Aphros part 2

Annabeth pov

Looking at my schedule for today (it is wise to be prepared) I noticed it's my day to go and teach battle strategy at camp, the Ares kids were getting really good –so my siblings had to work harder with the strategy's.

My class went well, except all of the boys were distracted -seems that there is a new daughter of Aphrodite, who is beautiful even for they're standards and that is saying something, even the girls were discussing her, then I heard them whispering about Poseidon,

"Sarah" I asked the sixteen year old daughter of Zeus "what were you saying?"

"Oh, well the new girl, Aphros daughter of Aphrodite, well her Grandfather is Poseidon" she informed me as if I should have known this already,

Poseidon? But he only had four kids, two of which were twins, and three of which were underage, which leaves Percy and he was missing –this could be awkward I thought, my Mother had informed me years ago that I was on Poseidon's top three hate list (I was number two, he hates Kronos more then me, but Oceanus and the rest of his family –brothers- less then me), and that I was lucky to be alive, also that I could have been nicer about breaking up with Percy (a maiden goddess told me this! And she didn't even like him), plus Aphrodite didn't like me either.

I first saw the new girl at the camp fire during the sing along, she really was beautiful and we half-bloods don't use that word lightly (not with Aphrodite around), but she really did look like a goddess, with long wavy black hair, an athletic curvy build, friendly smile, and a really familiar pair of sea green eyes –it was hard even for the other children of Aphrodite to compete with her.

"Story! Story! Story!" yelled the campers and Aphros was chosen to tell the story,

"Well" she began "what to tell?" she asked in her Greek accented voice

"I heard" said Warren son of Ares "that you've traveled the world for most of you're life –why?" he asked, he was very insightful for a child of Ares and an excellent strategist.

"Well" she began "it really started years ago, when my Father was young, he had fallen deeply in love with a girl, she broke his heart when she broke up with him cruelly, with no thought at all to his feelings" here the girls and all of the (other) children of Aphrodite, all sighed sorrowfully "that very day he made himself as drunk as he could –just trying to forget, the next day he woke up in his apartment remembering nothing, with a hangover that lasted nearly two days –that was his first and last attempts at drinking, nine months later Boreas handed me to my Father in a golden basinet" she told everyone looking sad

"Who was the girl?" asked Zoe daughter of Eris

"I do not know" said Aphros "to this day he will not speak her name, when we were traveling around Greece he would never go to Athens because it reminded him of her" she finished telling everyone

"Why?" asked Leon son of Apollo

"Well" she began somewhat hesitantly "he said that she loved Athens and had always wanted to go there -and that her Mother's name was Athena" everyone looked to the children of Athena stunned into dawning realization "at the time I did not know all of this was real" she continued "I had just thought the girl's Grandparents had simply liked the myths –much like my own Grandparents, but now I know her Mother was the original Athena" she said sadly "and he has not opened up his heart to love ever since" she finished with a sigh, I noticed that all of the Aphrodite children were crying.

I haven't known love since either.

So that was why I cant go near water anymore, even my siblings have trouble with water now, I thought to myself remembering when that puddle attacked me and forget all those water nymphs –they just outright try to kill me (Poseidon wont kill me and/or wont order my death, but his subjects like me about as much as he does –except they weren't bound by any promises about letting me live and he wont stop them).

The next morning at breakfast I glanced over at the big three tables, Zeus's table with all of its current twenty-eight kids (he hadn't wasted any time once the oath became void), the Hades table with its two occupants (twins, Hades never did get out much), and the Poseidon table with it's four occupants –wait, four? There was only supposed to be three, quickly looking back at them I saw the twins (Corral and River), and Michael the cabin leader was there too, but there was also a very handsome man sitting there, he looked like he was in his early thirties, strong, broad shoulders, and hair as dark and messy as a storm –no way, could it be?

"Percy" I breathed out loud wonderingly.

I was watching when Percy kissed and hugged his daughter goodnight (I could tell he loved her a great deal), but worst of all saw me.

