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I like writing Kallen/Lelouch stories. Other than having situations were Euphemia survived it's pretty much favorite subject. I wrote a story named "Be the best emperor you can be." in which Lelouch just about waited until the last moment to confess to Kallen how he feels. In this story he does it a little earlier and that makes it a little harder for our heroes.

I divided the what was the first chapter into two parts.

Suzaku has just defeated the Knight of One in his Lancelot. Around the world the image of the Lancelot appears on people's screens.

"To the entire world." Lelouch appears on the screen.

Kallen is watching along with rest of the Black Knights.

"With that you have just witnessed I believe you all have come to the realization that I am now the true ruler of Britannia. Both in name and reality. With that, I declare that the Holy Empire of Britannia will join the United Federation of Nations."

Everybody is shocked at that announcement.

"I shall not bring Suzaku Kururugi or any military officer with me to the negotiations. I shall abide to all the rules set forth by the United Federation of Nations. However I would like to designate the location of negotiations to be neutral ground between Britannia and the United Federation of Nations, Japan inside Ashford Academy.

Lelouch and CC are heading towards Japan in his private jet.

"Lelouch, are you sure about this? Bringing me and some security."

"We are the ones doing the requesting that we want to participate in democracy."


"We all love democracy, don't we."

Milly Ashford reporting.

"We are live from Ashford Academy, the place the emperor of Britannia, Emperor Lelouch, has chosen. Today, right here, a council will determine Britannia's participation in the United Federation of Nations. The emperor's private jet has arrived."

Kallen looks on. She asked for the right, no the duty to meet the emperor and take him to the meeting place. She has questions for him. She needs to get answers, or she will not be able to move on.

Lelouch lands and descends from his plane. Rivalz is going crazy yelling at Lelouch, who ignores him and continues walking. Milly can't believe what she just saw.

Lelouch and Kallen are come together.

"Lelouch why"

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Captain Kallen Kouzuki of the Black Knights, I presume?"

Kallen lowers her head. "Yes, I will take you to the negotiation grounds."

Lelouch touches his chest. "Is it acceptable if we take a little detour? I am quite nervous right now, you see. I feel like taking a walk."

Kallen nods. "Understood."

The Black Knights are watching Lelouch and Kallen walking around Ashford. Ohgi and Chiba are nervous about this. They wonder if Kallen can handle the situation. Lelouch and Kallen approach the student council clubhouse.

He pauses for a moment. "This brings back memories."

"I am grateful to you. If it weren't for you we would have died back in the Shinjuku. Ghetto. There wouldn't have been any Black Knights. I was so happy. I'm honored by the fact that Zero needed me. But I didn't know what to do when I found out Zero was Lelouch. Even so I watched you fight against Britannia."

Kallen reaches the stairs but notices that Lelouch has stopped. He begins to laugh. The laugh startles Kallen. Were her feelings a joke to him?

"Do you remember that first time I brought you into this room? Rivalz sprayed that wine on you. You had to shower and."

Kallen remembered. She suspected Lelouch at that time but he somehow managed something that convinced her. He also saw her in the shower.

"What would you have done if I had told you my secret then in the shower?"

Kallen couldn't think. She didn't know the answer. She turns around. . He was now there in front of her. He kisses her. They kiss for a while. She wants to continue but he begins to walk up the stairs. Kallen can't believe that at this moment Lelouch is playing this game. Kallen thinks to herself just tell him. No, I can play too. She passes him on the stairs. He smiles slightly.

"Tell me. What is that same person that has joined hands with Suzaku trying to accomplish this time. Do you just want power? Do you want status? Or is this just another game. During the Black Rebellion, Ohgi told me to protect you. He said you were the realization of my brother's dream. What do you think of me? Why did you tell me to live on back in the Ikaruga?"

Kallen stops at the turn of the stairs. Lelouch just stands there. Kallen goes down and kisses Lelouch. Lelouch's hands come behind Kallen. The kiss seems to go on forever. This time Kallen breaks it off.

"Farewell Lelouch. The supreme Council will convene inside the gymnasium."

Kallen continues up the stairs.

"Farewell Kallen."

Kallen stops. She won't walk away, not this time. She will tell him what she feels. Lelouch notices Kallen stop and doesn't know what to do. Kallen looks at him.

"Why Suzaku, Lelouch? I am yours, your. What am I to you? Please answer me I can't live on if you don't."

