The Change

Chapter 1 – Angel


Another day, same as the last and the one before it. I've heard that monotony is often times comforting to humans, because of the stability and security that it provides, but for me, monotony is no longer comforting. All monotony does is remind me of what I am. Why my life is as boring as can be. I don't, I can't, interact with those around me because of obvious reasons. And I refuse to forge a friendly relationship with another of my kind, due to their murderous diet. But I guess that comes with the territory when attending high school as a vampire.

So far, I hadn't met anyone else that abstained from human blood like I did. And it's not that I really valued human life, so much as that I just couldn't stand killing them, because it hurt too much, reminded me too much of the day I was brought into this life, or rather, this death. I don't remember much about my human life, considering it was some odd 100 years ago, but I do remember my change...

The bell rang, bringing me out of my thoughts. I followed the mass of students into the cafeteria, where I was instantly hit with the intoxicating smell of 600 humans. Oh God, I really needed to hunt.

But something was off in the cafeteria. The students were speaking in hushed tones, but one phrase was repeated over and over in all of the conversations. "Oh my God."

I looked around the room, trying to find the source of the excitement, and I found myself staring straight into the golden eyes of five other vampires. They were all looking at me, but one of them in particular was staring intently at me, looking frustrated. He was tall, and leaner than his male counterparts, with bronze hair sticking out in every direction. He was beautiful. Of course, we're all beautiful; it's one of the ways that we lure in our prey. But he was different. He was an angel.


As we walked into the cafeteria, we were all searching for Isabella, Bella, as she liked to be called. She was one of us, and we were all curious about her... especially Alice. Though she had been blocking her thoughts from me all day, but I couldn't figure out why. Even with reading Alice's thoughts, I still never understood her.

The cafeteria quieted down as my family and I entered, which was expected. We were always a topic of gossip and interest whenever we came to a new school. The gossip because of my brothers and sisters dating each other, even though our story always made sure everything was legal. The interest because the students never ceased to try to win our affections. The female students took a special interest in me because I was the only single Cullen, and therefore, fair game to all of the hormone riddled teenage girls.

I continued to look around the cafeteria, searching for Bella. And then, I saw her, staring at us, taking us all in. She was clearly shocked by our golden eyes, but I understood that from her expression, not her thoughts. In fact, I couldn't hear anything coming from her at all. How is that possible? I can hear everyone's thoughts, no matter if they're human or vampire.

But it was more than just her silent mind that drew me in, it was also her beauty. I've lived with Rosalie for around 75 years, knowing full well that she was the most beautiful vampire to ever walk the planet. And Bella just knocked Rosalie off of her pedestal. Bella is no vampire, she is an angel.

Well that was my first ever attempt, so tell me what you think, good or bad, and if I should even continue the story.