Disclaimer: I do not own code geass or its characters.

To Casey W: In my opinion following his betrayal by the Black Knights all Lelouch had to say to Kallen was yes I love you or something of that nature. Or she could have just followed him like Suzaku did. I have written/am writing stories where I do go back to other scenes to make this kind of relationship seem more of a given. I will go back and proofread the story. And sorry about the tense sometimes it's hard to keep track of that.

About setting the scene sometimes I forget since I am constantly watching the anime to make sure the dialog is correct that I forget that other people aren't doing the same.

If the story seems to be going fast well that's more or less the way the story went.

FLEIA over Pendragon and then a few days of planning. Then the battle. Here I tried to explain things a little better. Also Lelouch seems to be a better thinker when things look bleak or difficult. In almost every chess game we see, at Shinjuku, at the Babel Tower, in the Chinese Federation. He always is ahead of his opponent. However sometimes things like Nunnally in danger hold him back. Well here he has thrown all that away and focuses on the task at hand. Defeating Schniezel and trying to have a peaceful world.

There is lots of distrust amongst everyone. So I also had Kallen use her geass to manipulate people. While it may seem forward to have her be so good at it right away. She has Lelouch as a teacher. Kallen's geass shows her what people are going to do or say. She doesn't know what they think.

It is rarely noted that Kallen is also intelligent. Intelligence combined with knowledge of people's actions and words makes her formidable. Since Lelouch has the code it doesn't work on him. Which is why he stays quiet during the meeting and allows the Black Knights and Kallen to do all the talking. Like Bismarck, Kallen's pride makes her turn off her geass during the battle.

She also knows what people were going to do or say since that changes depending on what others do. In the early part of the series Lelouch wastes his geass on simple one time commands. As time goes he finds more effective ways to use it. Lelouch trains her to not waste her geass on what is useless. It will also make her reach the maximum potential faster.

About the Kallen/Lelouch relationship. Obviously the are both caring, emotional people. They are also a little sarcastic and competitive. So the early part of their relationship is basically them trying to see who can be more affectionate in public. In private they are still basically the same. Except for bed time when the competitive nature takes over.

That's all for now. I hope the ending doesn't disappoint. I wanted a completely happy ending here.

Nunnally heard noise outside. She heard footsteps. They were light and quiet but they were there.

"Brother is that you."

There was no answer.

"Brother, do you want the Damocles key? I cannot avert my eyes from this evil."

Nunnally struggles to open her eyes. Kallen can't believe it. She knows that geass held Nunnally's eyes closed. When Nunnally opens her eyes standing in front of her is not her brother but a beautiful woman dressed in white. Nunnally rubs her eyes to make sure what she is seeing is real.

"Who are you and where is my brother?"

"Well he is on his way. Well a few days ago I became your sister-in-law."


"That's right. Nunnally I'm here to take you to Lelouch."

Outside Anya and Jeremiah continue their battle. Finally Anya gets the best of Jeremiah.

"End of record."

The Siegfried explodes but a Sutherland comes flying out.

"It's not over yet!"

He is coming in to fast for Anya to do anything. Once on top of the Mordred, Jeremiah explodes his Sutherland. He comes flying out and lands above Anya.

"Carve into you memories, Jeremiah Gottwald. The memorable name of the man that made you taste defeat."

"Memorable. That's pointless. I don't have any memories to begin with."

"Memories could it be."

Jeremiah activates his geass canceller to restore Anya's memories.

"Kallen, why have you chosen to follow brother. You said geass wasn't controlling you but."

"I have chosen to follow my heart. Why have you chosen to defy your brother. He has given his life for you. Everything he is. It's devoted to you and only you."

Nunnally thought about it. "I never asked for it. Kallen, have you helped brother murder people. Did you help brother kill Clovis, Euphemia."

"Clovis murdered innocent Japanese. He did so without regret. As for Euphemia I know now that he will never forgive himself for that. He loved her with all his being. Have you been firing all those FLEIA missiles."

"Yes I intended to stop brother even if meant his death. That is why you cannot have this key even he used geass on me."

