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Chapter One

When Words Speak to Hearts

The Past

"Carlisle, we need to talk." Esme's tone was stern.

Carlisle looked up from the burning dish of Bella's bloodied wrappings. Carlisle looked grimly at his wife. The look on her face was one of pure torture.

"What about, Dear?" Carlisle asked as he tensed and focused on the burning fire.

"It's over." Her voice didn't shake despite the meaning. Carlisle slowly lifted his head to look at her.

"Why?" He asked as he unconsciously clutched at his non-beating heart.

"Honestly, Carlisle, when was the last time we were intimate? Years ago. It's been a century since you told me that you loved me. Tonight was the final straw. I know how you feel for her. I can't go on like this. Pretending that you don't envy him. I'm not happy. I want a divorce."

Carlisle knew that there was nothing he could say to change her mind. Once Esme decided on something there was no stopping her.

"As you wish." Carlisle sighed and then accepted the paper and pen that Esme handed to him.

It all started with the divorce. As Bella sat in her room curled up on her bed she couldn't help but feel as if Carlisle's misery was her fault. She was never supposed to have heard that conversation but she had heard Edward and Alice arguing about it. Alice had recited it word for word at school. Esme had left town and Bella knew that Edward was hurting. Something in the air was changing and she felt that pain was coming her way.

She couldn't help but feel guilty but at the same time she thought over her own feelings for Carlisle. But she loved Edward even if he wasn't talking to her right now. He hadn't spoken to her since Esme left yesterday, leaving Carlisle to lock himself in his study.

"Bella." The familiar velvety voice called her name.

Bella opened her eyes and there before her stood the famous Edward Cullen with a gruesome look of agony twisted upon his face.

"I'm leaving." He murmured.

"Why?" She gasped as she rose from the bed and stumbled towards him.

"I've been thinking. I talked to Esme that night and there was something she said to me that made me think. You just know when you've found the one when you can't picture yourself without them. I realized at that moment that I can see a future without you. And I can see a future for you without me. I realized then that I don't love you. I've been lying to myself. Being emotionally open with someone, it's not me and I'm tired of this. We're not good together. I'm bored. There's nothing here for me. Goodbye, Bella. I'm not coming back."

He pressed one last kiss to her forehead and then disappeared out her window. Not even giving her a chance to argue.

The world spun slowly and suddenly she fell backwards onto the bed. Edward was going after Esme. Her world came crumbling down just like the walls of Jericho. A mighty scream ripped through her as her world fell into ashes. The tears rushed like waterfalls. She wanted to run but her legs wouldn't move. She loved Edward and they said they would be together forever. He promised her that he would love her always. This wasn't what people who loved each other did. Maybe this was how Carlisle felt.


No she couldn't think of him. Facing him now would be terrible. She couldn't imagine loving him after Edward left because she the catalyst for the divorce. It was possible to lose everything in one day. Even if she was giving up the rest of the Cullens by choice. Everything hurt. It hurt even more to think of walking away from Carlisle then it did to have Edward walk away from her. Destiny was fucking with her. She was just along for the ride even if that meant feeling broken for however long fate decided to murder her for.

The Present

"I think it's ready." Bree chimed as she wrapped her arms around Bella's shoulders from behind.

"Really?" Bella asked as she stared at the complete novel on her computer screen.

"You've been working on it forever. Charlie is going to be really proud of you."

"I hope so. I never thought I would actually publish anything. I thought I was just going to spend my life reading other people's novels and deciding whether the company should publish them or not."

"Well it looks like it's your time to shine."

Bella smiled up at Bree.

"All I need is a pen name." Bella mused aloud.

"You're not going to use your real name?" Bree asked, quite confused.

"No." Bella replied as she pushed a strand of her thick oaky-auburn hair behind her ear.

"Well then how about Ella Rains. It's kind of like Bella but it has a pinch of Seattle in it because it always rains."

Bree always knew what was right when it came to the world of literature. Bree wasn't that much older than her only two years but that seemed to make all the difference in their wisdom. Bella was twenty-six and she worked for her best friend. Bree's family owned Tanner Publishing Co. and Bree ran it now. They became friends in graduate school. They knew everything about each other, well except for one thing: The Cullens were vampires. Bella figured it was best to leave that part out.

