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Ryuzaki's POV

I decided to let him leave. Light-kun had been deeply bothered by what I'd said and it had caused him to run away. Light-kun never ran away though; he rose to the challenge. He wasn't one to back down. It was in his very nature to fight- especially with me. Whatever had caused him to leave, I had deduced that it couldn't be because I had called him Kira as I'd done so hundreds of times before, deeply disturbed him.

I rid myself of the formal clothes and donned my standard attire in its stead. It's much easier to think when one is in comfortable clothes.

It wasn't hard to decide what to do about this situation. Light-kun would come back when he was ready; he always did. Though he was acting out of character, this assumption that he would fall back into his ways was reassuring.

However, this did not mean that I was giving him free reign of the building. I left our room with the intention of using the cameras to locate him. He may have his peace, but I will always be watching. It was for my safety as well as his- or that's what I told myself. He couldn't be given leeway to commit any crimes under the guise of Kira.

I got some confused looks as I entered the workroom.

"Ryuzaki, where's Light," Matsuda questioned.

"We had a fight, Matsuda-san, and he has gotten himself lost," I informed him.

Yagami-san sighed. "It's not really lost if he doesn't want to be found."

"Regardless," I said, hopping onto my chair, "he must be located. It is my duty to keep an eye on him." I scrolled through the camera footage of the one residing in our hall. He did not take the elevator… Smart. I may have kept him in there over night were I in a bad mood, but now was not the time for petty retribution. I followed his path into the stairwell. He looks very disheveled, I observed. He was knocking his head against the second floor door. What exactly is he struggling with? Despite the common consensus, I couldn't read minds. I would just have to see how his inner turmoil played out.

I saw him open the door to the lobby and freeze in his tracks. I followed his gaze to the doors and my eyes narrowed. He wouldn't dare go outside.

But he did dare. He stepped forward and I got out of my seat. It was time to retrieve him.

"Where to, Ryuzaki," came a peppy voice behind me.

"I am going to bring back Light-kun. Resume your business," I responded monotonously.

As I entered the elevator I contemplated Light-kun's frustration. Maybe he wasn't ready for what we were doing and he said that because he knew he would get that reaction out of me. I shook my head. He has never been one for trying to spare my feelings. If he wasn't comfortable he would have explicitly told me… and then some.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. I didn't see Light-kun immediately, but this caused no further concern as he was probably just leaning on the wall out of the way of the doors.

I shuffled to the entrance of the building hoping that he would come inside willingly rather than forcing me to drag him back. I wasn't so disillusioned to think that he may allow me to help him work out his problem, but at least he would be back under my watchful eye where he could hardly create any more.

I opened the doors and carefully stuck my head outside. "It's time to come back inside, Light-kun." When I heard not the smallest noise in response, I decided to investigate further. There was no one on the streets at this time, which was no surprise, but neither was there Light-kun.

He's run for it! I quickly sprinted to the elevator. I couldn't jam my finger into the button fast enough. As the doors closed at their snail-like pace I contemplated just why he would leave the area. He must have known that this would be more than suspicious, incriminating even, considering the conversation that made him leave in the first place. His odds are at ninety four percent.

Each ding of the elevator signaling I was one floor higher was like a countdown. I only had so much time to find him before irreparable damage could be done. With no other options inside of this metal cage, I tried to think of other possibilities. There was an eleven percent chance that he came back inside before I exited the elevator, but only a three percent chance that he would return back up the stairs. There was a seven percent chance that he was abducted- four percent by the second Kira and three percent by someone trying to get to me. The chance of him going to meet the second Kira was at fifty percent- no! Other options- that's what needs to be worked out! I tried to take comfort in the thirty three percent that said he was just trying to cool off from legitimate emotional distress.

