, away from Aldo, because he and Aldo never got along. Well, almost never. Nassau sat on the other side of Reiha, him being a protective friend and all. Lila, Ticah, and Ayn sat together by the entrance of the hut, and Mardin sat in the center. Once they were settled, Mardin began.

"I called you all here, because we have things to discuss. One, about this attack on the village, and two, about the wristband on Reiha." He said. He brought out his little note taking journal, and continued.
"Since we don't know much about either of these things, I think it would be best to go back to the Human Lands, and meet with Talij. She might have insight on this." He said, causing Nassau to groan. Reiha looked to him, and frowned.
"Can you please let that go Nassau? Talij said she was considering the relationship, and she thought it wrong for how they had treated the Kascuza. Remember?" She said, trying to smile, but Nassau's annoyed attitude didn't help the situation any. Nassau shook his head though.
"It's not about that, it's that we have to walk all that way just to see Talij." He groaned once more, causing Millisar to snicker. Nassau shot him a death glare, before Mardin cleared his throat, silencing them both.
"We will leave first thing when you are ready." He concluded. Lila grew anxious.
"Sir Mardin? But that's early!" She complained. Mardin narrowed his eyes.
"Concidering the situation we are in, we don't have a choice. The attack on the village was for a reason, and we don't know what the bracelet is, or what it can do. Therefore, we need to see Talij." He shot back. Aldo, who had been quiet the whole time, turned to Nassau.
"What do you think?" He asked. Nassau shrugged.
"Mardin's probably right. We can't take any chances with this bracelet or the attack. Lets go see Talij then." He said. Mardin nodded.
"Well, then lets get ready. We don't know when we could get back, so lets pack plentifull." He concluded.

"Dismissed." The group of eight seperated throughout the village to get their stuff, except for Reiha and Aldo, who had to go back to their home beyond Marbado, on the island. Aldo didn't pack very much. He just brought his sword, some food, and his bandana. Reiha frowned.
"You know, you don't need that anymore." She said. Aldo grinned.
"I know, it's just stylish." He chuckled, causing his older sister to sigh. Reiha only packed her staff, and her food ingrediants. Once they were done packing, they headed back to Marbado. The others were waiting for him, and Nassau chuckled at the sight of Aldo still wearing his bandana.
"Dude, even though you don't need that on anymore, it's kinda stylish." He grinned, and Aldo nodded gleefully. Millisar rolled his eyes, and turned to Mardin.
"If were all here, shall we get going?" He asked. Mardin held his hand up.
"Yes, but before we get going, Ingiell asked me to give you these." He said, and brought out two charms. One was a fang with a blue gem in the center. Mardin handed it to Aldo. The other was a feather, that glowed fiercly. He gave it to Reiha.
"These two charms are rare fangs and feathers of sacred creatures of the Kascuza. The Natora Wolf, and the Naiad. These two creatures are magnets to each other, like you two are. They will keep you together, believe me." He said. He straighted his posture, and turned towards the others as the two siblings joined the others.
"We are going to be gone for awhile, so we must be prepared for any news we get from Talij." He said in a leader tone. They all nodded, and with that, they headed out.

They spent several days traveling to the city where Talij was staying, but thankfully, no more hounds came at them. When they finaly arrived at the village, they were greeted by a man in shiny armor, who happened to be Arlis, and Talij. She walked up to Mardin.
"I got the message. What is it that you need to talk about?" She asked. Mardin lowered his voice.
"It's something very important, and it needs to be in private." He said. Talij nodded.
"Very well. Come with me." She said, and walked off towards a large, fancy building.

They all entered the stone building, headed to a second floor, and sat in the center of the only room up there. Mardin spoke.
"Recently, there has been an attack on Marbado, where we were staying, by some strange hounds." He began. Talij interrupted.
"Yes, hounds also attacked here in the city as well. We drove them off eventually." She shuddered at the thought of the hounds. Mardin spoke again.
"Also, this bracelet showed up too, on Reiha." He said, and Talij immediately walked over to Reiha, and examined it.
"I can't say for sure what it is, but it is an ancient relic. Probably from long ago. I also sense magic was used on the bracelet, and it still remains." She said, in a serious tone. She stood up from where she was kneeling and turned to the others.