"What are you going to name it?" Bree asked as she moved around to sit on Bella's desk beside the computer.

"When I Said Forever." Bella answered as she leaned back in her comfy leather chair.

Bree thought it over for a moment and then smiled.

"When I Said Forever by Ella Rains. I like it!" Bree squealed.

Bella couldn't contain her laughter. It felt so good to laugh.

"What's so funny?" A familiar voice chuckled.

"Diego!" Bree squealed and the smile stretched further on her face.

Diego was Bree's boyfriend.

Diego walked up to Bree and wrapped his arms around her. He was handsome his hair was thick, black, and curly. He had sparkling blue eyes that pierced any woman's heart. Bree was striking as well. She had straight dark brown hair with hazel eyes like a cat's. She was small but curvy. She was a tough girl but within her favorite company was extremely silly.

"Good evening, Bella." Diego chimed as he let go of his girlfriend.

He gave Bella a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Bella's book is ready to hit the giant printing machine." Bree explained as she motioned towards the computer.

"Finally. That thing is amazing. It's so personal."

Bree elbowed him.

"Ow." He yelped.

"So why don't we go out tonight?" Bree asked. "To celebrate."

Bella couldn't refuse.

"Perfect." She said with a smile and then closed her computer.

Bella was thankful to be out tonight. Sure she loved to hang at her apartment with Bree, but it felt food to be out and about. Sure she got over the pain that Edward had caused a long time ago, but writing her novel brought back a lot of emotions. The writing was over and now she could set that part of herself free.

"Bella! There you are!" Another familiar voice called from across the VIP section at the club.

Bree and Diego followed in suit behind Bella as they headed towards their friend Hope who was sitting with her boyfriend Ryan.

"Hey!" Bella squealed and then slid into the booth beside her.

"Congrats on the book." Ryan said with a smile and then leaned across Hope to kiss Bella on the cheek.

"Thanks. I can't wait till it's on the shelves." Bella smiled as she grabbed her martini that Hope had already ordered for her.

"Give me a month and I'll have it on the shelves, Bells." Bree said with a sly smirk.

"You rock." Bella said with a smile and hugged her best friend.

"So Bella, when are we going to find out who Leo and Jude are based on?" Ryan asked as he slammed his glass of whiskey down on the table.

"That, my friend." Bella chuckled as she put her glass to her lips. "Is my secret that only Bree knows."

Ryan turned his head and batted his eyelashes playfully at Bree.

It didn't matter that he was drop dead gorgeous. He had silky blonde hair that was a sexy mess. His eyes were as blue as the sky and his skin as perfectly tanned as a models. It only made sense that he was amazingly good looking because Hope was beautiful. She had bouncing curly dark red hair that fell to her shoulders. Her eyes were piercing green and her skin pale with a few freckles. These were her best friends and yet they were all so different from her.

At that moment Bella felt the winds changing again as she had eight years ago, only this time she smiled. Fate was going to be kind to her. Bree kept an eye on her during the night only to make sure Bella was all right. She knew that it was hard. She knew about Edward and how he had left her due to his parents divorce. What she didn't know was who Jude was based off and she was quite curious. She felt like the future was near for Bella and that love wasn't distant. Bella wasn't the type to fall head over heals for someone at first glance nor was she the one to hide how she felt. It was evident to Bree that whoever Jude was based on he meant a lot to Bella and maybe it wasn't over whatever they had or maybe it was just beginning.

One month later…

Emmett sat in front of the television in their home in Alaska. He was watching Opera and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice were sitting with him. Carlisle was sitting in a lazy boy at the far end of the room reading a book. The girls had picked the TV show and Emmett and Jasper had just gone along with it. Alice had a mischievous smile on her face but she wasn't offering any information.

"And today we have a very special guest." Opera announced. "She's a hot new author with quite the story to tell. Her novel hit the shelves today and it's called When I said Forever. She goes by the pen name Ella Rains. Before she comes out here and reveals who she truly is I just want to read to you the authors note she wrote at the beginning of the book."

Opera opened up the book and began to read aloud.