All thoughts of that thirty three percent flew out the window when I heard the final ding signaling that I'd arrived at my desired floor. I continued my hurried pace to my computer where I could review the video footage. Percentages were percentages based on experience and data, but right now all I needed was the proof. I could play with the percentages all I wanted, but only the cameras were going to give me the truth of the matter.

I practically leapt into my chair, my fingers typing away for access to the cameras even before I was completely seated.

"Ryuzaki, where's Light," Yagami-san asked, not hiding the concern in his voice.

"Light-kun is missing. He is not in the last place I looked so now I am checking the cameras to see whether or not he has, in fact, left the building," I informed him.

Upon accessing the cameras I immediately went back to the last place I had seen him- the lobby. I recalled my distaste as I saw him leave the building once more and switched to the camera outside.

There he was. After taking an overly dramatic breath he seemed to quickly regain his composure. From his posture I could tell that he was now at ease. He wasn't making any sign of a desire to run further. I smirked when I caught the words that he said out loud. My amusement quickly came to a halt when I registered a shuffling noise and a swift movement from the left corner of the screen. Light-kun seemed to have noticed it as well, as he was turning to face the producer of the noise. He hadn't been completely turned when someone lunged at him from out of the shadows. I flinched when Light-kun was hit in the back of the head with an oblong truncheon.

I magnified the image, but that only resorted in distorting it. Going back to the original view, I tried to get a look at the assailant's face. Though foolish enough to attack someone in front of a building full of officers, he was tentative enough to evade the cameras. For the moment, all that could be ascertained was that, based on height, the attacker was male.

He stood over Light-kun and looked down at him, suddenly backing away. He dropped his weapon with a metallic clang. Now in clear view, it truly was an odd shape. He raised a hand to his face as if to rub away a headache… and then removed a pair of glasses.

An identifying feature! It wasn't much, but it was a start.

I watched further as he rubbed his eyes and replaced the glasses back onto his face. He slowly turned away from Light-kun and crossed his arms. With his head down he started to tap his foot into the pavement.

What is going through this man's head? This seems to be more of a spontaneous decision rather than something that was planned out. It's almost as if he has no idea what to do next. Whoever this man may be, he wasn't taking Light-kun as a bargaining chip. If someone were after my identity, the abduction would have been executed immaculately.

The assailant wasn't in thought long though. Still facing away from the camera, he shook his head and knelt down. Grabbing the truncheon and taking Light-kun under the arms, he began to drag him along the side of the building. I cursed as they left the frame.

One minute and fifty two seconds later I saw myself exit the building, look around for a moment and then run back inside.

It was then that I noticed the crowd that was hovering over my shoulder.

"There are more cameras right," Matsuda-san asked quietly.

"Of course there are. I have this entire building covered," I deadpanned. This did not make me feel any better. The same could be said for Yagami-san.

"My son was abducted," he rasped, disbelief evident in his voice.

"This man is an amateur, Yagami-san. I would put money on this being the first time he's tried anything like this. We will definitely get him back."

I switched to the camera covering the corner of the building they were headed towards and rewound the recording to the appropriate time.

Head still facing downward, he continued to drag Light-kun across the pavement. It was only minimally satisfying to see him struggle.

The assailant wasn't physically imposing or strong. The possibility of Light-kun making an escape, however, was only sixteen percent. That hit to the head would definitely result to more than a slight bump. I grimaced. Light-kun would not react well to any permanent amount of brain damage.

When they moved out of frame again, I was suddenly more appreciative of the preexisting access to the next building over's exterior cameras.

We watched as the assailant dragged Light-kun across the street and down the side of the building. He would have been around the corner and out of sight five seconds before I had come outside looking for him.

My knuckles turned white from clenching them so tight. I had been so close. If I had only rushed just a bit more we would be apprehending his abductor right now. I made a mental note to look into elevator speed later.

I switched cameras again as they passed in front of the parking structure. Instead of continuing on though, they entered into the building.

