A/N: Wow, I should really be finishing my DBZ story... but at the moment I'm feeling the inspiration here. Just wrote this as something to post while I try to finish up a longer one-shot (which is almost done, but it's been dragging and seems to lack its muchness, I'm afraid). And I wanted to try a drabble. I think I like this little thing better than the longer story...

Disclaimer: Um, my name is almost Alice (it's an anagram), does that count for anything? No? Well then... can I belong to Tarrant? I know a couple ways a raven's like a writing desk...

EDIT: It seems I drew inspiration for this from the lovely Leiary Seiner without realizing. I kinda sifted through 9 pages of Tarrant/Alice goodness in 4 days; that's a lot to keep track of! Anyway, her letter "K" story can be found at /s/6020009/1/Words_That_Start_With_K


"Hatter, I've been thinking of words that start with "K," Alice remarked, as the Mad Hatter poured her another cup of tea. "Like knife, and knickers, and kite..."

"Kick, kooky, kelp, kumquat..." Tarrant added.

"Kaleidoscope, knowledge, knuckles, kangaroo..."

"Key, knees, kid, keep..."

"Kazoo, kitten, kiss..."


"'Alice' is an "A" word."

"What's a kiss like, Alice?"

"I'm not quite certain, I've never gotten one."

"Close your eyes."

"Why?" Alice asked, complying all the same.

Tarrant leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers for the briefest moment.


"Yes, Tarrant?

"I quite like words that start with "K."

"So do I."