"This book is for everyone who ever wondered, 'what if?' This is for everyone who's ever wanted to turn back time and do things differently. For those who have loved, love, and will be loved; never give up on love. Never let anyone tell you how to find your soul mate or what love is. Only you can decide who 'the one' is and what love is. This story is based off several very true events. For those of you who can relate don't use this as a guide to find love because everyone has to find it their own way. I do hope that you walk away knowing that everyone can find love. Never give up on it. I've learned in life that it is precious and now I want to share my story with you because I believe that everyone can find their own happy ending if they try. All you have to do is open your eyes and smile."

Opera closed the book and smiled.

"Now I'd like to welcome our guest today, Miss Bella Swan, the real Ella Rains."

Opera stood up and the camera moved to show Bella walking onto the set looking beautiful in a blue strapless cocktail dress and pumps.

Emmett turned around and looked at Carlisle.

"Carlisle! Bella is on TV!" Emmett yelled.

Carlisle dropped his book; his mouth hanging open and then ran over to stand beside the sofa.

Bella hugged Opera and then took a seat on the chair across from Opera's.

"Thank you for having me, Opera." Bella chimed and the camera's focused in on her.

Carlisle thought that she look gorgeous. His perfect vampire memory did not do Bella justice. She had grown into a marvelous woman.

"Oh, Bella, I'm so happy to have hot young talent like you. So tell us. What inspired this book? It's such an emotional peace of literature."

"Well." Bella started as she tried not to fidget. "It's about complicated relationships. Of course I changed the ending to make it a happy story because the real story didn't end like that. I moved to Forks, Washington in the middle of my junior year of high school and there I met my first love who is represented by Leo. He walked away when his father and mother divorced. He left town and left me broken after telling me that he never really loved me and that he was bored. The lead female role, Skye, is based on me and the novel takes the reader through her battle within herself. She had known Jude as long as she knew Leo. In the novel Jude is Leo's brother and I refuse to reveal who Jude is and no it's not my ex's brother. The reason I won't say who Jude is suppose to be is because the romance that blooms between Jude and Skye never happened to me. This novel started out as a way for me to heal. I told myself if I could finally the say the things I wanted to say when Leo's character walked out on me I would feel better. Then all of a sudden I started forming it into a story and here it is."

The audience clapped and Bella smiled at the cameras. Somehow Carlisle felt that she was staring at him.

"So you believe that everyone have a chance at love?" Opera asked with a tender smile.

"Of course." Bella replied as she pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "I wish I could find it. I wish I hadn't run away and shut his family out. I loved his brothers and sisters and his father and even his mother even though she hurt them all by what she did. I wish I had stayed close but I was selfish. I wanted to forget him so I stayed away. I lost my best friend because of that, my pixyish best friend."

"The scene where Skye has the melt down and blames herself for Jude and Scarlett's break up is extremely intense. It's very dark. Care to enlighten us."

"That was one of the hardest scenes to write. When my ex's parents split I had a very hard time. Then my ex walked away and I lost everything. I was very close with my ex's family. They treated me like family. I blamed myself for his parents divorce and that's part of why I stayed away. I would do anything now to get them all back. Skye basically goes to the same place I went to. I acted out and did stupid things. I was angry all the time. Some nights I screamed and my dad would come into my room and hold me until I fell stopped crying or screaming. I carried so much guilt and so much pain. I dedicated this book to my father because without him I wouldn't have made it through the rest of high school. He's the reason I'm standing here and he's the reason I'm successful. As far as the ending goes I think I wanted to prove to myself that my father knows best because he always told me that it was going to be ok. One of the best things he ever told me when I have going through those darks times was that 'everything turns out ok in the end and if it's not ok then it's not the end'. So I just want to say one thing, Pixie, if you're watching this and you don't hate me, come find me. You and you're family please. I miss you."

Carlisle looked at Alice who was beaming and he found his un-beating heart racing.

"Alice where does Bella live?" Carlisle asked. "I know you already saw this coming."

Alice tossed Carlisle a copy of the book and smiled.

"Seattle. She works for Tanner Publishing Co."

"Well then family, we're moving to Seattle."

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