I closed my eyes. Good bye pain, good bye, fear. Hello cure.


Screaming and panic rushed me awake. What? Why? WHY ARE THEY SCREAMING!

Soon panic over took me too. My capsle popped open. Hurrying to get out, I watched in utter fear as people were eaten alive at a elevator.

Oh god.

"Well, good to know. Don't go that way." I stated dryly. A huddle of survivors looked up. Sudenly I realized how comical I must of looked. My hair get mussled by sleeping and probally was sticking straight up. Great... Just Great.

Then I looked down. Holy flippen' pancakes! I was high up. " Just jump!" yelled a white guy with blond hair and glasses from said huddle. " I dun wanna di-IIIIEEEEEE!" at the end of my sentence I lost balance and fell.

Hitting the ground with a "Oomph!" I surveyed the people. One was the said blond guy, anouther was old and fat with white hair. He looked sneaky so I gave him a stink eye for the heck of it. There was a blond chick who was holding a blond kid like he would disapear. Another was a black dude, from that way he held himself I could tell he was American. Then came the scary looming dude that was like a flippen' tank! It was so totally BEAST! I dont think any one who wasn't jailed like ten time could have that much tatoos!

Maybe he was jailed like a billion times! I think I was staring starry-eyed cause he gave me this weird look. Oh wait. Everyones giving me that look. ZOMG! When the heck she get there? I mentally shreiked as a shy shaking japanese woman appeared out of no where. Well... Atleast in my mind.

They all looked solemn and sad. I decided to go with the flow, despite feeling kinda self consious in the short sleeved shirts. I was used to jackets so this was a biiig iffy for me... Not that I choice or anything. Finally one snapped out of the pity-party.

"What the hell was that?"...Dude! Fat guy has a dirty mouth! I decided that for once that I'd keep my mouth closed. " Come on tell me! What the hell was that?" Well Mr. Fat dude if you don't know why should we know? "Like I know." That a given bro.

"It was a demon. Only a demon could do those things." WHAT! Why are so flippen' calm! "Guh?" I oh so brillantly said. " Give it a rest." The black dude now dubbed bro said. Blondy then continueing with the conspirsy theories asked," Then what was it? An alien?" Bro replied,"Oh please! Be more realistic then that!"...Well then... Crush dream why doncha! ... Oh god I just had a Palin moment. Escuse me while I shudder. Four eyes mistaking it for a scared shudder gave me a pitying look patting my shoulder. After all, I just turned twelve last month. Meh! He probally thought I was like fifteen from the way I looked. Ewwww... I hope he's not a pedo...Ewwwwwww.

"Realistic?" Blondy asked. "Hmpf! Where those things come from?" Mr. Fat dude asked returning back to the stupid questions again. "What do you think Twiggy?" Bro asked four eyes. Heh Twiggy. That's sooooo how I am now going to address him. "Me?" Yes you,"Well I think it evolved from some animal, or it suddenly mutated."

"What? Things don't go up and mutate! Unless you had some kinda nucular bomb or somthin'. But even if that did happen! I don't think those capsules protect from radiation!" I deicided to pipe up. 'Twiggy' looked shocked at my unmatured voice. I'm not that tall! I mentally whined. Blondy immediately backed me up. Mr. Fatty commented of the wording of that statement. "Just how long we're we asleep?" pondered Twiggy.

"Well! Duncha' think our muscles would of been all flabby 'er somethin' if we where in there for that long?" I asked. That triggered somethin' forMr. Fatso over there," That's right! We were put in those capsules to wait for the cure for Medusa! Is the disease gone? Didja ever get a cure?" I checked my bracelet. Nope! Still black spots! Oh wait. Crap! There's black spots. " Right thos creatures aren't the only things we have to worry about. Medusa is devoring our bodies as we speak." Twiggy said. Geez. What a a sec...

"ZOMG! I know a big word!" everyone jumped and stared. Twiggy obviously figured I must not be a fifteen year as he thought or maybe I was just retarded... Meh... I was probally both. Any who! Twiggy asked," And what word would that be?" He said it reaaaaallllly slowly. "Pessimist!" I chirped.

Many in the group gave a breif smile at Twiggy's shocked face. He was just insulted by a retard. Wait... I'm gifted. No really!

Umm so yeah. Reveiw and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I deicided to tell the stpry through a (posibly retarded) nearlly teen. Bye!