The Family Man

Note- Universoul Circus actually does have dates scheduled in Maryland all during May of this year. The other place mentioned is also located in Maryland- forty minutes from Washington, DC.

Chapter Six

May 2010

On Sunday Derek and Penelope first took the kids out for breakfast and then to the circus. It was an all black one that was launched in the mid-1990's. It was a great way to add culture into a fun family event because Penelope took the chance to tell the kids stories about vaudeville and early black and white performers. It bridged the two parts of their ethnicity and helped them to see a whole group of people who looked like them being involved in the creative arts.

Derek once again bought a bunch of souvenirs. The kids were all smiles when they left but started to bicker in the car. When Derek got frustrated with them Penelope calmed them down and distracted them with more car games.

After a quick lunch they took the kids to Bunnyland at Butler's Orchard which was a farm that had strawberry picking, face painting and crafts for kids, a moon bounce, slides, tunnels, bunnies, lambs and chickens to feed, pony rides and a Farmer's Market with pies and honey for sale. It was a relaxing place that, for the most part, didn't wind the kid's up too much.

Derek and Penelope held hands as they walked around with the boys. She stocked up on stuff from the market and some crafts. During one moment they came close to kissing, as they got caught up in the feeling of being a couple, but Derek pulled back at the last second.

That moment though did something to Penelope. It fueled her desire to try one last time to get her Hot Stuff as her lover. He was worth one more day of wishing, hoping, dreaming and praying even if it just led where it always led- to frustration, pain and heartbreak.

She almost had herself convinced this time could be different. Maybe since she was different now- more confident and able to say what she wanted- it would change everything for them. Hope bloomed in Penelope's heart as they walked around the farm with the twins.

After a couple of hours they packed the kids back into the car and went to meet Sarah and Thomas for dinner. They had already put the boy's luggage in the car before leaving the house that morning.

The kids fell asleep during the car ride.

Penelope smiled and whispered "We finally did it. We wore them completely out! Score one for us!"

Derek chuckled. "We're a great team, mama."

"You sure you don't wanna have five or six babies with me?"

"Woman, if we got together I would want to leave plenty- and I mean plenty- of time for sex so having that many kids would be out."

She chuckled and they dropped the subject for right then. She was happy though that his answer, though joking, wasn't his usual: I'm not ready to settle down.

That line was old and tired. She'd had enough of it.

This last weekend was what she wanted more of. Feeling like Derek's partner in every way. It had brought back to life so many old feelings inside of Penelope. She just wondered what feelings might be brewing in Derek.


Later than night they sat together on his couch looking at pictures on Penelope's camera. She could almost still feel the warm, loving arms of his nephews as they hugged her good-bye outside the restaurant and begged her to come visit them in Chicago soon.

Smiling tenderly she said "They are both so cute."

"Yeah, when they aren't driving me crazy they are pretty cute." He grinned.

She turned and studied his face for a long moment. Then she raised her hand and caressed his cheek. "Tell me again why you don't think you'll ever have kids."

"Now you sound like my Ma. Always wondering when I'm gonna settle down." He gave her a teasing smile.

"Derek, you are so good with your nephews and Henry and Jack too. You'd be an awesome father." She lowered her hand from his face. "Why do you shut down the possibility completely? Is it because you'd have to commit to just one woman? Because you might not have faith in yourself to do that but I know you could. I know how you are when you are determined. Nothing takes your focus away from your goal. If you wanted to make a happy family and home for yourself I know you could."

"Okay, shush, motor mouth. Enough, really," he said in a loving way. He took her hand and held it. "Thank you very much for believing in me. It means more than you know to me to know you feel like that about me. You believing in me means more than what anyone else I know thinks."

She looked at their joined hands. "I would like to hold your hand everyday for the rest of my life."

He gave her a tender look and waggled his head at her. "Consider it done. Everyday that we're in the same state you can hold my hand just as much as you want."

Penelope lifted his hand and wrapped it around her shoulder, as she shifted and cuddled against him. "I'd like to have your arm around me everyday for the rest of my life."

"You can have both arms, mama. How'd you like that idea?"

She looked up at him, her eyelashes fluttering as she stared at him from under hooded lashes.

His eyes locked on hers. She saw reflected in them a sweet love she wanted to dive into rather than just wade around the shallow end.

Lifting her head she pressed her lips against his quickly and then, when he made a moaning sound and started to kiss her back, she sucked on his bottom lip before pulling away. Her words breathy and filled with desire she said "I would like to kiss you everyday for the rest of my life."

"Everyday is a really long time, Penelope," Derek answered in a very serious tone as his eyes searched hers.

"Still not long enough for me to love you, my love." She caressed his face gently with her hand. "Let this uber hot tech Goddess make you a Daddy."

He eased away from her and cleared his throat. "Having the boys around really got to us both. Its understandable. But, baby girl, we need to keep our head's about us. What we have is so good. Its just not that. Its been a long time since you felt that kind of love for me and it can't just come back in a weekend. Even a great weekend. I don't want us hurting each other by confusing our feelings for something more."