"Nunnally. Do you know what Schniezel intends to do? He will use FLEIA to enslave the world to his will."

Kallen and Nunnally are looking into each other's eyes.

"Are you saying brother has the right to rule the world. He has used the name of Zero to manipulate people's hearts."

"Would it have been better for the two of you to continue running and hiding. Never knowing if someone would kill you. Or to be used as pawns in someone else's game."

"I never asked for any of it, Kallen. I would have been happy to just be with brother. Don't you wish for your brother? Wouldn't you give up all of this for your brother?"

"Yes but the world is controlled by various powers. You have to learn to live in the world. That's why I joined the resistance. That's why I followed Zero. And why I now follow Lelouch. Wishing for the past. Hoping for the best isn't enough. There are times when one has to act. Lelouch did all of this for you. For all of us. He risked his own life. His own happiness for you. He may have lied to you but it was to protect you. So you wouldn't worry. He never used you. They took you away. His only concern was you. He abandoned all of us for you."

Kallen begins to cry as she continues. Despite her new closeness to Lelouch. She knows that Nunnally's safety is what he wants the most. "He made us fight to get you. So you would be safe from your father. They tried to use you against Lelouch. They made him forget who you were. They made everyone forget you. Even so his only concern was you. Even as he moved the world. Even as he commanded armies and nations. All he could think about was your safety. When he thought you were gone he gave up hope. It almost destroyed him. But he continued to fight for your dream. For Euphemia's dream. Now Nunnally will you join him or will you go against your own dream."

Kallen stretches out her hand towards Nunnally. Nunnally was unsure. She put out her hand towards Kallen. Kallen kneeled in front of Nunnally. They both cried.

"Now let's go find your brother."

Suddenly they hear a voice. "Nunnally, this will end it are you ready."

Nunnally looks down at the FLEIA switch. "What should I do?"

"I think Lelouch wants you to fire it."

Nunnally nods. "If this is what brother wants."

Schniezel looks on. He wonders what is going in the room with Nunnally. Since she fired the FLEIA, he is less concerned.

"And now peace is completed."

Lelouch sees the FLEIA coming towards him. He wonders if he should have had Kallen disable the Blaze Luminous. No the world needs to see this.

"I will make this succeed no matter what with this hand!"

Nina, Cecile, and Lloyd were watching the battle on a screen aboard the Avalon

Lelouch: "Inputting data."

Nina: "FLEIA changes its composition very second. If it is bombarded with a reaction that counters its composition, one can stop FLEIA from reaching its critical reaction."

Lloyd: "However, environmental data must be inputted into the program around 19 seconds before detonation.

Cecile: "And even if the program is completed, the window for execution is only 0.04 seconds."

Lelouch continues to input the data into the computer.

Lelouch finishes. "Suzaku! Live on!"

Suzaku, his eyes glowing red under the power of geass, appears behind the Shinkirou and grabs the weapon that had been added to the Shinkirou earlier today.

"Yes your majesty."

Suzaku thrusts forward towards the FLEIA.

Nina: "It is theoretically possible. Princess Euphemia!"

The FLEIA reaction begins to grow but suddenly it turns black and begins to dissipate.

Nina: "It worked. 19 seconds and 0.04 seconds."

Schniezel can't believe it. "To think he prepared a toy like that."

Lelouch moves the Shinkirou in the Blaze Luminous gap. He uses the absolute defense system to allow his forces in.

Gino can't believe it. "No I won't allow it."

He charges at Lelouch. But from above Xing-ke brings the Shen Hu down on the Tristan.

"You should take your own advice Britannian. See what happens when you don't pay attention."

The Tristan explodes.

Schniezel sees Lelouch come in "A nasty move."

Systems begin going down all over the Damocles.

"Well its seems as if this fortress will become a wonderful coffin for Lelouch."

Schniezel, Kannon , and Deithard go down to the escape shuttle.

Lelouch and Suzaku take their knightmares through the Damocles.

"Suzaku, we must stop the Damocles. Kallen should already have completed the first part. You take care of the second. Now for Schniezel."

