Chapter 2


They returned to the office. She had finished her work long before their little break in the lounge and was now currently engaged in a paperback novel. Meanwhile the colonel was busy trying to scrounge up a conclusion to his final report on a city inspection he recently went on. Behind him, the windows revealed massive dark gray clouds that were covering up the night's starry sky. Suddenly, the room was momentarily flooded with a white, surreal light and not long after, a deafening roar bellowed from the skies.


Although their reunion was miserable at best, at least they were now aware of what the other had been up to since their last meeting.

The sharp, shrill sound erupted from her weapon and to him, it came from nowhere. Barely half a second later, the man who had come to attack him and his friend had collapsed in a ragged heap, dead, blood pooling from his head.

Noticing the baffled look of the legendary Flame Alchemist, his comrade told him there was a certain "Hawk's eye" who was looking out for them.

At the sound of those two words, his thoughts immediately flashed toward his childhood and his apprenticeship. And he thought of her. And yet he had hoped it wasn't her when Maes Hughes suggested they find the sniper and properly thank her for saving their lives.

But it was her.

She held the weapon that produced that horrible sound. It was his first time hearing the shot from her, but it couldn't have been her first time firing that rifle. He began to imagine each round that flew from the barrel of her gun and the sound that accompanied it. It echoed over and over and over again in his head. The slight sound of the rifle being cocked followed by the small click of the trigger being pulled, and then the result: a huge explosion erupting from the weapon. Over and over and–


The sky growl once again. Louder now.

"Colonel, are you ready to go?"

Roy awoke from his trance. He had stood, distantly staring out the window with his arms folded over his chest.

"Oh, yes," he said. Then he groaned, fully realizing the scene before him. The lightning flashes and the ominous grumbles of thunder continued to taunt the colonel as he stared out the window. He scowled. The thunder roared once again.

"We better get going, sir, if you don't want to get caught in the rain," Riza advised.

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