Author's Note: I am Americanizing the way people refer to each other, mainly because I am not comfortable with the Japanese way and I'm afraid of screwing up a beautiful part of a wonderful culture.

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Chapter 1:

It is right after school and the Host Club isn't open for business yet. Hunny is having tea and cake at a table, with Mori sitting near him keeping him company. Tamaki is looking into a mirror making sure he looks impeccable for his guests. The Hitachiin twins are off sitting on the windowsill talking quietly. Kyoya is sitting at a table checking his email. There was a reminder there from his father, about the dinner party tonight. Kyoya sighed; it looked like he was out of options. Suddenly, Haruhi burst into the room, panting from running down the hallway. She stood their panting and looking around the room at everyone doing their own thing.

"Sorry I'm late; I was finishing up a report in the library." Haruhi said as she panted for breath.

Kyoya pushed his glasses up with two fingers as he looked over at her and said "Well, Haruhi, it would appear you aren't very serious about this club and about reducing your debt."

"Of course I'm serious! How could you even think that?" Haruhi exclaimed as she stood up straight and gave a defiant stance.

Kyoya chuckled. "Well, then I guess you wouldn't mind doing something else to reduce your debt?"

Everyone else in the room stopped what they were doing. They looked over as Kyoya stood up and turned towards Haruhi. "I have a proposition for you Haruhi. There is a very important dinner party this evening. It's in my best interest to attend; the problem is that anyone who attends must have a date. So I ask you if you would like to go with me tonight. For this date and any others that might arise your debt will be reduced by an amount determined by the length and difficulty of the date. Does that seem fair to you Haruhi?"

Haruhi stood there with her jaw dropped. She suddenly shut her mouth and then opened it to reply when suddenly she was swept up in an embrace.

"NO! Daddy won't allow mommy to take his little girl on a date! My daughter must be kept safe! You cannot go and spoil her precious mind!" Tamaki exclaimed. All the while hugging Haruhi hard and swinging her around some.

Haruhi struggled against Tamaki trying to get away from him. Mori saw this, and doing what he normally does, he walked over and rescued her from Tamaki's grasp, then he put her down on her feet. Tamaki tried to run back to Haruhi again but found himself running into Mori's hand.

While Tamaki was struggling with Mori the twins walked over towards Kyoya so that were both behind him with a head on each shoulder. They then said "So Kyoya, we see the real truth here, you just want her for yourself don't you? Hikaru why do you think he has to bribe her into going out with him? I don't know Kaoru, maybe it's because he can't get a girl on his own?"

"That's enough." Kyoya said quite firmly, pushing the twins away from him with such force that they fell onto the floor. Kyoya then turned towards Haruhi and said "So, Haruhi, what is your decision?"

Haruhi raised her finger to her mouth as she thought for a moment. Then she asked "What are they serving for dinner?"

All the boys in the room except for Kyoya and Mori felt their jaws drop. Hikaru and Kaoru, who had been starting to stand back up, immediately plunked down on the floor again. Could she really be thinking of going out with Kyoya!

Kyoya responded to Haruhi's question with "They'll be serving a wide variety of seafood, including fancy tuna."

Haruhi smiled and tilted her head to the side as she said "Sure, then I'll go with you Kyoya, what time will you be picking me up?"

As Haruhi responded in the affirmative Tamaki fainted and Kyoya grinned and whispered "Interesting."

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