"Annabeth?" I heard him say in surprise and pain,

"Hi, Percy" I said awkwardly, his eyes I noticed didn't have the same sparkle they had when we were younger, and the lines on his face looked as if they were more from frowning then smiling, his whole face spoke of a deep pain and it became even stronger the moment he saw me, but he was still very handsome –truly a son of a god I thought morosely, what have I done?

"How are you?" we both asked at the same time, followed by an awkward silence,

"So" I began "what are you doing here?" stupid! Why did I just say that? What's wrong with me? Am I really so heartless? "Never mind, stupid question" and I call myself a daughter of the wisdom goddess, ugh.

"Um" he began "so what are you doing here?" he asked with an unemotional hard voice,

"Uhh," I said surprised "I volunteer here, I teach the battle strategy for Chiron on the weekends, capture the flag is getting really exciting" I added for good measure

"Oh, well good" he said awkwardly,

"So, who's this?" I asked nodding toward Aphros (who the other day Mr. D had been eyeing and muttering about restrictions –apparently one his restrictions for being the camp director was having no affairs with underage demigods)

"This is my daughter Aphros" he told me, "Aphros meet Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena" he said my name with a tone of loathing; he also kept his features perfectly schooled, but his eyes still showed pain.

She had a look of surprise on her face as she realized just who I was.

"You are the one who broke my Father's heart?" she questioned, but it was more of a statement, I could tell she didn't like me already,

And really what could I say to that.

As the days went by I could see how both unhappy and happy Percy was, what made him happy was his daughter (which I had heard he didn't even remember her conceiving, and with Aphrodite no less and looking at the numbers I now knew that it was the day I broke up with him), and unhappy with just about everything else, but also I could see what a truly amazing person Percy really was –how could I have let him go?

Pondering on those days, years ago now, I remembered how in love we were, what good friends we were, how handsome he was –and is, he was like the corral that grew in the oceans, it grew more beautiful and amazing with time-, how it all stopped the day I broke up with him, I had never broken up with someone before –but later a child of Eros told me his Father was not allowed to shoot me and none of them would even get close to me or the children of Aphrodite for that matter, I wonder if this is why.

Why did I ever give him up? Oh ya, I became so fixated on my work that nothing else would fit into my schedule, so if it didn't fit I got rid of it. Like I got rid of Percy, looking back though I really did say some harsh things to him that really weren't at all necessary.

Am I really such a horrible person? I wondered guiltily, as I watched my younger siblings attempt to wade in the waves of the sea, I had to go though before the sea nymphs or gods noticed how close I was to their territory.

It was a beautiful sunny day when she came, as if the weather was trying to compete with her beauty.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was visiting camp half-blood, for what reason –no one knew.

I noticed how she smiled at each and every one of her children, but especially Aphros, I noticed how she smiled at Percy and I knew in that moment that she loved him and I would never get him back, and if the look she gave me was any indication I would never be in love again.

Aphros pov

"Hello Perseus" said Aphrodite with an extra bright smile,

"Greetings Lady Aphrodite" said Father as he gave a bow, so this was my Mother? Suddenly I recognized her

"I remember you!" I suddenly half shouted in excitement "you were at my school play when I was six!" I proclaimed remembering the beautiful woman in the back of the audience who had practically given me a standing ovation; I briefly noticed that Dad had a look of surprised understanding on his face

"You remember that?" she asked me in a beautiful voice which to me sounded pleased "you played me so well" she praised me happily

"That is what Grandpa said" I told her excitedly

"Percy" said Aphrodite "we should get together some time" here she gave the surrounding children a brief glance "and talk over dinner".

I have always known how people feel about each other, whether it was dislike, hate, love, lust, jealousy, admiration or whatever –I knew, and I knew that my Mother loved my Father and my Father cared for her, I also knew I would probably have little brothers and sisters soon if my Mother's feelings were any indication.

I had spoken to my half siblings and none of them could feel emotions the way I could, but none of them had any gods or goddess for grandparents along with parents either, nor did they have any control over said grandparent's territory, like I did.