Lelouch shakes his head. She can't be involved. He must do this on his own. Of course it wasn't accomplished yet. With Kallen by his side he could.

"I've lost everything my mother, Nunnally, Euphie, Shirley. I can't lose more"

"I won't leave you! What are you planning? Lelouch please tell me. Whatever it is I want to be there. I should be your knight."

Kallen begins to cry. Lelouch is distraught. "No Kallen, You. I need."

Suddenly outside there is screaming. "Lelouch! Lelouch!"

Kallen's instincts take over. She jumps in front of Lelouch. She knocks him back. As he falls down he flails his arms. He catches Kallen as the door opens. It's Suzaku. Kallen is pulled down by Lelouch. He doesn't know what is going on. So he kisses her as they lie there.

Suzaku is stunned. "Le-Lelouch."

Above in the sky Suzaku is waiting for Lelouch's signal to begin his attack. It is taking longer than he thought. Suddenly a message came from the Avalon.

"What is it?"

Cecile responds to Suzaku as he hears a shocked Lloyd in the background.

"The city of Pendragon has been destroyed."

Suzaku can't believe it. Does this change things? Lelouch thought this would happen.

Suzaku had no way of getting in contact with Lelouch. Suzaku decides to go down. As he goes down her tells Jeremiah to hold off the invasion. The plan was going to have to change. Of course there were troops on the ground.

Kaguya is in shock as the Lancelot crashes in to the gymnasium where the meeting is to take place. Was this the plan? Distract everyone by walking around and have Suzaku come in and hold them prisoner. Was Kallen in on the plan? She had been one of Lelouch/Zero's earliest followers. Outside the Black Knight forces were panicking. Some wondered where Kallen was at. Others assumed the worst.

"Lelouch." Suzaku began screaming from inside the Lancelot. He opens the hatch.

Kaguya is stunned. Suzaku looks at her as he comes down off the Lancelot.

"Where is the emperor? Lelouch."

Kaguya holds her hands up to calm everybody down. "I think Kallen took to the building they call the clubhouse."

Suzaku nods. "Kallen. I must find him."

Kaguya nods. "Very well let's go but."

Suzaku runs to the clubhouse. Kaguya runs after him. Tianzi chases after her friend. They are followed by Black Knight security.

Suzaku begins screaming. "Lelouch! Lelouch!"

He goes into the clubhouse. At the turn in the stairs are Lelouch and Kallen on the floor.

Suzaku can't believe what he is seeing.


Behind him are Kaguya and Tianzi. Kaguya sees what is going on and stops her friend.

Tianzi and the Black Knight security forces are stunned to see Kaguya stop.

"But chairwoman your safety."

"Suzaku do I have your word upon your honor as a knight that I will be safe in that room."

Suzaku nods. "Yes. Yes chairwoman."

"That is good enough for me."

Kaguya comes into the room. "What is going on here?"

"Well Chairwoman if this is how nations are welcomed into the United Federation of Nations these days; then the world will be yours in a matter of seconds."

Kallen slaps him and begins to walk away. Lelouch sits there staring at her leave.

When Kallen gets outside everybody looks at her. The look in her eyes scares them.

Tianzi grabs her hand and asks, 'What happened? What's going on?"

Kallen simply says, "Men." as if that explains everything.

Kaguya is little stunned at what is happening. It seems Kallen isn't with Lelouch but what was the meaning of all this. Lelouch stands up and begins walking down the stairs.

"What is it Suzaku?"

"They have destroyed Pendragon with FLEIA."

"So he made his move."

Lelouch looks at Kaguya.

"Chairwoman Sumeragi, it seems as if I am late to our meeting. Forgive my tardiness on human um desires.'

Suzaku looks away. Kaguya stares at Lelouch.

"Perhaps that apology should go to Kallen."

"I see. Then perhaps we should go out. Your um … friends will be worried about your safety."

Kaguya nods. When they go outside everyone is relieved.

"We will proceed with the meeting. Suzaku does your word still hold. I will hold to mine."

Suzaku looks over at Lelouch who nods. "Um yes. Chairwoman Kaguya. I will abide by my word."

Lelouch continues to walk as if no one is there. "Well chairwoman Sumeragi, Suzaku are you coming. The world awaits are decision."