"Yes your majesty."

Lelouch thought where would Schniezel be. There was only one answer.

Cornelia dragged herself to her feet. She had been hearing noises throughout the Damocles. She figured Lelouch was here. She would take care of both of them.

Schniezel takes his seat. On the screen in front of them appears Lelouch.

"I've been waiting for you, Schniezel.'

"I see. Checkmate on me, eh? I see now. Tell me how did you discern my strategy?"

"It is not strategy. What I read was your personal nature."

"My nature."

"It is not that you do not care about victory. The match in the forbidden city. The betrayal of the Black Knights. You always play your game where you cannot lose"

"And that is why you thought I would abandon the Damocles."

"Schniezel, you will taste defeat this time."

"So you will kill me."

"I have a question. Did you want to control the world with Damocles?"

"No, I simply wanted to create what everyone wanted. I wanted to create peace"

"To ignore even the nature of humans."

"That is a mere difference of opinion."

"You decided to suspend the world in its present form, but one does not call a never changing world alive. That is merely experience."

"However don't you call the extension of that to be knowledge?"

"You area talented person. However, you do not see it because you are too talented. Indeed Emperor Charles yearned for the past. You wanted the present. However I want the future."

"The future may be worse than the present. "

"No it will be better. No matter how long it takes. People will continue to pursue happiness"

"Yet that would lead to ambitions. This is the pinnacle of foolishness. That is nothing but emotion. A fabrication in the name of hope and dreams that lead to nowhere."

"That is the limit of what you see as royalty looking down upon the world. I have seen it too many times. The people that rebel against misfortune. The people that yearn for the future. They all prayed for happiness and continued to rebel. Geass and masks their origins are."

"This is irony. You, who continuously denied the wills of others, come here and acknowledge the existence of the will of those very people. Enough kill me. However you will vanish along with FLEIA. Let us create world peace with our lives."

"That is why I shall give you a present."

Suddenly Lelouch appears beside Schniezel and looks into his eyes.

"You will serve me, serve Zero."

Lelouch's geass overtakes Schniezel.

"Command me as you wish, Lord Zero."

Suddenly Deithard fights off the guard holding him down. He gets the guards gun.

"Don't move. Zero, Your story had ended already. You must not be allowed to live."

Diethard point his gun at Lelouch. Schniezel shoots him.

"You do not possess the right to deny my existence. Schniezel disarm the FLEIA."

Schniezel turns off the FLEIA sequence. "But Nunnally has the switch."

"I see."

The door opens. It's Cornelia. She sees Schniezel and Lelouch standing side by side.


She shoots Schniezel. "So long brother. Better to die than be a slave to geass."

She looks towards Lelouch. "Now for Euphemia. Don't worry about Nunnally. She will become the empress the world needs."

Lelouch is smiling as she says this because the door opens behind her. "Well dear it took you long enough."

As Cornelia turns her head she sees foot coming at her. It's Kallen. Cornelia falls to the ground. Kallen kicks the gun away. She looks down at Cornelia.

"I'm sorry sweetheart but this place is huge. Hey, you must Cornelia. I'm your new sister-in-law pleased to meet you."

"If you say so," Lelouch responds.

Nunnally looks at the interaction between the two. "Brother, what has gotten into you?"

Lelouch laughs. "Oh nothing just love."

He looks at her again. "Your eyes. They're open."

Kallen doesn't take her eyes of Cornelia.

"Yes brother. Do you want the Damocles key? Brother, I need to shoulder the sin. Even if you use geass on me. I won't"

"No, Nunnally I don't need the key. There won't be any need to hand it over to me or Kallen."

Cornelia begins crawling on the ground. Lelouch sees her.

"Cornelia, I wouldn't move if I were you. I have instructed my wife to only disarm you but if you insist. She will use more aggressive action. Your knowledge of geass is limited. There are other powers beside mine. The power to read minds, control minds, see the future, etc. There is a geass for every human desire. And in case you were wondering it is never ending cycle."

Lelouch moves his hair so they can see the geass symbol upon his forehead.

