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So we left off at the hospital after the Tyler Crowley van incident, Dr. Cullen just walked in.

Here goes...

The Change

Chapter 5 – Discussion part one


A tall, blond, beautiful man walked in. But I could tell more than anything else, that he wasn't just a pretty face, he was an old soul – physically and emotionally. He gave a quick look around the room, making sure the coast was clear, before he spoke.

"So you're Bella. Alice told me there was going to be another one of us at the high school. How long have you been in Forks?"

"About a year or so, but I honestly don't feel comfortable talking about this here when humans are so close. Plus, your son seems to think I'm all for exposing myself to the masses," I said, while shooting Edward a sharp as knives look. He was more uncomfortable with my glare than I anticipated, and I instantly wanted to apologize.

"Well..." Carlisle started, his tone a bit confused. "I really would like to get your incite on the town, plus it's not very often we come across another vegetarian. Would you like to join my family at our home?"

"Actually, I really think I should hunt before I do anything else – how about tomorrow afternoon?"

Carlisle looked more than a little pleased – like he couldn't wait to start drilling me with every question under the sun – but it was sweet, endearing almost. He said he'd see me tomorrow, signed some paperwork for me, and I was out the door, never giving Edward another glance. He stopped me as I walked outside.

"Bella. Can I please have a moment of your time?" he asked with the most dazzling eyes I've ever seen – but I knew that expression well, and I wasn't about to let my guard down so I could be hurt by this beautiful, arrogant angel.

"Yes Edward?" his voice felt like delicious silk on my tongue, but I made sure that my composure said otherwise. "What do you want?"

"I'm truly sorry for my stupidity today. I don't know why I tried to save you, it's not like you needed saving. I just... it's just that you look so much more fragile than you are, I guess instincts kicked in before I knew what I was doing. I didn't mean to insult you. I panicked, every student's thoughts were swarming in my head all at once that I didn't consider your feelings or capabilities before I made decisions," he whispered so quickly that it was almost difficult for me to pick up. But one thing worried me more than anything else.

"Wait, you can... you can read minds?" Oh shit oh shit oh shit! That means he heard all of my obsessive, creeper thoughts! Every mental caress of his strong jaw, every delusion that he may want me too. I could not be more embarrassed.

"Yes, I can read anyone's mind, except for yours." Wait what? Did I just catch a break? Oh thank god. I don't even care why my mind is so messed up that even the telepathic vampire can't see in to it – my thoughts are safe!

"Well I'm sorry for your frustration but maybe it's for the best, leave at least one rock unturned, you know? Everyone needs a little bit of mystery."

"That's not all that's a mystery to me about you, Bella," he purred, my name rolling off his tongue with a hint of something other than mystery... But he couldn't have meant it like that – I'm just imagining things.

We bid our goodbyes until tomorrow, and maybe I was imagining things again but he didn't seem to happy about me leaving, but there's no way that he, a perfect godlike creature, would ever be sad to see me go. No one's ever sad to see me go.

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