Up in the Ikaruga they wait patiently for what is happening below. When they reach the gymnasium everybody is waiting for. There is a standoff between Britannian forces and the Black Knights. Lelouch waves for his forces to stand down. A messenger comes to him.

"Your majesty we have secured the VIP.'

"Yes well treat her with respect. And leave the," Lelouch looks up and sees Kallen in the room, "Bring the student that is with her."

CC calls Lelouch. "There is call on the royal only channel."

"Can you send the call here?"

Lelouch signals for Kaguya to let him borrow the terminal. She nods. Lelouch walks to it and goes to answer call.

"If everyone will stay back, I will take care of this. Suzaku go into the Lancelot and view what is happening from there."

Kaguya signals for the representatives to be taken out. She looks up to Suzaku. He nods.

The representatives leave but Tianzi stays by her friend. Kallen goes to be near Lelouch. He waves for her to stay back.

Schniezel appears on the screen. "Does it fell good to control other people? Lelouch?"


"I have recovered all the FLEIA warheads."

"You will aim an arrow at the emperor of Britannia?"

"Unfortunately, I do not acknowledge you as emperor."

"I see. You believe you are more fitting as the emperor?"

"No, you are wrong Lelouch. The person that is most fit to be emperor of Britannia is her."

Schniezel points to Nunnally. Suzaku and Lelouch are stunned.

"Brother, Suzaku, I am your enemy."

Outside the Britannian forces are shocked the idea of FLEIA. Jeremiah comes down to settle the forces down. Suddenly Sayoko appears. She collapses,

Lelouch is stunned seeing Nunnally alive. "Nunnally you were alive."

"Yes thanks to brother Schniezel."


Suzaku cannot believe it. "Nunnally, Do you understand what Schniezel just did?"

"Yes he detonated a FLEIA warhead over Pendragon."

"You know that yet why do you."

"Then you are saying geass is the correct way?"

Suzaku is speechless. Kaguya had forgotten about geass. Is that what had happened to Kallen?

"Brother and Suzaku both of you have been lying to me all this time, right? You've always kept the truth away from me but I know the truth now. Brother you were Zero, right? Why? Was it for my sake? If so then I."

Lelouch begins to laugh. Kallen can't take it any more. After all Lelouch has gone through for Nunnally. Everything has been for her.

"Nunnally they're lying to you. They're using you to get to Lelouch."

"Kallen, you're there with brother. Kallen you were lying to me too. When you were captive. You lied to me about brother, How long have you known? Are you under the control of geass?"

"No, geass doesn't control me. I control my own heart. It doesn't matter Nunnally, Lelouch is doing this for you like me brother did for me. All of it Nunnally.'

"No Kallen, it's a lie. Kallen, do you wish for your brother back. Or do you want this. All I want to do is be with my brother. So if it was for my sake then when did I"

Lelouch continues to laugh out loud. He signals Kallen to back down.

"For you? Such audacity coming from my sister of all people."

Nunnally is stunned.

"You believe it is nature for people to receive blessings? You scorn the action of others without staining your own hands. You are exactly the archaic nobility I have denied."

"That's not."

"I didn't do it for anyone. I want the world for my own sake. If you join forces with Schniezel and stand before my hegemony then I shall spare no mercy on you. I'll just need to crush you."


Lelouch cuts off the communication. He is visibly shaking. Kaguya can't believe what has happened. Kallen goes to him. She puts her arms around him.

Nunnally is visibly shaken by the conversation. Cornelia goes to her.

"Are you okay Nunnally?"

Schniezel also comes to her side. "Forgive us for making you go through such painful dialogue. We thought he would surrender if we showed him the power of FLEIA."

"Brother Schniezel, are the people of Pendragon really okay?"

Schniezel lies. "You need not worry. We carried out evacuations prior to the detonation. Of course that's not to say there were no casualties. However we limited damages to the absolute minimum."

"But you will be using it on people. On brother next right."

"If they are an obstacle the way to world peace.'

"Brother Schniezel, may I be given the detonation switch to FLEIA? I cannot fight or protect anything. So at the very least. I wish to shoulder the sin."

Lelouch is shaking after his conversation with Nunnally. Kallen is still holding him.

"Why Lelouch. Why did you say those things to Nunnally?"

Lelouch looks at Kallen and Kaguya. He composes himself.

"Chairwoman Sumeragi can you please ask for the representatives to come back in. We can then finish our negotiations."

