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Sweet little words made for silence

Not talk

Young heart for love

Not heartache

Dark hair for catching the wind

Not to veil the sight of a cold world

Kiss while your lips are still red

While he's still silent

Rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled

Hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool

Drown into eyes while they're still blind

Love while the night still hides the withering dawn

First day of love never comes back

A passionate hour's never a wasted one

The violin, the poet's hand,

Every thawing heart plays your theme with care

Kiss while your lips are still red

While he's still silent

Rest while bosom is still untouched, unveiled

Hold another hand while the hand's still without a tool

Drown into eyes while they're still blind

Love while the night still hides the withering dawn

-While You Lips Are Still Red, NightWish

Chapter Five: The Voices In Your Dreams

"What do you mean?" Touya's question hung lankly in the gray fog of the dreamscape. As if to answer him, the fog began to swirl and change, shaping itself into the form of a man. The man was armored as a knight, the colors and style making him one of the Franks or a Visigoth. He was decked out in a well made, yet battle torn set of half-plate armor, with a shining breast plate and thigh guards. Chain mail lay under a pair of form fitting gauntlets, shoulder guards, and greaves. A rounded small shield was held in his left hand and in his right, was a grayed broadsword, a sheath hanging on his hip. Touya noticed there was no insignia on his shield. Strange…

That however, did not stop him. "I don't even know where he is! How am I supposed to save him? HOW?" A tight coil of anger curled in his chest. He was such a failure! He couldn't protect his moon, his Yue and now, some random spirit…Some random spirit? "Who are you?"

The armored spirit shook his head and raised a gauntleted hand to brush dusty blond hair from sea green eyes. He sighed, looking down from where he floated and at Touya. "Your anger is not needed." He spoke again in his roughed voice. Touya looked away, a faint red tinting his cheeks. "Sorry…"

"No need to apologize." The tall spirit murmured. "My name is Lotherin. I once loved a woman named Alchemy. She was a servant of Selene, a moon deity. I came from a small town on the edge of what is now France and I traveled north to Rome. We met on the road when I was wounded, she cared for me. In the end, we fell in love. We even vowed to wed… But, that's when things went down hill…"

Lotherin stopped for a moment he then turned to Touya in a glint of silver. He remained silent. "Continue please." Touya spoke. Lotherin nodded and began anew. "It all started with a black haired mage from Asia…"

X. X. X.

The demon smirked as the moon guardian struggled and jerked away from the unwanted touch. Cold defiance gleamed in hazy lilac eyes. Evidently, the drug was still active… But still, Aymon had to grin. It was always so fun when they fought back.

He made a show of sighing and running a hand through thin black locks. "It's such a pity, what we have to do to you…" The wind demon murmured, fingering Yue's moonlit silver strands. "You are so pretty…"

"But, I guess it simply can't be helped." He stood and moved across the room, over to a battered foldable card table. He shuffled around the holdings of a cardboard box that was seated on its top. Extracting three objects, he swiftly turned on his heel and moved back across the room, a curved dagger, a syringe, and a wire coil grasped in his hands.

X. X. X.

"He called himself Clow Reed." Lotherin began, only to stop at the look on Touya's face. "Is there something wrong?" The green eyed spirit asked. "Clow Reed is… Was the man that created Yue." At this, Lotherin growled, his voice sounding all the more scarred.

"Leave it to those monsters to do something like that…" He mumbled under his breath. "Excuse me?" Lotherin looked over at him, his eyes glowing with rage. "Clow Reed is the reason the failed to open the Tartarus Gate and free what ever Titan they were trying to set loose."


"Are you aware of the story of the Titan Wars?" Touya shook his head. "Are you familiar with any Greek or Roman Mythology?" Another shake. "Oh dear, guess I better start now…"

X. X. X.

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Gaea. She was the mother Earth. But, she was lonely. So, she used her power to create a race of beings known as Titans.

From the waters of the deep came Oceanus. From the glowing light came Hyperion. The Earth it's self gave her Atlus and Prometheus. The Sun and Moon made for her Selene and Helios. The shadows gave way to Leto. And, form the airy winds and sky Rhea and Oranos. She found herself in love with Oranos and bore for him Kronus the Lord of Time, Themis of prophesy, and Epimethus who wed Pandora, the first mortal woman. Finally, she crafted the energies of Chaos and magic into Hecate.

All was silent for many years, but winds of change came into play…

For years, the power hungry Kronus had coveted his fathers kingdom. So, in the dark of the night, he entered Gaea's home with a great scythe. The woken Gaea came to greet her son. They spoke and he showed her his scythe.

"Look Mother, I have tried at the forges and have created this." Kronus said, presenting the scythe for Gaea's inspection. She nodded her approval. "Mother?" He spoke again. "I wish to show Father this weapon, where might he be?" Gaea stood. "I must wake Oranos."

She turned to leave and Kronus smirked. The Lord of Time raised the weapon and brought the handle down on Gaea's head. His grin widened as she slipped to the floor, unconscious. After all, he didn't wish to hurt his mother.

With Gaea out of the way, he slunk into Oranos' room, and he raised the weapon…

X. X. X.

"So he killed his own father?"

"Yes. He killed Oranos for his own gain." Lotherin stated, his gravelly voice echoing in the fog. "Kronus waited until Gaea woke and then he threatened her not to tell a soul or he would destroy her Earth. He then took the throne claiming an accident killed Oranos."

"He later married Rhea. In that time though, Gaea went to those of her children, as she called them that she knew she could trust. Leto, Hecate, Hyperion, Selene, Helios, and Themis all offered their help."

Lotherin took a breath, noticing how Touya held on to every word. "One day, Kronus called Themis to him and had her read his fortune. It was in that action that he sealed his own fate. One day, he would be defeated by his own son."

"The story goes on to say that, in his paranoia, he ate his children." At this, Touya flinched. "Rhea went to Gaea and asked for help. They then drugged Kronus' food before they showed him the baby. They switched the child with a rock and he ate the rock."

"The child Zeus was raised to fight Kronus. When he was ready, Rhea once again drugged the food and made Kronus throw up. Legend says he threw up the children he had swallowed who were then adults. They rose up and sealed Kronus in Tartarus, the underworld."

"But what's this have to do with the people who took Yue?"


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