(A/N: Just a little oneshot I wanted to make while thinking about the Fladoodles. Hope you enjoy.)

"Hey, Freddifer." Sam said as she walked in Carly's apartment carrying a brown paper bag.

"Blonde-headed demon." Freddie muttered as Sam walked past. He turned around and saw the bag. "What's in it, something to make my life even more miserable?" Sam set the bag down and shrugged.

"Depends on how you define it, but that's a good idea." she said with a smirk as she pulled a white bag out. It had a cartoon moose on it and little brown pellets, and on it read "Fladoodles". She walked over to Freddie and grabbed a strand of his hair, then yanked on it roughly.

"Ow!" he yelped. Sam smirked.

"Fredbag, look here." she said and used her hand to underline the world Fladoodles. "Fladoodles. And you ARE eating one even if I have to shove it down your throat."

"I am NOT eating that! It's fried moose hoof, Spencer said so."

"So you're weaker than a Korean? Spencer lies. What do you expect?"

"How do I know Spencer's lying?" he said with a suspicious look.

"Watch." Sam said and tore open the bag of Fladoodles. The smell of moose wafted into the air, and Freddie held his nose.

"Ugh, that smells like puke." he complained angrily. Sam shrugged, and pulled one out. She pretended to throw it into her mouth, but really she threw it behind her. She imitated chewing and swallowing.

"That was really good, want one?" Sam offered the bag to him, and he shrugged.

If Sam can take it, I can too. Freddie thought and popped one into his mouth. He spit it out almost immediately.

"What the-! That tasted nasty!" he yelled. Sam shrugged.

"More for me!" she said as she walked into the kitchen, then began to giggle. "I have to get him to actually chew and swallow it. It's desperate." she said to herself and grabbed a chocolate bar and a stamp with a white M print that was laying around strangely. She pulled a little pellet out of the bag, then broke a chunk of the chocolate bar off, somehow not eating it. She placed the chunk on top of the moose hoof pellet in the microwave and set it to five seconds.

The pellet ended up being coated in chocolate, and she giggled as she stamped the m on it. It DID look like an m&m - a rather lumpy one. She took it back into the living room. "Here, Fredweird." she said as she gave him the m&m. He observed it, then shrugged and popped it into his mouth. He chewed very, very slowly, and Sam hoped he wouldn't spit it out. Finally, he swallowed.

"YES!" she shouted as Freddie screamed like a girl. She stared at him blankly. "What was that for, Fredlump?"

"The Fladoodle you disguised as an m&m." he said with disgust. She beamed.

"I know, Freddifer, I know."

"I'm gonna go wash my mouth out with a Peppi Cola. You want one?" he offered.

"Sure, but before you go.." he looked at her. She pressed her lips to his cheek quickly and surprisingly and whispered in his ear. "You put anything in my drink, I'll put you on the wedgie bouncer." she said with a smile. He quickly made a mental note to never put anything in Sam's drink.

"Why did you kiss me? And why not on the lips?"

"One, cause I love you and I'm not scared of saying it and I don't know why I said it now, and two, because your lips will taste like Fladoodle."

"Good point." he said as he got up.