Kaguya can't believe what just happened. Lelouch looks up to the Lancelot.

"Suzaku, can you please remove the Lancelot. It might frighten the representatives. Kallen, I'm sure that our dear president is out there. If possible can you track her down?

Tell her I have Nina and Rivalz and would to meet on the roof to celebrate our return.

Contact Jeremiah and tell him his special skills will be needed there."

Kallen can't believe what Lelouch is asking for. She only nods and goes off.

The representatives return as the Lancelot is flown out by Suzaku. Lelouch takes his place.

Suddenly walls appear around him, he is oblivious to them.

Kaguya, Ohgi, Tohdoh, and Xing-ke appear on the screens.

"Is this really necessary Chairwoman Kaguya? Is it that you haven't told your fellow representatives about geass?"

"Emperor of atrocities Lelouch. What is your purpose here? By the forces outside, the Lancelot it appears that you have been planning to take over by force if possible."

"They were necessary countermeasures. In case there was no peaceful solution than force would be necessary. However I believe are intent here has changed. Let me ask you a question Chairwoman Sumeragi. What determines the right to govern the world?"

"Pride and honor are needed to govern others."

"Very well answered. You area gifted person after all. However I have a different answer."

"May we hear it?"

"The preparedness to destroy."


"To destroy the world and ourselves."

"What is it that you wish to destroy?"

Lelouch laughs. "Previously I would have said Britannia. But it seems I have already done that. And now all that stand in my way."

"In your way to what."

"World peace."

"Peace cannot be achieved by force."

"No, it can't but it a cannot be voted on by resolution. Who would vote against peace?

No, the enemies of peace are subtle. At the very least Chairwoman Sumeragi we can agree on one thing."

"And that is."

"Schniezel has become the enemy of peace, the enemy of the world."

Kaguya pondered that thought.

Lelouch continued. "Perhaps Britannia joining the United Federation of Nations is to forward. For now we may discuss a pact. An alliance of sorts against the enemies of peace."

"Very well emperor I will have to confer with our military leaders."

"My own troops have been withdrawn. Other than a few personal guards, Jeremiah, and Suzaku I have no one else here. While you have at least a dozen knightmares, the Guren and such."

"What is it that you ask for?"

"I would like as a show of faith to have you and perhaps the empress remain here. Well perhaps we can move negotiations until tomorrow midday. If possible would Tohdoh, Xing-ke, and Ohgi also be present. It is getting late."

Kaguya nods and dismisses the representatives. They begin to exit. Many wonder about today's events. Tianzi goes to her friend. Lelouch waves at the wall. Kaguya takes it down. Aboard the Ikaruga Xing-ke is unsure about this.

"Where will you stay?"

"If necessary my private jet or the Avalon, however, I do wonder if my old room is ready. I, of course, attended this school with Suzaku and Kallen amongst others.

Lelouch looks at her. She wants to flinch to avoid geass. He laughs.

"Geass doesn't work that way. Unfortunately for myself I have lost control of my power. I have to wear these contacts or I risk giving out commands that I don't want… Like Euphemia"

Lelouch cannot contain himself. Kallen comes back into the room.

"Of course once done. It shouldn't matter. What do you know about geass Kaguya?"

"Only that it is a vile power that bends the minds and hearts of others."

"Yes well my geass certainly can do that. For some like Suzaku it forces them to live beyond their principles. Others are simple commands. Such as the one I gave Kallen a few years ago."

Kallen bristles as Lelouch looks at her.

"Geass can include other things such as mind control, mind reading, freezing others, etc. However I have put a stop to that."

Lelouch looks around and sees that only Kallen, Kaguya, and Tianzi are there. Of course for security there are guards by the door.

"The only remaining links to geass are that immortal witch and I."

Lelouch pounds his heart as he says this.

Kaguya contemplates this. "Immortal witch. What do you mean?"

Lelouch laughs. He sees Suzaku walk into the room.

"Chairwoman Kaguya, I give you my word on Suzaku's honor as a knight that I will not cast my geass on any of the Black Knights or representatives until this matter is settled and possibly beyond that."

Kaguya doesn't know how to respond to that.

Kallen goes to Lelouch. "Milly was apprehensive but is willing to come. Also CC is there and ordered pizza under your name."

"Chairwoman Kaguya would you like to join us in a celebration of sorts."

