Author's note: This is not the end.

December 21st, 2003

12:00 noon

Light Yagami leaned casually against a tree in the park, his breath coming in little white puffs of air. He was bundled up in a tan coat and a thick, knitted white scarf, looking very much like a model.

He felt sick.

"Are you all right, Light?" Light brushed his hair lightly to be sure the small transmitter couldn't be seen, then gazed up at the sky and murmured.

"I'll be fine, once this is over with. You guys have visual?"


Light hummed, then returned his gaze to scanning the people in the park for anyone who looked like they were a mass murderer of criminals. The conversation that had led him to this point played in his head like a broken record.

"...God?" A disbelieving voice. Male, Light noted absently.

"Kira," Light responded, controlling his voice so that it didn't shake. L and he had determined that it was best to refer to him that way, as they didn't want to give away the fact that Light didn't know his name.

"God. I'm not worthy, this world is still-"

"You've done well, Kira," Light said, placating. You sick bastard, he added mentally. "You proved yourself yesterday, taking care of Raye Penber and the rest of those FBI agents."

"Thank you, God. I love you, God."

"I want to reward you, Kira. Find me in Hibiya park at noon tomorrow—with your gift."

"Yes, God, I will, God, I love you, God."

Light roved his eyes over the park, searching. The people here now were mostly business men and women on their lunch breaks. Between the suits and ties and briefcases... somewhere here, Kira lurked. Light checked his watch.

"He's late," he murmured quietly.

"He'll be there," L's voice responded in his ear almost automatically. "He's probably just looking for you now."

Light glanced down at his tie, where a tiny camera had been hidden in the knot. "Video okay?"



Light stiffened, took a deep breath, then forced himself to relax. He turned to face Kira and, with every ounce of his acting skill, smiled.

He was young—a few years older than Light, at most, with layered black hair to his shoulders and angular glasses over dark eyes. He was dressed neatly in a dark suit, and clutched a notebook in one hand and an apple in the other.

Light almost didn't want to believe that a mass murderer like Kira could look so normal, but the treacherous apple clutched in his hand belied his true nature and made the tea from earlier slosh uncomfortably in his stomach.

Teru Mikami, meanwhile, could hardly believe that he was in his God's presence, at his God's request. If only Ryuk would stop laughing... but no matter. The era of the shinigami was ending, and his God would ascend to rule this bright, shining new world.

He sank into a low bow before his God.

"Stand up," Light Yagami said, his voice smooth like honey and warm like sunshine, and how had no one else realized that this perfect boy could simply not be human? He smiled warmly, divinely. "Your name?" He asked lightly. "I cannot call you by your honorable title here, of course."

Honorable title. Kira. Mikami rose, a wide smile spreading onto his face. "Teru Mikami."

Light smiled again, and the rays of the cold sun shone beautifully from his hair. "A fitting name. Teru, brilliant, and Mikami, something bestowed from above. Something brilliant bestowed from above..." With a name like that, no wonder he's fucking nuts.

"God," Mikami said in a low tone, glancing around for anyone withing hearing range. "I have brought you a gift." He raised the apple, shining and glossy red, and presented it to Light.

"You're giving him the apple?" Ryuk asked in outrage, suddenly not finding the situation quite so funny. "But you've only ever given him rotten apples! You said that the good ones were for me!"

"Take the apple, Light," L's voice came quietly into Light's ear. Light hesitated, then slowly brought his hand up to accept the apple.

Mikami, meanwhile, was determinedly ignoring Ryuk, eyes locked on Light's face with awe. Ryuk growled. "I don't think so!" He snatched the apple from Mikami's hand, grinned, and took a bite with a satisfying, juicy crunch.

Light stared in surprise and shock as the apple flew into the air of its own accord and started to be eaten by something completely invisible. Was he hallucinating? Had he been drugged? He glanced back at Mikami, who looked livid.

"That was a gift for my God!" He growled loudly, shaking the notebook at the air. Light would think he was imagining things, but-

The apple finished itself off.

"Teru," Light said calmly, locking away his confusion and alarm. Whatever that was, Light couldn't do anything about it right now. He had to focus first on voiding Kira's powers... now if only his hands would stop shaking from fear. "It's quite alright. Your good work is the best gift you could ever give. Let me see the gift I gave, please."

Ryuk huffed. "He gave. What is he playing at? I thought Teru was the only one who was crazy..."

