Carly Beth groaned as she rolled over in bed to turn off her alarm clock that was ringing seven o' clock. She turned the clock off and shoved the covers off her small body.

Carly Beth stood up and stretched out. She rubbed her eyes as she went over to her window and opened the shades. She smiled slightly when she saw the leaves that were falling from the trees. The entire town was covered with orange, pink, red, and yellow leaves.

Today was the day, the day of Samhain, Halloween. Carly Beth wasn't likely to forget what had happened all those years ago with the mask.

Carly Beth shrugged it off as she got dressed for school. She tossed on a black and grey long sleeved shirt and threw on some trashed ripped blue jeans. She tossed her now medium length blonde hair over her shoulders and ran downstairs.

She kissed her mom goodbye, shrugged her little brother, and hugged her moms' boyfriend who was currently sitting down at the table reading the newspaper.

"Oh Carly Beth," said Mrs. Caldwell.

"Yeah mom?" asked Carly Beth while rummaging through the cabinets.

"Remember that I'm working tonight and Damon here is going to be watching your brother while you are at Steve's Halloween party," said Mrs. Caldwell.

Carly Beth grabbed a package of pop tarts from the cabinet.

"That sounds fine mom. I'll be home by midnight," said Carly Beth and exited the door.

"Teenagers," said Noah as he finished his cereal.

Damon and Kate laughed together.

"I love those kids," said Damon as he flipped his hair back out of his face revealing his dashing good looks.

"They love you too," said Kate.

Every since the divorce of Kate and her husband, Ben it had been a little tough on the kids, but especially Kate.

Ben was now a successful banker in Colorado, leaving Kate with her kids.

But every cloud had a silver lining, and for Kate, this silver lining was her over a year boyfriend Damon, who was like a second father to the kids.

"Remember I'm going to be gardening at the Boswells' while you are gone," said Damon as he got up to head outside to tend to her garden.

"Oh you mean Steve Boswell? That house? Yeah, good luck. Nothing has grown in that garden since a few years ago," said Kate.

"I'll try my luck," said Damon and he left the kitchen.

"Bye," she said until she looked at her watch and got a move on herself.

Carly Beth ate her pop tarts on the way to school when she bumped into Sabrina, Steve, and Chuck.

"Hey guys," said Carly Beth as she finished the breakfast and walked next to them.

"You guys coming to my bash tonight?" asked Steve.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," said Carly Beth.

"Count me in," said Sabrina.

"It's not a party without me," said Chuck as he draped his arm around Sabrina.

"It's going to be such an awesome Halloween," said Steve.

"I know. I'm going to miss trick or treating," said Carly Beth.

"Yeah I know. It just seems like yesterday we were all out together going door to door getting candy," said Sabrina.

"Though there are some memories of Halloween better left forgotten," said Carly Beth now scared.

"We burned them," said Steve has he held her close while the four of them continued to walk to school.

"Yeah I know. I'm sorry. I'm just being paranoid," said Carly Beth as she threw on a smile and continued on the way to school.

Meanwhile, at the garden, everything that had been living had died a long time ago.

"Ok, that does it. There is something wrong here," said Damon as he continued to dig in the garden.

Then something caught his eye, something that didn't belong. It was a piece of cloth sticking out of the ground.

Damon reached down and withdrew a mask.

"Now what would this be doing here?" asked Damon as he cleaned the mask from the dirt that had crusted on it throughout the years.

He examined it closely.

It was a very gruesome mask that had a deformed face. It was green with a bald face with severely sharp animalistic teeth.

"Now this is a scary mask," said Damon.

He turned it over and slowly put it over his face.

His beautiful green eyes see out the two eyeholes and he looks around seeing the same images he saw when the mask was off.

Except if anyone was around, they would have saw that they eyes from the mask were not Damon's green ones, but they would see evil, animalistic, orange eyes leering back at them.

Damon started to feel the mask closing in on his skin, instead of being a breathable mask for the holiday. He grabbed it and took it off his head.

"Oh man. This is something else," said Damon as he looked around to make sure no one was looking. He put the mask in his truck and continued to work.

In the truck the mask had awakened. It slowly sat up in the front seat and peered out the window.

"Oh good," it whispered to itself.

"I need a host," it said again before letting itself succumb to the darkness until the host decided to put it back on.

In school, Carly Beth just could not concentrate. Her mind kept going back to those two previous years when the mask had taken her over then came back for the sequel. Carly Beth gazed outside and watched the wind blow the leaves into the street. She didn't see any trick or treaters because all the kids were in school.

Carly Beth continued to look through the trees, into the sunlight, and watched the leaves dance on the wind, while some decorations blew in the wind.

"It's going to be a great Halloween," Carly Beth told herself. Although in her heart, she had a feeling something really bad was going to happen.

Carly Beth finished her classes and then the bell rang, signaling the day was over.

Carly Beth walked out of the school and paid no mind to her friends. Right now she needed to be alone. Carly Beth took the long way home and walked further and further to that place, the place where it had all started.

Carly Beth looked up from walking and saw the beaten boarded up store. She read the letters. NOVELY SHOP.

Carly Beth felt a cool breeze and turned around to see that there was nothing there.

"Hello?" asked Carly Beth. There was no answer.

"Is somebody there?" she asked again. Again there was no answer except a breeze that sent leaves fluttering onto her sneakers.

"I am being paranoid. My God," said Carly Beth.

Although she had a feeling that something somewhere there was definitely something wrong.

Carly Beth went home and saw that Damon was back from work and was probably inside the house.

Carly Beth walked into her house and went straight to her room, ignoring Noah and Damon's voices coming from his room.

Carly Beth flopped down on her bed and breathed slowly.

She stared at her clock and it read 3:15. Steve's party was at 7:00. Stripping out of her clothes, she went into the bathroom to take a quick shower before getting into her sexy vampire outfit.

About 20 minutes later, Carly Beth exited the bathroom after washing her hair, washing her body, and shaving her legs.

She stepped back into her room and threw the towel down and started to get into her costume.

The hem was above her knees and the black silvery fabric hugged her curves in her young body perfectly. She put on the black make-up with some fake blood dripping down her mouth onto her chin and applied some onto her neck.

"Damon! I'm going to the party now! I'll be home around midnight!" she called out before she grabbed her keys and exited the house.

"Ok," said Damon as he himself was getting dressed for the trick or treaters that were soon to arrive at any moment.

He had a black suit on with a long flowing black cape that was matched with a big hood that stood over his head.

Getting the last of the costume out, Damon took out the mask he had found earlier in the day. He didn't show it to anyone because he wanted it to be a surprise.

Some surprise it was. Noah had already met up with his friends to go out trick or treating. There was no one left to scare except the victims that came to the door.

Damon put on the mask and tucked in the line in his black collar, but then he remembered that he had had a big supper and wanted to brush his teeth. Damon slipped the mask off and ran off to the bathroom and did his duty.

The mask was getting impatient, but he knew the goods would come to those who would wait, so it waited. One more time was all it needed.

Damon came out of the bathroom wiping his mouth and grabbed the mask off the counter where he had put it. And for the third time, he put it on.

The mask squeezed Damon's head and made sure he had a good lock on his hose. The mask opened his eyes. He looked down and moved his hands, walked on his legs, and looked in the mirror. The body was his.

"This is it," said a voice. It was not Damon's voice. It was the masks'.

The Unloved Haunted mask was back.

It got his grip and silently slipped out the door and into the vast darkness of Halloween night.