"Very well."

"Suzaku run ahead and inform them that the Chairwoman and empress of joining us."

Suzaku runs ahead. Lelouch wonders if he will regret this later. His plan has changed twice today. First with Kallen and later because of the FLEIA and Nunnally. Kallen is at his side. Kaguya and Tianzi trail them.

"One thing Chairwoman Sumeragi. For tonight can we drop the formality? It would be of comfort to my friends perhaps. It would ease the tension. However the two of you can still be referred to by your titles."

Tianzi's face lights up. "You mean act like normal people."

Lelouch nods.

Kaguya considers this. "Very well Lelouch."

Tianzi looks at him. "Um Lelouch. Will there be food?"

"Yes my dear Tianzi there will be pizza."

"Pizza, what is that?"

Lelouch feels like laughing. They arrive at the clubhouse. Suzaku is waiting there in his school uniform. He has a few others.

"Milly says we have to wear these. They are already dressed. The chairwoman and empress don't have to."

Tianzi is already getting a uniform. Kaguya follows her friend. Kallen pushes Lelouch towards the uniforms.

Kaguya feels different wearing the school uniform.

"Emp… Lelouch what are your friends' names."

"Well Nina you've seen while we were in China. You have probably seen Milly on television. Rivalz has blue hair. Of course you know Kallen and Suzaku."

As the go up the stairs Suzaku and Kallen are near Lelouch. Nina has already tried to harm Lelouch once. When they get to the roof Milly, Nina, Rivalz are setting up the fireworks. CC is by the pizza. Everybody is uncomfortable. Tianzi sees the pizza and goes over. CC offers her a slice. Tianzi takes a bite.

"This is good. Kaguya try it."

Lelouch begins to laugh. They all look at him. He walks over to the fireworks. Suzaku and Kallen follow him so fast, it makes Milly blink. Rivalz hands them some matches.

Lelouch takes them.

"See madam president, I managed to keep my promise of bringing everybody back for fireworks except for."

Lelouch can't keep himself together as he thinks of how Shirley died and where Nunnally is. Milly goes to him and hugs him. Rivalz is stunned at this. Nina does her best to keep her composure. After all he has done, he wants sympathy. Kallen looks at Nina. Lelouch lets go of Milly. He looks towards Kaguya, Tianzi, and CC.

"Well at least I brought replacements. Kaguya has enough energy to replace all of us. And CC's hunger for pizza is surpassed by none."

Everybody laughed. Tianzi walked over and introduces herself. It feels weird but good to be around normal, well almost normal, people. They shot off fireworks. After awhile Lloyd came for Nina, there was still work to be done. Rivalz feels out of place and decides to leave. Suzaku takes Kaguya and Tianzi to their rooms. As they leave the empress calls Xing-ke to tell him about fireworks and pizza. Kallen is standing by the door. Lelouch is facing out and Milly is front of him.

"Well my dear Lulu if my grandfather had known this was your plan he would have had me work getting you."

Milly comes up to Lelouch and goes to kiss him. She simply smiles.

"But it's too late for that isn't it. And by the fact that your knight has left you alone with us." She gestures back towards Kallen. "I see you have chosen something else. Bye Lelouch. Your room is set as Suzaku asked for. If you need anything else I will be down the hall."

Milly kisses him on the cheek as she leaves. Lelouch is still staring out with his back to Kallen. Milly pushes Kallen into Lelouch. They fall over. Milly stands over them smiling.

She walks away.

"Lelouch, why are you doing all of this? Why did you say those things to Nunnally? I know you love her. You should have just."

Lelouch quiets Kallen by kissing her. She stares at him.

"I told you before I would follow you no matter what even if it meant I was a slave to geass."

"Kallen I told you. Your heart is your own."

"No, my heart is yours. Why don't you see that? I'm here now. I will be here tomorrow. I should be your knight. Your shield. Your protection."

"No, that's not right."

They look up to see who is talking to them. It is CC. Lelouch doesn't respond.

"Kallen, do you really want to stay with him." CC points to Lelouch.


"Very well then stand up."

Lelouch's eyes open wide as he realizes what is happening. He stands up. "CC. Kallen no."

"You, shut up failure." CC pushes him back down.

Kallen is confused. "What do you mean?" She looks down at Lelouch. He tosses his hair back with his right hand. She notices the red lines on his hand. She kneels down and grabs his hand. They look into each other's eyes.

