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Warning: Spanking of teenage vampire

A Mother at Last

Edward sighed as he watched another guest enter their home. He couldn't understand it. They were vampires for crying out loud. They weren't supposed to have a social life and guests. But of course he hadn't counted on Esme who was hosting this afternoon social. Apparently, it was her turn to host it. She'd attended other socials in the past months and now it seemed to be her turn. She'd argued that refusing would be cause for alarm since everyone would wonder as to the why and that would draw unnecessary attention to them.

"You must be Edward."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Edward as once again another busybody-got-nothing-better-to-do lady passed him on her way to the sitting room.

"Such a handsome and polite young man," said the women as she walked into the sitting room.

Edward sighed. He'd heard that so much this afternoon he was ready to scream. He wanted out. He didn't want to be stuck in the house filled with so many gossiping women. He'd already overheard more than he cared to. He knew that Mrs. Jensen was seen been overly polite to Mr. Carson. He knew that Miss. Granger was possibly with child since she'd ran off with some poor worthless man from the docks. He knew that Mr. Renner was apparently cheating on his poor ill wife and that the Harper twins might just belong to Mr. Newsome. Ahhh…he needed out of here. But he'd promised. He'd promised Carlisle that he'd keep an eye on things. Besides it was midday, there was no where he could go regardless of the semi-cloudy cold weather. He was good and stuck and he hated it.

Two hours later Edward found himself in Carlisle's office. He was reading trying to block out all the gossip from down the hall. Unfortunately, it didn't stop him from hearing the occasional laughter.

"Edward can you please help me with the cookies and tea?"

Edward looked up and found Esme at the door smiling sweetly at him. He hadn't even heard her approach. He put his book down and stood.

"Of course," he said as he followed Esme into the kitchen. Esme handed him the tea tray while she picked up the tray with the cookies and cakes. They headed out of the kitchen.

Edward followed Esme into the sitting room. She carefully placed her tray on the table and then turned to take his tray. Edward was carefully handing Esme the tray when he caught part of the conversation that was going on. They were talking about him.

"I'm just saying that my William wouldn't be caught at home during one of my socials," said Mrs. Hanuman.

"Neither would my Stephen," said Mrs. Ryerson.

"I just think it odd that such a handsome young man wouldn't have something better to do than to be home all day," said Mrs. Wellston.

"I think it's sweet that he's here helping his Aunt. Not that many fifteen year olds would do so," said Mrs. Anderson.

"He should be grateful that his Aunt and Uncle have taken him in. I personally know I wouldn't have agreed to take in a teenage boy," said Mrs. Hanuman.

Edward gritted his teeth. How dare they? They had no business discussing him.

"He's such a polite young man," said Mrs. Ryerson.

"I'm sure Esme won't allow anything less from him," said Mrs. Wellston.

"I'm sure Esme has him well trained," said Mrs. Hanuman.

Edward saw red at this. How dare she? Well trained? He was well trained? Stupid bitch what does she know, he thought. He heard a few sighs and a couple of gasps, did he say that aloud he wondered. One look at Esme confirmed that he had.

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