I couldn't do the bigger things like my Father or Grandfather (though no could do any thing like Grandpa), but I could walk on water, control waves, talk to marine and equestrienne creatures, and control sea foam (that one really surprised Dad), not to mention I knew which creatures were suitable for one another (Dad was totally clueless in this department –he never understood how one fish could be meant for this other certain fish),

and I was an awesome swimmer if I do say so myself, boater, fisher, and surfer too, of course – Dad really taught me well, he also taught me how to make fishing nets, which I figured out how to use fashionably along with pearls, fish hooks, shells, etc. –whatever I could make it work.

Dad said I was special, and that is why I could do so much more then my siblings and aunts and uncle, because I was a mixture of love and the sea.

Aphrodite's pov

I smiled at my children, and my favorite boe (though it might be a bit soon to call him that), and my favorite daughter –none of my children had ever held power over my birth element, I admit it, it delighted me- when my dratted brother-in-law had to come in and ruin it, though it did seem at first that he was just doing his job (he was delivering some roses to me from Ares –he wanted to get back together, but I told him twelve years ago, we were through!) when he spotted Aphros and started flirting with her.

It was then I knew that I needed to keep an eye on this.

Apollo's pov

It was sun rise when I decided to visit my children (I like to show up Hermes in the child rearing department, so I visit from time to time and on birthdays). Expectantly they were all awake, unexpectantly one of Aphrodite's daughter's (the new one, Aphros or something like that) was there teaching them how to fish –now she was a fine catch.

Eros pov

I needed to go and shoot some demigods, so since I would be in the area I figured I would go and see how my kids were doing –and how they liked they're new digs.

Entering camp half-blood I smelled the unmistakable smell of love in the air, and a certain degree of lust, Mother must have had another kid I thought ruefully.

"Hey Troy" I called to a handsome teenager, who happened to be my son, and cabin leader of Eros cabin –never thought that would happen, let me tell you.

"Hey Dad" he greeted back happily "love in the air?" he asked knowingly

"You know it" I laughed "so who is it?"

He laughed "you don't know?" he seemed surprised and amused

"So do I have a new brother or sister or not?" I half demanded.

"Sister" he said with a smile "and she's not like the rest, her Father happens to be none other then a very particularly famous son of Poseidon" he added, now this was interesting –or at least more interesting then the usual,

"Well" I said with a grin "it's always fun messing with my dear mortal siblings, lets go cause havoc in the love life of the new girl"

"Dad normally I would say yes, but I wouldn't mind if she fell in love with me" he said with a shrug

"Wow," I said surprised "this one must be something special"

"Oh, she is" he said grinning,

I think I need to meet this one.

I shot half-bloods as I searched for my latest sister, and there she was, in the arena, beating up three children of Ares with a trident. Wow… I absently checked to make sure I didn't accidentally shoot myself with one of my arrows, no? Interesting.

Ares pov

As soon as I found out that Prissy was back, I went to the camp for a rematch, but what I found was Eros drooling over a girl who was single handedly beating up three of my children. Wow, what a girl…

No wonder Eros was drooling, she was amazing and beautiful –and more importantly drool worthy, I am suddenly grateful to Aphrodite for refusing my advances for the last twelve or so years.

"Her Grandfather is Poseidon, her Father is Perseus Jackson," said Eros once he noticed me "and her Mother is Aphrodite" he finished up

"Good combination" I commented admiring her elbow strike, -Arion's face won't be the same for a long time.

Hephaestus pov

I wanted to speak to Chiron about a couple of my children, twin sons who would be coming to camp half-blood soon, they're Mother was a vulcanologist (expert on volcano's), we had met at one of my forges, any way their Mother was going to go study a volcano in California, so the boys were being sent to camp.

I found Chiron teaching some kids the finer art that is archery, the stunning girl next to him was moderately good at it –must be one of my wife's kid's.

But like any expert craftsmen I knew art when I saw it, what a beauty I thought to myself.

Triton's pov

Father I had noticed for a while now had been spending more and more time with Perseus. Now Perseus has never been my favorite brother, but this has gone on long enough, I decided on my way to camp half-blood, which seemed to be Father's latest fishing grounds.

