Chapter Four

While Tony and Ziva were at the crime scene, Abby was busy in Labby; Ducky was conducting the autopsy; and Gibbs and McGee were at the lawer's office.

Mrs. Reed and Mr. Sutton's boss was a slender, gray-haired man who looked kind of like Gibbs himself.

"What do you want?" he asked gruffly, taking a sip of coffee that sat on his desk.

Gibbs and McGee flashed their badges. "Special Agents Gibbs and McGee, NCIS," Gibbs informed him.

"I take it you're here about those two employees that didn't show up today, eh?" the silver-haired lawyer asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Yes. Well, sort of," McGee answered cautiously. "Who are you?"

James Sutton and Rachel Reed's boss blinked in surprise and set the styrofoam coffe cup down on his desk. "I'm Booker. Dennis Booker." (And no, not the undercover officer from 21 Jump Street, if there are any other Jump Street fans here.) "Can't say it's a pleasure meeting you, under the circumstances."

"Same here," Gibbs muttered. "Rule #13."

Mr. Booker glanced at McGee. "Rule #13?"

"Uh, Agent Gibbs has a list of rules," McGee told him, flicking his tongue out of his mouth. "Rule #13 is 'Never, ever involve lawyers'."

"Oh. Now, why are you here?"

Jethro fished out a photo of the deceased. "Petty Officer Jennifer Stratton. You know her?"

Booker studied the picture, taking in Petty Officer Stratton's vibrant red hair, tan skin, and green eyes. "No, can't say I do. Why do you want to know?"

"She was found dead yesterday. Your two UA employees witnessed her murder."

"Oh my God. No wonder they didn't show." He stared into space, apparently lost in thought.

After a pause, Gibbs pulled out his card and handed it to the lawyer. "If you remember anything, give us a call." Without waiting for a response, the silver-haired fox turned on his heel and walked briskly out the door, McGee a few feet behind.

When they were out in the lot, Tim said, "Do you think he was lying, Boss?"

"Ya think, McGee?" Gibbs asked sarcastically as he started the engine to the black Charger. The team's leader tore out of the car park and drove back to NCIS headquarters.

No, you're not hallucinating. I actually updated The Night Will Only Know! Sorry it's taken so long and this chapter is so short, but I had a serious case of writer's - er, creative stifling. If and when I get over it, I'll have Chapter Five up.