"What does this mean?" she asks as she points towards Lelouch's hand.

CC sighs. "It means an eternity with Lelouch unless someone grants my wish. Since he failed and cheated by taking his father's code, I need to find someone else here or else. He also got to keep his geass so there is that."

"What are you talking about?"

"I will grant you a geass in return you will agree to grant me a wish. Since he knows my wish, I will tell you. I wish to end my existence. It will not be an easy road. You must develop and control your geass. If you fail, it can prove fatal though. If you succeed, you can have this." She points to her forehead. "And him." She points to Lelouch.

"Of course after that you can grant my wish. Do you accept?"

Kallen looks at Lelouch. He is on the floor and Kallen is above. She continues to look into his eyes to see how he feels. He kisses her. After a while CC grabs Kallen and pulls her up.

"I take that as yes." She looks into Kallen's eyes. Kallen sees visions and hears CC voice in her head. "The power of kings will isolate you. You will be human but different. A different time, a different path, a different life."

It was done. Kallen looks around. She doesn't feel or see anything.

Lelouch stands up. "Whatever you have it won't work on us."

Suddenly Kallen hears and sees Suzaku and Milly coming up the stairs. She kisses Lelouch. They kiss for while. Kallen keeps looking back at the stairs.

"Um Kallen, What are you doing? Why do you keep looking back?"

"I thought they were coming up."

A few second later Milly and Suzaku peak around the entrance. Lelouch begins to laugh.

"You two can come out now." Lelouch stands beside Kallen. "You should be able to see their movements before they make them."

It was true Kallen saw what Suzaku and Milly were saying and doing before it happened.

"You can turn it off whenever you want for now."

Kallen did and everything returned to normal. Milly looks at the two of them.

"Well is it settled?"

Lelouch looks at Milly and Suzaku and then over to CC.

"Did you come up with this in the few hours we have been here?"

Suzaku and Milly look at each other.

CC answers. "You aren't the only quick thinker here your majesty."

"Do you have anything else planned?"

Milly smiles. "Well what we have planned depends on you two decide.'

Suzaku holds up a white dress in one hand and the emperor's suit in the other.

"Or would you two prefer black."

Kallen gets up and get the dress from Suzaku. "White will do."

Lelouch stays were he is. They all stare at him.

CC pushes him forward. "Don't act like you aren't going to do this. By the way do you need someone to officiate? I am an ordained minister in over 15 religions throughout the world."

Kallen shakes her head. "I'm sure that for the emperor, someone will come."

A few hours later it was done. Kallen and Lelouch are lying in bed exhausted.

"Lelouch, have you ever brought someone to this room for."

"No, I mean Nunnally is down the hall."

"Did you ever want to?"

"How do I answer that so I don't get hit?"

She hits him. "Not like that."

He kisses her. He kisses her. Lelouch smiles. "Do you want to do it again?"

Kallen shrugs. "Sure why not."

Author's note: I took into consideration that Schniezel didn't fly the Damocles all the way to Pendragon to wait for Lelouch to betray the UFN. He may have thought it was going to happen. It certainly would help him if the Black Knights joined him in his fight with Lelouch but he would have attacked either way. Here I had the Black Knight form an uneasy alliance with Lelouch. He will ease their minds by having his forces to take the brunt of the FLEIA attacks.

Kallen's geass is much like Bismarck's. It allows her to see people's future movements. If the people are in a certain range she can also hear what they are going to say. She can also concentrate it on a certain area/person. Much like Mao's if not properly controlled it can drive someone mad.

I asked a question about Schniezel and FLEIA in another fanfic. I concede the fact that Schniezel runs Britannia. And therefore it is no problem for him to hide something like FLEIA or Damocles from anyone. His expenses are so large that even Lloyd was able to charge something to his account and I assume no one noticed.

But the time doesn't really fit here. I assume that Lelouch took about a week between announcing Britannia's entrance to the UFN and arriving in Japan. Since he decided to abide by their rules, they would have no problem with a quick meeting. While in Cambodia Schniezel says they have to finish Damocles and in a few days Pendragon is destroyed. And wouldn't anybody notice Damocles flying overhead. Pendragon is in North America and Damocles was in Cambodia. That is a long way to go without getting noticed. I know it's fiction and Schniezel probably has allies somewhere but still.