Pairing: ChaseAngela, mentions of Kasey(MaleProtaganist)Maya

Rating: K+

"Boom shalaka,
My heart skips a -

-Boom, Anjulie

"I can't believe you don't see it."

It had been a perfect day. A perfect sunny day with a perfect clear blue sky with a perfect slight breeze with a perfect no-one-was-bothering-him mood. Luke didn't ask for more mayonnaise, Selena didn't ask for something exotic she totally knew that he didn't have, Maya hadn't bothered him the whole day to taste her disasters to humankind, and Yolanda even complimented his cooking. Anyways, the point is that it had been a perfect day.

Well, it was a perfectly perfect day. But then…

Angela Harvest walked through the stupid doors of the stupid Inn with her stupid face slightly covered in stupid dirt and a stupid smile that could probably outshine the friggin sun and cause blindness to thousands of unsuspecting people (which Chase was totally worried about cause he's just that compassionate). She said hello to everyone in the inn as always and sauntered beside him behind the counter. This caused Chase to shout at her to get heck out of the kitchen when he was working while she only said something quickly about her brother Kasey meeting up with the blonde waitress chick ('But Hair Clips, I'm worried about my brother!' – 'Right…' ) and pulled him down under the counter with her.

And that is why he is in this certain predicament now.

Chase furrows his brows and the growing lines on his forehead increase. With his spare hand (his other was stupidly holding Angela's stupid hand); he unconsciously twirls a spare lock of his peachy hair. Chase sighs.

"I. Just. Don't. See. It. Angela."

His statement causes her to stomp her foot on the ground like a child. She then puffed out her stupid pink cheeks and pouted her stupid rosy lips. With a somewhat graceful sweep of her arm (that almost knocked him in the nose), she put her hand to her heart (my God, she's spending way too much time with Julius) and continued to spout out some nonsense.

"Fine," she chides sort of like Jin when you did something stupid like eat Maya's cooking, "I'll explain again."

Angela points at Maya.

"Every time Happy bites her lip, there is a spark."

Chase uses his eyes to follow where Angela pointed. He watched Kasey and Maya talk and talk and chatter and blab and blah blah blah blah. Maya bit her lip five minutes after the forty-second blah. Chase examines the situation even closer.

He saw nothing.

"Angela, I still don't see anything..."

She huffed and pointed at her younger brother. Angela continued her explanation.

"Every time Kasey runs his hand through his hair, there is a flash."

"A flash of what?"

"That doesn't matter. The point is: there's a flash there. I just don't get why you make things so complicated." she replies with as much gusto Luke had when he talked about cutting wood. Chase looks, he watches, he waits. He sees her brother run his hands through his hair multiple times, but nothing looks like a 'flash'. Angela sees his confusion and sighs once again.

"Okay Hair Clips," she began, "I get some people aren't as insightful as me and stuff, but you gotta see this."

Chase nods for her to start her 'greatest ever' explanation.

"So, whenever they look at each other there is," she pauses for effect (yep, spending way too much time with Julius), "a boom."

Chase raises a brow in amusement. Well, no use not looking. He's already under a stupid kitchen counter holding hands with a stupid, childish farmer. How...stupid. So he looks to the other two (Kasey and Maya) and watches their interactions.

Talk. Blah. Blah. Blush. Talk. Smile. Run hand through hair. Bite lip. Talk. Blah.

Eye contact!

...no boom?

So he shakes his head no and Angela frowns in disappointment. As she is about to say something, her brother calls out Angela's name.

"Angela! I know you're here!"

Angela pouts and gets out from under the counter (releasing her hand from Chase's). She stomps one of her feet like before and puts her hands on her hips.

"But Kaaaaaaasey, I'm having fun!"

"Well, we have to wake up extra early tomorrow, so say goodbye to Chase and get over here." Kasey reprimands. Despite the troublemaker Kasey is, it seemed that his older sister was a bit more childish. Angela huffs and stomps over to the door where her brother and Maya are located at. Kasey walks out the door and holds it open for Angela. She's just about to step out, but she turns around and looks at Chase and bites her lip with her face wrinkled in concentration like Gill.


She smiles her blind-a-thousand-people grin and tosses an orange in his direction. Chase catches it with ease and proceeds to mess up his hair by running his free hand through it continuously.


She stupidly looks at him like the stupid person she is and she's saying something stupid like -'Bye Hair Clips!' and her eyes shine stupidly cause of the stupid setting sun outside and for some weird, stupid reason, he is stupidly looking back at her and this is all so stupid and then-


He thinks he gets it now.

I don't like it.

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