"Dat was a gwate stowy," Kennon said. "You know, when I was a kid, I went with an ahcheologist called Indiana Jones."

"Isn't he the guy who fought Nazis?" Mikey asked.

"Yes. Dis was back in da days when I was called Short Round."

"Why were you called that?" Chunk asked.

"Because I was short," he answered.

"I understand the 'short' part," Mouth said. "I think that the 'round' part would accurately apply to Chunk."

"Damn it, Mouth!" Chunk cried. "Stop making fun of me because I'm fat."

"I'm just saying that maybe instead of calling you Chunk we could call you Big Round."

"Shut up!" Chunk was feeling a lot of frustration caused my Mouth's comments. If he wasn't in the presence of adults, he would have punched Mouth right then and there.

"Both of you shut up!" Brand said. He was getting really tired of their arguing.

"Can you continue?" Andy asked. She was eager to hear the rest of the story.

"Okay," Kennon said. "Back then, I would dwive Indy in a taxicab. In nineteen thooty-five, he bwought a nightclub singa with him as I dwove."

"Ooh," Mouth said. Stef gave him a punch in the arm. "Ow!"

"Let him tell the story," Stef said.

"She was called Willie," Data's grandpa esplained, "and she came with us on a plane as we left Shanghai."

"Shanghai, China?" Mikey asked.

"No; Shanghai, Canada," Brand said sarcastically.

"Da pilots got out of da plane," Wong continued, "so Indy got inflatable boat foe us and we fell out of da plane befoe it cwashed into da Himalayas. We were alwight when we hit da gwound."

"So the inflatable boat kept you from getting hurt when you hit the ground," Mouth said. "I bet if you used Chunk you would have been alright, but the entire world would have collapsed under his weight."

"That's it!" Chunk said. "I can't take it anymore!" He let out a loud scream as he through spaghetti at Mouth's face. "Try fitting all that into your annoying mouth!"

"I think it would be easier to fit it all in yours." Sloth noticed how angry Chunk was looking. He picked Mouth up and shook him. He then pushed Mouth against the dinner table.

"Stop making Chunk mad!" Sloth said.

"Ah! Okay! I'll shut up!" Chunk put Mouth back in his chair.

"Now, which pawt of the tale was I on?" Kennon tried to figure out how far he had gotten in the story. Fiinally, it all came back to him. "Oh yeah. i rememba now. The people in a village believed we woo sent by a Hindu god. We went to Pankot so we could get a valuable stone fwom bad guys. At one point, we woo even in a woom with spikes dat almost closed in on us."

"See," Data said, "I told you he's seen… booby traps." Data said it right this time, so nobody corrected him. His grandpa continued his story.

"We went into dis mine shaft and dare was a man pulling a hawt out of another man. We got away by getting in a cawt. Indy used a sowed to cut a rope bwidge ova wata with cwocodiles. Indy made the stones glow wed, and two of dem fell in da wata while another one booned bad guy's hand. Dis bad guy fell into wata and we won."

"That was a great story," Mouth said, "even though I couldn't really understand some of it."

"Why?" Data asked. "Because of ah accent?"

"No," Mouth said. "Because I couldn't really follow the story."

"That's because you were too busy being a jerk to me," Chunk suggested.

"Maybe it's because I didn't explain well enough," Wong said. "Afta all, it was fifty yeas ago, and my mind is a bit fuzzy."

"Either way, that was some great food," Chunk said before he burped.

"Sloth love food," Sloth said as he ate.

"You were right about one thing, Data," Mikey said. "Your dad is a real archeologist."

"See guys!" Data said. "I told you!"

"Did you go on any other adventures after that?" Stef asked.

"Yes, but none of them woo as good as the advencha with Indy that I have just told you about."

"Whatever happened to Indiana Jones?" Andy asked.

"He eventually got mawied and had a son called Mutt. He liked to comb his hair like Mouth here." Everyone stared at Mouth and saw that he was combing his hair.

"He does comb his hair a lot," Stef said.

"Only to look good for the ladies," Mouth said.

"Data," Wong said as he took a long look at his grandson, "you may be an inventa like yo fatha, but you also an explowa like yo gwandpa."

"I shoo am, gwandpa." Data gave his grandfather a hug.