Dear readers,

I know I have not updated in a while, well that is obvious since my stories are complete. Ignore my rambling please. As of this morning I was informed that one or more of my non-canon twilight stories, which for me you all know are my Carlisle and Bella pairings, were nominated for the Hopeless Romantic award.

http : / contests- awards. thetwilightawards. com /2011 /06 / hopeless-romantic-awards. html

Here is the link for the award website, simply copy and paste it into your web browser and remove the spaces to take you to the link.

My stories that I predict that are up for nomination are:

When I Said Forever

Millionaire Matchmaker: A Match Made in Heaven

If You Pull the Trigger

The Hopeless Romantic Award according to the website is as follows:

"Only for fics that don't include Edward & Bella as the MAIN pairing. The Hosts of these awards want to recognize the hard work writers put into developing stories for other pairings like Carlisle & Esme, Emmett & Rosalie and even non-canon pairing like Rosalie & Edward or Carlisle & Bella."

So I would like to thank all of my readers, I would not be able to receive this nomination without your support, which means beyond words to me I can never thank you enough. The nomination and possible win of this award could not be possible without you so thank you for all your love and support I have the best readers ever.

Nominations began on July 1st and end on the 15th. Voting begins on July 18th and ends on the 30th. The winners will be announced August 3rd.

Thank you!