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We left the motel before the crack of dawn, and started running through the forests as we planned. As usual, Hatsumi was on my back, Ken was on Eisuke's. The sun has risen now, and we were far away from the motel, and heading towards Tongyeong. Our priority right now is to get away from Korea as soon as we can and try our best to cover our tracks from these people, and figure out what is it they want with is, particularly with me and Eisuke. At this point, I'm pretty sure they're looking for us, squeezing whatever man power (though I doubt that those that're coming after us are human) they have to look for us.

As we ran, my mind wandered off for a bit, thinking fondly of my childhood memories and how me and Kyoko would be playing together, and how she would be fussing over me for nothing. I could feel my throat swelling up, the emptiness gnawing inside of me, tears threatening to fall as I thought about my family. Remorse, regret, emptiness, uselessness...all of it started to fill me up. I wanted to turn back, stop running and find Hokuto and make him pay for what he did. But I took a quick, deep breath, trying to regain my composure as we ran. As the forest trees started to thin out, I could smell dirt and metal, and started to slow my pace a little. Eisuke and Akira followed suit and slowed down behind me.

"What's up Tsuki?" Eisuke asked, his eyes scanning the area, looking for any possible threat that's lurking around the corner.

I motioned him to be quiet and stepped forward to better assess my surroundings. There was a scent that didn't belong here. It wasn't natural.

It smelled of werewolf.

"Eisuke, Akira, take a sniff and tell me what you smell", I told them quietly while putting Hatsumi down carefully and keeping her behind my back. They looked at each other and shrugged, doing what I told them to. Instantly they became alarmed.

"Damnit, they caught up to us sooner that I thought" Eisuke muttered, putting Ken down. Both him and Hatsumi looked nervous.

"What now?", Hatsumi asked, trying not to sound scared as as she looks. I motioned for them to wait, trying to think quick. Just as I was about to answer, a sudden movement caught the corner of my eye, and I pushed Hatsumi out of the way as the huge black fuzzy figure pounced on me, tackling me to the ground. I felt the air in my lungs gushed out as it landed a blow to my gut.

Before I could regain back my bearings, I felt something heavy pinning me down to the ground. I looked and I saw a pair of cold black eyes, and massive teeth in my face, snarling at me. Steeling myself, I pushed the werewolf off me, and quickly got on my feet. Looking around me, I saw Akira and Eisuke were busy fending off two more werewolves.

Oh boy, this was going to be tough.

The werewolf I pushed off got back on his feet, and let out a loud, angry growl. Not letting him have any opportunity to attack, I rushed head on and felt my fist collide with it's jaw, followed by a sickeningly loud crack. It landed to the ground with a loud thump, but it wasn't staying down. It quickly got up and snapped a large tree branch to use as a weapon.

"Aono Tsukune...you and your friends have caused me and my colleagues too much trouble. Because of you, we had to be turned into werewolves just to hunt you down. We had to sacrifice our humanity because you escaped", he snarled, hatred filling his eyes.

"Hate to disappoint you, but I don't think I'll be following you any time soon", I said, and launched a round house kick at him. He managed to avoid the attack and leaped to my side, landing another punch on me. Ignoring the pain, I grabbed his arm and pulled him to me, and hit him right in the face. He gasped in pain and staggered back, and before he had the chance to regain his balance, I kicked him in the gut, and landed blow after blow on his face and torso. He landed on the ground with a sickening thud, blood oozing from his face. Eisuke and Akira managed to knock out the other two, and kept Hatsumi and Ken safe. I sighed in relief and looked at the half conscious werewolf on the ground.

"How many of you are there?" I asked, as he tried to turn his head towards me.

"More than enough...to take all of you out", he rasped out. I heard Eisuke chuckled at that. I sighed and placed my foot on his rib (which I suspect I had fractured).

"I won't ask again", I said coldly, applying pressure onto his rib. He clenched his teeth, trying not to scream in pain. I added even more pressure til I could hear a loud, cracking sound and him yelling to stop.

"Stop! Please! There's forty of us okay!", he yelled, trying to get my foot off. I kept it firm there.

"Where are you guys stationed", I asked.

"There's a map in my pocket that's marked with all the routes we're stationed at", he rasped out painfully. I bent down and searched his pockets, and pulled a map that's marked colourfully. Before we left, I knocked him out cold, and we left the area and took shelter in a cave. We studied the map carefully. I heard Akira sigh at as he take a look at the map.

Damn, looks like we're cut off at every routes possible. I turned to the rest and watched their faces as they studied the map. My throat tightened a little, seeing the hope being drained out of their eyes as they searched the map for any route.

"Wait...take a look at this route, right here", Akira said, pointing at the map. I took a closer look, and saw that it was marked too.

"It's marked Akira", Eisuke said with a huff of annoyance.

"Yes, it is. But look, according to the legend of the map, there's a sewer line there. And if you follow it, it leads right to the seaside", Akira said, his finger tracing the said route and tapped at where it ended. My eyes followed the line and saw that it did indeed ended at the seaside. And the best part was that it was slightly isolated too.

" A sewer..?", Hatsumi asked hesitantly, her nose scrunching up in disgust. I nodded.

"We have an advantage though. The smell from the sewer is more than enough to hide our scent. Plus you know how sensitive werewolves are when it comes to smell", Eisuke said, leaning back against the cave wall.

"It's decided then. We'll go tomorrow night. We'll recuperate til then", I said rolling up the map and stuffing it in my back pocket. I received mumbles of agreement from everyone before they split up, finding a nice spot for them to sleep.

I stood up and stretched and went to my backpack for a blood pack. The burn in my throat flared up after fighting those werewolves. Training with Akira didn't really help with my thirst either. I sank my teeth into the blood pack, and almost moaned at the feel of the thick, delicious blood that filled my mouth.

After sucking my blood pack dry, I buried the empty pack, so that no one would see it and assume this cave was inhibited. I sat down and leaned my back against the cave's cool wall. I watched as the four of them were talking, telling each other their plans once they returned to Japan. It made me think too. What am I going to do once I'm there? I can't find Moka right away, or anyone for that matter, with us being chased down like a wanted fugitive. We don't even know what we're dealing with. My heart tightened slightly at the thought of Moka. How I longed to see her again, to be in her embrace, letting her sweet scent overwhelm me. I sighed as I shifted my position to get a little more comfortable. I need all the rest I could get if I'm going to survive this.

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