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Warning: Spanking of teenage vampire

A Mother at Last: Edward

Edward quietly watched the fire. He'd taken advantage of the fact that his parents were out for the evening. Something to do with the hospital he couldn't remember exactly. All he'd realized when he'd been told they'd be going out was that it'd be the perfect opportunity.

A few minutes after Esme and Carlisle had left for the evening he'd put his plan into action. He'd quickly rushed upstairs into his parents' bedroom and started searching. Being careful to leave no evidence of being in there he'd been thorough in his search.

Finally, he'd found it. He'd clutched it tightly in his hand as he'd run outside. He'd found a quiet secluded area near the river that would be the perfect area for what he intended.

He'd then thrown it on the floor and stomped on it. But that wasn't enough, no; he wanted to torture it like it'd done to him. So, he'd built a small fire and piece by broken piece he'd sacrificed it to the fire-gods.

He watched satisfied as it was consumed and turned to ash were it could no longer do any harm to him. He absentmindedly rubbed at his backside as he watched the remaining pieces burn and thought about the events that had led him here.

It had been a few days since he'd been spanked thoroughly not only by his mother but by his father. His mother's spanking had hurt physically and emotionally but he'd realized that he loved Esme as his mother and that she loved him as her son. But he never would have guessed that his sweet loving mother could spank so hard especially when armed with that horrible brush of hers. He shivered at the reminder.

His father's spanking on the other hand had been a lot worse than he could have imagined; here he was five days later and he was just now barely able to sit comfortably without fidgeting. His father had been right when he'd said it was a lesson that would be needed to be taught only once. He'd learned it all right. He was never ever going to put his hands on his mother or throw anything at her again as long as he lived he thought.


Edward quickly looked up as his name was called. Esme and Carlisle were standing there watching him.

"What are you doing out of the house?" asked Carlisle quietly.

He shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably. He'd forgotten about the whole being on restriction business.

"I umm…" started Edward as he eyed the fire.

"Edward what are you burning?" asked Esme as she looked at the fire.

"It's…it's…" muttered Edward unable to finish.

"Is that my hairbrush?"

The End

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