I found Father making a fishing net with a very pretty young lady –or I could be wrong about the reasons he keeps coming here, I thought absently.

"Hello Triton" greeted Father "and what are you doing here?" He asked looking up at me.

"Wondering why you keep coming up here?" I reply innocently, I don't think he believes me, "So who's your friend?" I ask "you never introduced us" I add in polite curiosity, he stopped working to look up at me.

"Triton, meet my Granddaughter Aphros Jackson –this is Perseus's daughter" he tacked on the end, odd, I thought absently, Perseus has suddenly become my favorite brother, "Aphros, meet my son Triton"

"Hello" she greeted me in a Greek accented voice and a sweet smile.

Zeus's pov

Keeping an eagle eye on everything under the hemisphere is not easy, though occasionally rewarding, take today for example –there is a total hotie at camp half-blood, a little young perhaps, but I can be patient while she matures –she may think she is only learning to fight off monsters, but if I have my way she will probably also be fighting off my wife sooner or later.

So her Mother is Aphrodite? Interesting, and her Grandfather was my dear next older brother –Poseidon, by his favorite son, no less, this ought to be very interesting

-love at sea, maybe one day there will be a little sea gull running around that camp. I grinned at the thought; maybe I should visit my children.

Hades pov

All day nothing but work, work, work, I need a break –maybe I'll see my kids.

What is my brother doing here? And who is his friend? -I must know.

"Derek, Haden" I called to my twin sons both of whom were only nine years old

"Father" they greeted solemnly –they are the children of the god of the underworld.

"Who is the girl, my brother is so well acquainted with?" I asked as I pictured said girl in my minds eye.

"You must mean Aphros" said Haden

"She is the daughter of Perseus Jackson and Lady Aphrodite" said Derek

"Making her, his Granddaughter" I finished in understanding, smiling "I see, so he has no interest in that way, yes, I see now"

"Interest in what way?" asked Derek, that's when I realized I was still talking to two nine year olds.

Percy pov

"Hello Percy" greeted Aphrodite affectionately "how are you?"

"I'm fine" I told her

"No, you are not" she disagreed kindly.

That night I really began to heal, Conversation by conversation, I healed.

By the time the month was up I was almost back to how I was before Annabeth.

By the third month with Aphrodite, I was completely over her. By the month after that I began to feel a romantic love again, the first in a long time.

Aphros pov

I have been in camp half-blood with my Father for six months now and I like the changes he has gone through, he loves much more easily now –something I have been trying to do for as long as I can remember.

I think my Mother is good for him, and unless I am very much mistaken he is falling in love with her, with love.

Time lapse

It has been a year since my arrival at camp half-blood, and I have become friends with nearly everyone of the male gods –but I know they have ulterior motives, half of them are driven by lust, others are a little more serious –however they are all afraid of my Grandfather, and to a lesser extent my Mother, and they respect my Father, but I have become friends with just about all of them, though all of them hold hopes of when I am older, and that is just the gods don't even get me started on the mortals.

My Father is in love, and I have just been informed by my Father that very soon I will be an older sister and I know with Aphrodite it is very rare for her to have children who are full siblings rather then half siblings, so you can understand my excitement.

Percy's pov

I am in love, and now we are expecting our second child.

Now I can say I have felt love, and I love, love again.

Aphros pov

I now have two baby brothers –they are SO cute! I love them so much; their names are Valentine and Troy. I know our Mother cannot always be with us, but she comes when she can and for my Father that is more then enough, and for me as well.

We –meaning my Brothers and I- are children of love at sea as the children of the Muses and Apollo so eloquently put it.

My brothers have stormy black hair, sea green eyes, and they look like little cherub's, -though I have noticed that Troy's eyes change color to more of a bluer color when he is upset, and Valentine's a greener color when he is upset –otherwise they are completely identical, most especially when they're calm.

I have a feeling they will turn out a little like me, having power over more then just love –but the sea as well.