Mikami looked ecstatic. His God had said his name, so familiarly. "Yes, God. It's all here, everything I've done for you." He presented the notebook to Light, who accepted it immediately, running a hand over the flat cover. In white writing on the front, English words proclaimed, Death Note.

Stomach doing odd flips, Light carefully blanked his expression as he opened the notebook, angling it so that he could read it while still making the text visible to the camera in his tie. The human whose name is written in this note shall die. His grip on the note tightened immediately. Was this possible?

It certainly seemed so. Flipping through the pages, there were the names of each person Kira had ever killed, and some that even the Kira investigation team hadn't known about.

"Hey! You can see me now, right, Light Yagami?" Light jumped and looked up, startled, upon hearing the gravelly voice. He backed into the tree in alarm as he came face to face with a large, dark... thing. Its skin was blue, its eyes yellow and bulbous, its smile wide with sharp teeth, its hair and body pointy and sticking out at odd angles. "You can! Now you can finally tell this guy that he's crazy."

"Teru," Light breathed, "please explain this."

"I'm sorry, God," Mikami apologized immediately and sincerely. "Ryuk is a false God! A shinigami. The shinigami realm is rotting, just like this world—your divine power will eliminate these false gods and bring new life to this dying world!"

Light nodded, as if this made complete sense. Whatever. He would work all of these things out when he was not standing within two feet of his stalker and some other-worldly monster.

"I don't know what's going on now, Light, but we need to be sure that Mikami is no longer dangerous before we move in."

Light hummed mildly, flipping through the pages of the Death Note. "Teru," he asked lightly. "You haven't betrayed or disobeyed your God in any way, have you?"

Mikami looked as if Light had slapped him. "No! Never! I would never do that to my God, God is justice!"

"So you don't have any more pages of this note on your person? No other, less divine weapons? You would never try to harm your God, would you? Or to do anything without his orders?"

"Never! Never, I would do anything for God! Anything!"

"Okay, Light, we're coming to get you. Please be prepared."

Ryuk huffed again. "You're just as crazy as he is." He turned to survey the rest of the park and remarked, "Well, that's interesting."

Mikami frowned and turned to glare at the shinigami, but stopped dead. "L Lawliet?" He asked in a dangerous hiss.

Light froze, too. Was that L's name? He shouldn't have been able to see it; L had covered his face with a hat and large sunglasses. He was protected! He shifted around Mikami just in time to see L's face go pale as he pushed his glasses back up his nose. They had slipped, then.

Light swallowed hard and tightened his grip on the Death Note, sliding as far away from Mikami as he could without drawing his attention, which was now firmly on the figures of L, Matsuda, and Light's father closing in on him from different directions, weapons drawn.

"L?" Mikami turned back to Light frantically. "God! God, please, give me the gift, quickly! I must carry out justice in your name, that man is the only thing that stands in the way of your bright new world!"

L, Soichiro, and Matsuda were very close, now.

Light shook his head, backing away a little and holding the Death Note behind him protectively.

"God?" Mikami asked, uncomprehending. "God? God?" He shuffled toward Light, stretching out his arms.

"Freeze! Teru Mikami, you are under arrest! Put your hands up!"

"God?" Mikami asked wildly, panicking. He stumbled forward and clutched Light's at Light's shirt. Light stopped breathing.


"God, don't let them do this-"


"Do something-"


"I'm your servant, God!"

"I'm not your God!" Light screamed, voice cracking.

Matsuda barreled into Mikami, knocking him to the ground and cuffing his hands behind his back even as the man howled threats and condemnations.

"I'm not your God," Light repeated, almost chanting, leaning against the tree for support and clutching tightly at his own arms. He did not let go of the Death Note but, God, he felt so dirty for holding it.

"Teru Mikami, you're under arrest."

Ryuk was howling with laughter. "How interesting!"

"GOD! GOD!" Mikami roared from the ground, struggling wildly against Matsuda. "DON'T LET THEM DO THIS! GOD!"

"I'm not your God, I'm not your God, I'm not your God, I'm not your God," Light muttered under his breath. L helped Matsuda secure Mikami, and Watari appeared to take him away. Light's father gently took hold of Light's shoulders and guided him away from the scene. "I'm not your God." He whispered once more, lamely, into his father's chest.

"It's over, Light. It's over."