This is my second story. This is TYY.

Yue and Yukito have merged. To keep Yue from torment, Touya has become a guardian. All is right, that is, until an ancient evil attempts to escape. Now, one life hangs in the balance. Will they save him? Or, will the events of the past be replayed?

I own 2 of the people in the dream. NOTHING ELSE!

Prologue: Repeat my mistake

A nightingale in a golden cageThat's me locked inside reality's mazeCome someone make my heavy heart lightCome undone, bring me back to lifeIt all starts with a lullaby

-The Escapist, by Nightwish

It was too late… He had stopped the spell… The gate would not open… In doing this, he had lost something of more value than his mortal life… he had lost hers…

Blood… Everywhere… They had used her blood to cast the spell..

He collapsed to the ground, tears fell on her cold form… He loved her…Now… She was gone… This would have been their wedding night…

Footsteps… The mage pried him away from the body… "There will be two. With a bond, even stronger than yours. What will you do?" The mage whispered on his ear, inky strands of black falling into blue black eyes.

"Help them." He whispered. "They will not suffer as I have. As she has. They will not repeat my mistake!"

He awoke, as if from nightmare… No, that had to be a nightmare. It took him several minutes to calm his breathing, to get his bearings. He slowly took stalk of the situation; of the location.

He was in his room; in his bed. The digital alarm clock on his bedside blinked 2am. The old wardrobe of chocolate brown not matching the chest of drawers, to its left, the once white paint mostly pealed, reveling bamboo. The television on top of the latter, its D.V.D player; flashing the same as the clock. Pictures, hung on the whitewash walls, depicting his family, surrounding the two windows in the rooms right center wall. The deep blue curtain, pulled wide; framing the almost nonexistent waning moon. Moon…

In a panic, he looked around franticly. This melted when he realized that his love, his moon, still lay beside him; silvery hair concealing his face, his head pillowed on Touya's chest. Funny, he had been Yukito when they had went to sleep. Touya smiled; ever cense the merge, spontaneous transformation while sleeping, had become more and more common. He held his breath as the guardian stirred. He let it out when Yue snuggled deeper into his chest, murmuring softly in his sleep; what sounded remotely like To-ya. He didn't wake.

Why had he panicked? For a moment there, he had thought he had lost Yue just like the warrior from his dream had lost the priestess of Selene. Selene? How had he known that she was the priestess of a moon deity? He hadn't even seen who the knight had wept for! And, who was that mage? He was so familiar. Like Touya had known who he was, but hadn't. Like he should have. As if, when you see a person on the street everyday, you've even said hello, but you've never really said anything.

What a strange dream, he thought. He closed his eyes, trying to think more. Could this have something to do with his new guardian form?

Almost a year ago; Sakura had discovered that she was powerful enough to create guardians. It had given him an idea. Why not he become a guardian? It was possible. According to Eriol, it would take a lot of magic and time. It could also kill him. It would take months to actually be able to transform. But, he hadn't cared.

His reasoning had been simple. It would serve two proposes. One, his sisters protection. Two, Yue's happiness. Yue had been so lonely and upset when Clow died. Touya had become so close to him cense the merge. To the point of becoming lovers. He knew that one day he would die. He just couldn't bare the thought of Yue being unhappy because of him.

So, after months of research, Nakuru attacking him, keeping Yue in the dark; or at least trying to, and a long, complicated ceremony later; Touya was officially a guardian. Prometheus, the Earth guardian to be in fact!

At first, Yue had been so upset. He had just up and left. Touya had been given an impromptu flying lesson, and proceeded to follow him. He had found Yue at the old abandoned temple on the edge of town.

As both Yue and Yukito, the mix of emotions had been too much for him. And, in his true form; he had reacted as Yukito. He had cried. Touya had found him sobbing, his silver white wings wrapped around him. Touya had gently pried his wings apart and simply held him; until a slightly unsmooth voice rang out through the night.

"Why?" He had whispered. "Why?" Touya had held him closer then. "Because, I love you." He replied, stroking strands of the purest silver, as Yue cried. For the first time… The first time cense the passing of one Clow Reed.

He looked back to the slumbering guardian. He looked so innocent, with his silver hair laying wildly across the bed, covering his eyes; closed to the world. His face… So gentle in repose. As if… All his cares were wiped away; leaving a perfect china rose, his thin mouth slightly open. Truly, the moon personified.

Touya would have liked to admire and bask in his beauty, in his warmth. But, his mind was too disturbed. He needed to think. He slipped from beneath his beloved; careful not to wake the beautiful moon being. He dressed and exited the room, the door shutting with an audible click. If the minimal noise had awoken the guardian, there was not much he could do about it. He pulled himself together, and headed for the roof…

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