Nunnally stares. "Brother."

Lelouch gets a call.

"Yes Suzaku. I see well meet us on the command deck. Let's go the VIPs are here."

Lelouch signals for the guards to bring Cornelia and Kannon.

They arrive on the command deck. Lelouch goes over to the controls. He aims the FLEIA.

"Nunnally this will be the last one."

Outside Xing-ke and Tohdoh were finishing off Schniezel's remaining forces. They were unsure about the events inside the Damocles. None of the Black Knights were able to get inside. Suddenly the is a flash of light up above. He couldn't believe it. Suddenly Lelouch appears on screens around the world. Xing-ke can't believe it.

"To the whole world. I am the emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia. Schniezel has been killed by a member of his own treacherous family."

Footage of Cornelia shooting Schniezel is shown. Cornelia couldn't believe it. How did he know to film there?

"However since she has brought peace to the world, her sins will be pardoned."

Cornelia almost felt like laughing. Forgiveness from Lelouch. What about Euphemia's vengeance?

"Now Damocles and FLEIA are under my control."

Nunnally couldn't believe the way her brother was talking.

"My father wanted to subjugate he world to the past. A world of dreams. A world of refrain. My brother Schniezel wanted to force the world to accept his peace with FLEIA.

However I want the future. The future which will be better than the past. What will I do with the future with the world."

Suddenly behind Lelouch appear two small figures. They walk up to him.

Xing-ke immediately recognizes them. "Empress, Lady Kaguya. Why?"

"I will give the future to the world."

Kaguya and Tianzi walk up to Lelouch. He signals for Nunnally to hand Kaguya the Damocles key. Kaguya takes it with a bow towards Nunnally. Lelouch walks off. Kaguya is now alone on the screen.

"The past few days have been difficult. We have all been tested. Our trust, out hope, our desire, our peace. We have succeeded in our objective. In part thanks to the emperor and empress, who risked their own lives to accomplish this. Also in part to the Black Knights. Over the past few days the representatives of the United Federation of Nations have met with representatives of the Holy Empire of Britannia. I would like to announce that as of this moment the Holy Empire of Britannia is a member of the United Federation of Nations. My desire is that we can all live in peace. That we can all live in trust and friendship."

With that Kaguya signs off.

One year later.

"May we start now your highness."

Everybody looks at Lelouch. He waves.

"This is Milly Ashford and I would like to announce that our festival starts now with this sound."

Suzaku and Nunnally are both sitting there. "Do we have to."

Milly gives them a look. Lelouch and Kallen laugh.

"Okay, here we go. Meow!"

It was the one year anniversary of the Britannian entry in the UFN. It was also a celebration of the demise of Damocles. Even Cornelia came out. She seemed to have almost forgiven Lelouch. Of course Kallen made Lelouch tell her that now matter what she did to him it wouldn't have mattered. Cornelia was silent for a while after that.

Rivalz was sort of still after Milly but she was dedicated to her new as Britannian representative to the UFN and of course imperial party planner.

Of course they are attempting to make the world's largest pizza. Everything goes off without a problem except for the big mess. CC gets her fill of the pizza. She begins to go to her home that Lelouch provided. She hears footsteps behind her.

"Is it done your highness? Huh. Even Lelouch wasn't ready so fast."

"Well I am a little more dedicated to my job than my husband."

With that Kallen takes CC's code and stabs her.

"Goodbye witch," Kallen pauses, "Lelouch says goodbye… and don't forget to smile."

CC smiles as she hears her name one last time.

Kallen walks back to the festival. She goes up to the balcony to be with Lelouch.

Lelouch just stares at her.

"Did you change?"

"Yes the other dress got messy.'

She spins around. She is wearing a white dress that matches his robe. He laughs. He gives her kiss. They walk away pushing a carriage that contains their twin girls, Shirley and Euphemia

Nunnally and Suzaku are down by the pizza.


"Yes Nunnally."

"They look good together. Don't they?"

Suzaku looks around. "Who, Nunnally?"

She points up to the balcony.

"The white king and queen."