"That's the thing. For me, right now, it so is that. Its everything. I admit that I gave up on the idea of us a long while ago but somehow you've snuck right back into my heart. Not just as friend, either. You're my best friend and I love you like that. I always will. I just love you like this too. And I believe you love me back. Derek, I look in your eyes and see so much love. And I also see how you want to ravish me from dusk till dawn. So what's holding you back? I'm right here and I'm waiting to make a family with you. Don't make me keep waiting because I may just give up again and I don't wanna. I want you and I want our kids. Tell me, baby, what do you want?"

Quickly he pulled her into his arms and kissed her with a furiousness she had never felt before in her life. He started to rip off her clothes. Penelope was stunned and shocked, almost disbelieving he was sure about this, but by the time he came inside of her, kissing her sweetly and softly against her neck as he did, she had happy tears in her eyes because she knew he had let himself love her back.

They would have their future and their babies.

Derek propped himself up and looked down at her. "You are so brave and you wow me everyday."

"You just wowed me. Wow. I wish you never had to move and you would stay inside me forever." She tightened her legs around him.

He smiled. "Silly girl." He gave her a very long and emotional kiss. "You can have this everyday that I'm home for the rest of your life."

"And babies?"

"And as many babies as you want, my Goddess."

"Hmmmm. Sounds like heaven on earth." A happy smile curved over her lips. She closed her eyes and titled her head back, sniffled, and then tears started to fall as she was overcome with emotion.

"Sweetheart," Derek murmured, kissing away her tears. "I love you very much. You know that, right? And I meant every word about us having each other for everyday of the rest of our lives. I don't know why I fought this so hard except that I knew once I kissed you I'd never kiss anyone else again. I guess I wasn't ready before. But you make me feel ready now. If you love me and want me, I'm ready for everything we can have together."

"If I love you? I could never love another like I love my noir hero."

Grinning he gave her a kiss and then rolled off her. "Girl, we didn't even make it to my bed. We're gonna have to fix that right away." He slipped on some boxers and Penelope put on Derek's shirt then they headed upstairs, hand in hand, to talk some more, kiss some more, cry happy tears and work on building a family together.

They had a long way to go but together they could get there. Without each other neither would ever have the kind of dream come true happiness they could find for the rest of their lives together.


September 2015

"Isn't it your anniversary next week?" Hotch asked Derek, as they hung out at a cookout.

Reid was there too and he answered "They were married September 25th, 2010 at five fifty two pm. The ceremony started twenty two minutes late."

"Kid," Derek said "you're scary when you do that. Don't you ever forget a date, fact or figure in that genius brain of yours?"


Hotch chuckled. He asked Derek "Any big plans to celebrate?"

"We're staying in. But I got big plans, for sure. JJ's keeping the kids so it will be blissful silence around my house, expect for my wife's moans and screaming "You're the best!"

Reid said "I heard you're the one who screams that."

Derek laughed and looked across the yard at where Penelope was in the pool with JJ, Henry, Jack and Derek and Penelope's son and daughter. Their son was nearly three and their daughter had just turned four earlier in the summer. She came along just ten months after they got married.

Derek said "She's gonna pay big time for telling you my secrets."

Over in the pool Penelope happened to look up, as she was holding her son in her arms, and see her husband staring at her. Her eyes filled with love. She kissed her son's head. He had on water wings and they had been trying to break him of a fear of the water. Their daughter loved it and her brother was the opposite. Their daughter seemed to have Derek's fearless streak and her mother's outgoingness and love of make-up and dressing up. Their son was more quiet, thoughtful, and shy. Considering his middle name was Reid and he also loved books and learning about everything from the solar system to animals and how they have babies and where they all live and even was fascinated by magic he seemed to be taking after his godfather more than his parents. Though Reid was finally engaged he didn't have any kids of his own yet. He did dote on all his god children though and was getting in good practice for when he had kids of his own.

Daniel Reid Morgan and Bella Aaron Morgan were the lights of Penelope's life. And Derek was the man who helped her make a family and helped her get through everyday. He made life fun. Their home was happy. He worked hard to keep it that way. Always pampering her and making her feel like a Queen. And he was her King.

She couldn't wait till next weekend when they had the whole house to themselves so they could celebrate their anniversary with loud, wild, dirty and beautiful love making. She could almost feel his hand spanking her ass just as she imagined it.

Being married was the best. They should have done this as soon as they met. But they took their own sweet time and considering how it all worked out Penelope believed they hadn't made even one misstep.

"Mommy!" Bella yelled "Look at me! Uncle Will taught me how to float on my back! Mommy! Mommy! Are you looking? Look!"

Penelope smiled. "I see you, sweetie. Wow. Good job. You're such a big girl now. Daddy will be so proud when you show him."

"Daddy! Daddy! Come here and look! Uncle Will taught me how to float on my back and I can do it! Daddy! DADDDY! Are you LOOKING?"

Penelope laughed and went back to trying to pry her son from her and showing him he could float in the water too. It might take a while but she was sure he would get there, in his own sweet time, and that was okay by her.


Thank you so much for sticking with this story. This was my hardest CM fic to write so far.

I re-wrote the ending at least four times. The previously endings were all filled with angst and Derek thinking he could never have a family because of Buford. Of course Penelope convinced him different but those chapters I erased were not fun chapters and this is a fun, lighthearted story so they did not fit well with the overall tone.

Hopefully this ending I finally settled on was enjoyable for you.