AN: Sorry for the long period from my last update. I had the rest of the story nearly finished and then my computer wiped everything. - Blondie started sobbing. Tear pricked my eyes also. What? Why did it spread so...Fast?

"Come on, now. You gave up so fast." My head whipped around with the rest of the group. My limbs ached but I ignored it. "The games barely started." A smile spread across my face. "You-! Woo! We can't be brought down now can we! As long as we stay together-!" I nearly screamed in joy. Blondie stopped crying to smile at me. Many in the group did the same. Senator Fatty didn't though. He seemed traanfixed on TBAD's back.

"You're alive!" "You think I can be brought down that easy?" TBAD replied. "Then.." started Twiggy," Who's this?" "How should I know? He's not me though." TBAD snorted. Twiggy and Bro had a conversation while TBAD threw Shy girl's glasses at her. My mind blurred with the pain I was feeling. My arm was soaking my shirt and my foot stung more than it ever has. The kept talking before we started heading off toward the other side of the rocks. There was some sort of compound thingy. Everyone started talking about a generator or something. I head was so blurred with pain. Then everyone began running towards the compound. It stumbled trying to run also, but my feet hurt too much. I looked down towards them. I blinked. Was.. Was I wearing socks? Purple, blue, green, painful socks? They were bruised over and were cut to shreds. When I finally arrived at the compound all the men except Senator fatty were checking it out. I stumbled to a halt.

Blondie and shy girl looked towards me. "Are you okay?" Blondie asked. I looked up, my eye sight blinking out, "No. My feet hurt, man." They all looked at my feet and blanched. The Senator snorted," This is why we should have shoes." I looked at him. "I was more concerned with living than my feet." Twiggy come up after a while, "No problem the place is safe." Blondie didn't wait to hear the rest of what he said and grabbed shy girl and Kiddo. Then she bolted down the stairs. I tried to stumble along. Twiggy stopped me, "Are you alright?" I looked at him and swayed a bit. He then shook his head and kept near me as I all but slid down the stairs. Once we got the bottom Blondie freaked out about something and twiigy left my side to restrained her. I fell into bleak darkness. Mom? It hurts. Make it stop... Mom? ... I miss you.

I heard voices but my eyes refused to open. "Sedatives... Sleeping... Hard...Reality... Bracelet... Completely black... Concussion... Kid..." I pried my eyes open. Dear lawd... Everything hurt. The florescent lights attacked my eyes. "Hey? Don't sit up too fast." Twiggy said helping me sit up. "What year is it?" Bro asked. I snorted," I have no idea. Aren't we all puzzling that? If your talking about when we were put in capsles then it is 20XX." "Ha. Very funny." Bro said dryly. "How old are you?" asked Twiggy. "I was born in 20XX. So... 12." They all looked shocked. I... I was tired. With that I drifted back into sleep.