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He Broke Every Promise


Have you ever heard the sound of a heartbreaking sob through a wall? If you have, you knew it was possible to feel each vibration of the persons body as it happens, the ragged breathing of the lungs as they try to breathe normally through all of the emotion running its course through their. You could practically hear the sound of the salt water running out of their eyes and down their face, possibly to a pillow or maybe just their hands.

To me the worst sound in the world was the sound of tears hitting a pillow. But, unfortunately with my new werewolf super sonic hearing it seemed to be all I could hear.

The gut wrenching sobs of my sister, Leah, was enough to send me through the roof. I was the kind of guy that liked everyone around him to be as happy as I was, if not happier. Unfortunately Leah hadn't been like that, not for a while.

I didn't really blame Leah, though. I couldn't. Leah was my only sister had she just had her heart broken. Of course, Sam did too (if you could call it that), but that wasn't the point.

It was a thousand times worse for Leah then Sam, because Sam at least had Emily. Leah was left alone, possibly forever. Personally, I'm not too convinced that Leah could ever have something like what she had with Sam with anybody else ever again, especially after what I've seen her go through.

It hurts me to think about Leah broken like she was upstairs in her bedroom. They had just gotten back from the bonfire, and Leah was back to crying.

She was like this a lot in the beginning. She cried for weeks, just holed up in her room not doing anything but crying, making their parents worry about her. When mom eventually got her out of her room, Leah had lost a lot of weight.

I had been so worried about her, that he didn't know how to think straight at first. I didn't bother to try to get her to open up to me; I knew she wouldn't.

Things with Leah were starting to get better when we heard the news. Leah had been eating more and she ventured out of her room more often, even though she still wouldn't really talk all that much. It set her off again when she heard about Emily.

Leah had gone right back to her room and started crying again.

I often wondered if Leah thought that Emily's scars were a small price to pay for taking the love of Leah's life, but I never asked her. Leah and Emily had been so close that she probably didn't. She was just as worried about her as I should have been.

I just didn't want to hear what I had been thinking out loud.

But, slowly, Leah had moved on from the weepy stage, to the angry stage, and was now at the bitter stage. She had been for a while, and I saw no way out of this one. She was just a bitter harpy now at times.

I still love my sister, even though it was hard at times, and I always felt bad whenever I had bad thoughts about her. I was all she would have.

I hadn't heard Leah cry in a while, but now that she was once again it seemed like all I could, I could hear everything, from the way she moaned sometimes, each individual tear hitting the pillow, and the worst part was the silent parts, when the only thing that he could hear was the vibrations from her bed shaking.

The sound of sobbing through a wall.

Once I had heard total and complete silence I decided to go and try to cheer her up, even if I couldn't. I couldn't stand it when people cried and there was nothing I could do about it.

I knocked softly on the door. "Hey," he opened the door a crack to find Leah on her bed, like I knew she would be.

Leah didn't respond, so I decided to go into her room and sat down on her bed. I listened to the bed creak under my weight, and then didn't talk for a while; it wasn't like Leah was commenting on anything.

"So, are you feeling better now?" I had just asked the stupidest question in the world, a fact of which I was well aware, but the silence was becoming too much for him.

"Seth, can you promise me one thing?" she asked, bringing her red tinted eyes to his.

"Anything." I liked to pride myself of being a man of my word. If I promised to do something, he would do it, no matter the consequences.

"Promise me you'll never imprint." Both Leah and I knew, as wolves that he very well couldn't promise that. But, since imprinting was rare, I decided to anyway.

I knew that he could never really fulfill this promise, anything could change. I could imprint tomorrow, and there would be nothing that anyone could do to stop it, not even me. Especially not me. I would be ridiculously happy no matter what. But I wanted her to be again, and anyway I could, I would.

"I promise," I told her, conviction ringing out in every word.

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