"Something else has caught my attention. Several strange caverns and marshes have appeared out of nowhere soon after you went back to Marbado." She said, and they all gasped.
"Strange? Like how?" Mardin asked, keeping his composure.
"Beings that shouldn't be there are in the cavern, and building a nest." She said, trying not to yell. Mardin nodded.
"We shall investigate. Assuming everyone else doesn't have a problem with that?" He turned to the others, who all nodded. Nassau stood.
"Yeah. We'll go for ya. I'm curious as to what this place is." He said. Then Lila stood.
"Yes Magistrate Talij. We will find the root of this." Then Ayn, Ticah, Millisar, Aldo, and Reiha all stood. Mardin smiled.
"You've all grown. Well then, we need the coordinates of where it is, and we'll be off." He said. Talij brought out a map.
"It's close to the seven Cathairn." She said, and pointed to a marked point on the map.
"Right. Lets be off then everyone." Mardin said, and turned to his allies. They all nodded. One by one, they filed out of the room, but as Reiha turned to leave, Talij put a hand on her shoulder.
"Be careful Reiha. I don't know what that Bracelet is, but the magic power coming from it is immense. I'm getting a bad feeling from it, so be careful." She said, and Reiha nodded.
"I will." She responded, and ran out the door after the others.

It only took a day to get to the strange cave. Aldo led the group into the cave, and immediately got a shock. Several hundred ant creatures filled the cave, running back and forth. Huge, one would add. Nassau joined Aldo.
"The Yodomi! Why in the world-" He began, but Mardin ran ahead of him.
"No time to wonder! Just take them out before they make it outside of this cave." He said, and began to punch away at the beast. They began to sail through the air, and Reiha just grinned.
"That's Uncle Mardin for you." She smiled, and began to chant a spell, but had to stop when a Yodomi came at her head first. Luckily, Nassau's quick reflexes sliced the thing in two. Mardin shouted over the noise.
"Reiha, save your energy for later! We have to run and gun for now!" His voice got through to her, and she began to dash through, with the protection of Nassau.

After several areas of slicing and dicing the Yodomi, the group decided to rest and catch their breath. Reiha was the only one at full strength.
"I hope nothing nasty is waiting for us at the end of the cave." She muttered, but true to her fears, a large shadow loomed over her, and Millisar and Nassau both screamed out to her.
"BEHIND YOU!" She turned to see a giant gold scorpion beast looming over her. She screamed and jumped out of the way to avoid being impaled by its stinger. The group brought out their weapons. Nassau growled.
"I guess the magistrate's fears are for good reason huh." He immediately charged at the scorpion, and slashed away, and was joined by Millisar. Arrows flew at the beast, and spells from Lila and Ayn struck at it everywhere. The attack power stunned the beast, while Aldo and Mardin were busy fighting some Yodomi that had appeared. Mardin turned to Reiha.
"Use your Divine Rain spell, and all the monsters should dissapear!" He shouted to her. She nodded, and began to chant. She neared the end of the chant, when a strange feeling welled up inside of her. Soon, she couldn't control the magic, and it went berserk.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" She screamed, and the power exploded from within, sending everyone flying backwards, and also obliterated the monsters. The light emetting from the spell faded, and Reiha collapsed to the ground. Everyone ran up to her, and Aldo, being the protective brother that he was, knelt down with everyone else.

"Reiha? Are you all right?" He said, trying to shake her awake. Mardin glanced around to make sure nothing else would attack, but then his eyes fell on something else. A young girl was laying on the ground. She was wearing clothes decorated with fur. She also had ears that were different than a Kascuza or a Human. She also seemed to have long white, and she was clutching something. Mardin got up to move.
"Aldo, carry Reiha for us." He said, and walked over to the girl. Millisar turned to Mardin.

"Why? Where are you-" He started to remark, but his gaze fell upon the girl as well.
"I think you should Aldo." He added, and followed Mardin. Deciding not to argue, Aldo slung one of Reiha's arms over his shoulder, and began to carry her on his back. He followed Mardin and Millisar. Mardin knelt beside the girl, and gently rolled her over, and got a shock. There was a brand on the side of her head. That wasn't seen until Mardin brushed some of the hair out of the way. That meant one thing.
"She's, a summon beast." Mardin whispered, and bowed his head. He stood up, and looked to Millisar.
"I hope you don't mind carrying this one Millisar." He said. Millisar shook his head. He gently lifted her off the ground, and followed Mardin back to the group.
"Come on, we need to get going." He said, and began to walk away, but Nassau grabbed him by the shoulder.
"Hey! Reiha's unconscious for who know's why! How can you be so calm?" He shouted, but Mardin shook his head.
"I know what this means now." He responded, and began to walk away again, and only then, did Nassau notice the girl.
"Hey, who's she?" He asked. Mardin turned to face him.

"She, is a summon beast. Now come on, we need to report to Talij." He stated, and began to walk away again.

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