The assailant must have a car! This would put him in his lower twenties at least, given that teenagers had little use for a car and mainly walked or were driven by parents. Unfortunately, though, the inside of the structure didn't have any cameras. We would have to wait for him to drive out.

"Are you going to search his license plate once he comes out," Aizawa asked.

"Unquestionably," I replied. Once I had that, I'd find out all other information I needed to know, assuming the car wasn't stolen. However, given that the carjacking rate in Japan has gone down nearly seventy percent over the past year, I didn't believe that the car would be stolen.

I fast forwarded the tape to coincide with the current time. It had been nearly four minutes since they had entered the parking structure and I was starting to wonder if there was another exit.

I didn't have to wonder long as within the next moment Matsuda leapt forward and smashed his finger against the screen yelling about starting to track them, not noticing that his body, now over mine, was compressing my head into my collar bone.

"I can do no such thing with your hands all over the screen, Matsuda-san," I grumbled.

He gasped and jumped back. "I've ruined everything," he sobbed.

"You have not," I sighed. Yet. "Now why don't all of you make yourselves useful and prepare to depart. Once I have an address, we are going to retrieve Light-kun."

They seemed to take this suggestion to heart as they quickly began to assemble themselves.

I paused the frame on the bumper of the car and memorized the plate. I searched for the number as fast as my fingers would allow.

Then finally I had a name. Inoue Hiroshi.

I brought the data up on my laptop and hopped off my chair. "We're leaving," I announced.

After giving the address to the drivers of each car, I got into the back of one with Yagami-san as driver and Matsuda-san riding shotgun. Even speeding with the sirens, it was going to take upwards of twenty minutes to get there.

"Once we get close, I want you to turn the sirens off. I want a low-key approach. Matsuda-san, relay this to Aizawa-san."

"Gotcha," he replied, taking out his phone.

In the mean time, I opened my laptop, hoping to get information on the man that took Light-kun.

Inoue Hiroshi; forty six years old, son of Inoue Masaru and Inoue née Sakai Youko...

I glanced at the clock. Fifteen minutes to go.

Place of birth, schools attended, location of work, etc, etc… From the information I gathered, I concluded that he was an average man.

Ten minutes… I vaguely heard the sirens wail as we sped toward our destination.

The man had no criminal history, not even a speeding ticket. Had he any idea at all whom he was messing with? Did he just happen to make a very unlucky choice?

As we got closer and closer to our destination something began to bother me. I scolded myself for being out of focus and looked at the picture of his wife, Mayumi.

I noticed instantly that her picture contained something that, upon checking, her husband's didn't contain- a pair of glasses.

The assailant definitely had a pair of glasses.

I scrolled through the information hoping to find a more up-to-date picture confirming that he did in fact have glasses. What I found instead, were the photos of his kids.

I froze.

And then a groan escaped from my lips. "Please drive faster, Yagami-san. There is more to this than I had thought." It appears this is personal.

"I want those sirens off now," I reminded them. "and don't park directly in front of the house."

"Is something wrong," Matsuda stammered. "Other than the obvious, I mean!"

I had to give him some credit. Always when I thought no one was paying more than a base level of attention, he picks up on something. He was very sensitive to the overall mood and could always catch the smallest changes. This coupled with his quick reaction time would make him valuable to the police force. Despite my lack of enthusiasm towards his person, I would never say that he was completely useless.

"Yes, Matsuda-san. It appears that I know his abductor after all."

"Just what are you saying," Yagami-san demanded.

"I was not aware of all the information before we left. From what I have gathered now, I can tell you that the situation has changed," I explained.

"Why don't you give us the condensed version," he suggested.

By the time we'd pulled into the neighborhood I had recounted the events of the past month.

"No offense, Ryuzaki," Matsuda-san started. "but I find that hard to believe."

"You and I both," I replied, glancing back at my screen. Under the two pictures of the boys that looked so alike were their names.

Inoue Daichi

Inoue Keiton

Only one of them wore glasses.