This was originally written for the Durarara kink meme under the prompt: Shinra/Celty – Hickeys everywhere Minor edits (grammar, a substituted word here and there) have been made

Despite the fact that Shinra and Celty are actually in the middle of doing it, there's actually not much of anything graphic here.

"Hmm? Well, isn't this odd..."

The sucking stopped and Shinra lifted himself off of Celty, fixing his gaze to a small spot somewhere on her chest. If Celty had a head, she would have frowned. Nothing could have been more odd than Shinra actually stopping, after all – and right when she was really starting to enjoy it, too. She reached for the PDA on the nightstand and started typing.

[What is it?]

"It looks like a managed to give you a hickey." Shinra pointed just above her left breast. Sure enough, her white skin was marked with a small, pink splotch at the point where his finger rested. Celty became even more confused. Not at the hickey itself, but at why Shinra thought the stupid mark warranted his full attention.

[A hickey? So what? Aren't those supposed to be pretty common anyway?] Izaya seemed to have them all the time, peeking out from under his collar. She'd even seen Shizuo with one on his neck once (She asked him where it came from, mistaking it for a simple bruise at the time. Shizuo only blushed nervously before asking her not to bring it up around Tom). She never got one herself, granted, but getting one seemed hardly newsworthy.

Shinra got a weird gleam in his eye as he spoke. Oh God, not another biology lecture. Couldn't this wait until after sex? "Well, Hickeys happen when someone sucks on the skin hard enough to break the blood vessels underneath..."

[Is there a point to this?]

"Celty, you don't have any blood. You shouldn't be able to get hickeys."

...Oh, right. That is kind of weird.

[So, what do you think caused it then?]

"There's no way to be sure, but my own hypothesis is that my love for you is so strong that it broke the boundaries of biology so that I could give you this magnificent love-bite! Look, it's even heart shaped!"

[No, it isn't.]

"Well, it is if you tilt your head and squint hard enough."

[Whatever. Anyway, I think your hypothesis needs a little more evidence before I'm willing to consider it.] With her free hand, Celty reached behind Shinra's neck and drew him in closer, hoping he would get the idea.

He did. "Oh really? And how do you propose I shall gather this evidence, my dear Celty?" he said as he traced a finger along the outer contours of the hickey he was so very proud of. The scientific curiosity on his face was gone now, a devilish grin now in its place...Well, sort of devilish. You could only expect a limited level of roguishness from someone who personified adorkable as much as Shinra did.

[Repeat experiments. Starting now.]