My very first femslash story for one of my favourite Twilight pairings and as per order it is not a sweet fluffy little thing like my earlier oneshot.

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Alice stole away from the Cullen house under cover of the falling darkness silent as a wraith. She was both thankful and relieved that Jasper had taken Edward hunting in preparation for Valentines night, it made her deception of both so much easier. It took the pixie-like vampire less than five minutes to cross the town and as she straddled the sill of Bella Swan's bedroom window she mused that, for the first time she could remember her head and heart were most definitely not in agreement.

Her head screamed that what she was doing was wrong and cruel, that her brother and her husband deserved better than this. But her heart whispered that she deserved better, that she deserved to be happy. Always one to listen to her heart, she slipped inside.

The room smelled distinctly of fresh flowers and werewolf. Jacob had dropped by. Alice smiled softly when she caught sight of the deep blue flowers in the vase beside the human's bed. Blue roses. Symbolic of a forbidden love. The boy didn't know how right he was. "Alice?" Bella herself wandered into the room and a wider smile broke across the vampire's face.

"Hey." The human's body collided with her own as she was pulled into a tight embrace. Warmth seeped into her icy skin and she could feel Bella grinning into her neck.

"I didn't think you'd show."
"I promised didn't I?" Moving one hand from around Bella's waist Alice pulled a box from her jacket pocket. "Happy Valentines."
"I told you not-"
"Do I ever listen to you?" The human sighed and took the box. "Relax Isabella, I made it with my own fair hands." Alice watched a Cheshire grin pull at the human's rosy lips. Inside the box was an intricately carved stone wolf with what looked like green glass for eyes. Alice knew, however, that they were tiny emeralds.

"It's beautiful Alice." The vampire grinned and placed a soft kiss at the corner of Bella's mouth, drawing a red blush.

"So are you." The blush made Bella's scent almost tangible, Alice swallowed the bitter venom that had begun to flood her mouth and stood on the tips on of her toes to plant another kiss on the tip of the taller girl's nose. "You've got the admirers to prove it Bell." Her grin threatened to split her face in two when she registered the three Valentines cards that sat beside the roses. Two were pink, the other powder blue.

"Jake, Mike and Tyler." Bella shrugged and then her brown eyes dropped to the floor with a sad gleam. "And Edward." Alice's smile faltered.

"And me." She whispered quietly the smiled again. "You're a very popular girl Isabella Swan. I may have to steal you away so I can keep you to myself." Bella looked up in time to see the glint in Alice's molten gold eyes and was no longer sure whether the girl was joking or not.

"I'm not sure Charlie would approve of that." She chuckled.

"Cute." Bella quirked an eyebrow. "You and the fact that you think Charlie would be the worst of our…" Alice trailed off and her eyes clouded over, turning them a dull gold. She swore under her breath as her eyes cleared; Edward was coming. With speed only a vampire could possess she kissed Bella hard on the mouth, stepping back before the human could respond for fear that she wouldn't be able to stop before her brother arrived.

"Edward's coming here, isn't he?" Bella's lips were beginning to bruise and Alice cursed her haste as she nodded. "Stay." She forced herself not to look into those brown eyes, knowing that the second she did she would be unable to refuse Bella anything.

"I can't Bella, he'd be able to smell me in here."
"Not if you hide in my closet, my scent would cover yours." Alice blinked at the sheer deviousness of the plan that had fallen from the seemingly innocent Bella's lips. "He'd be able to hear my thoughts." The human leaned in to whisper against Alice's lips.
"Then don't think." The vampire jerked away and on a whim darted into the closet, surrounding herself with Bella's clothes and consequently her scent.

"This is so cliché." She muttered darkly causing Bella to giggle. Alice could see the human through the slats in the closet door and she watched her placed the stone wolf beside the blue roses and go to the window in wait for Edward.

She didn't have to wait long; Edward swung gracefully through the window only seconds later. As if he'd been waiting for Alice to hide. Alice sincerely hoped not whilst trying desperately not to think too loud.
"Good evening love." Edward's voice drifted to Alice's ears and in he instant before his lips touched Bella's she realised exactly how bad an idea this was. It was going to be pure torture watching them together and knowing she could nothing about it. She closed her eyes tightly as Edward kissed Bella again.

"Hi." Bella sounded short of breath so Alice covered her ears too and somehow not hearing and not seeing was worse. It left her imagination to work on what could be happening out her hiding place and her imagination was definitely not a good place for Alice to be. Slowly she uncovered her ears. "Jake bought them over earlier." Bella sounded happy; she must be talking about the roses.

"They're pretty." Edward offered and it was clear from his voice that he didn't want to give Jacob the compliment but he did it anyway. "It was nice of him."

"It was wasn't it?" Determining that it was safe to do so Alice slowly opened her eyes. She took one look outside and closed them again, wishing against everything she could think of that what she'd seen was a lie. Edward was not down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. He just wasn't.
"Isabella Swan, will you…" Alice plastered her hands over her ears to block him out, refusing to listen to him and fearing the answer. She stayed there unmoving for more than an hour. She didn't even think about moving until she felt the cool night air on her face. Bella had opened the closet. Alice removed her hands and opened her eyes. The human smiled almost guiltily and golden eyes dropped of their own accord to her left hand and the silver ring that glinted there.
Alice felt sick.

"Congratulations." She placed a chaste kiss on the Bella's cheek and flew from the room with all the speed she had. Once she reached the forest she fell to her knees and screamed.

Edward and Bella were getting married.

She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. The screen read 'Bella' and she hung up.

Bella was marrying Edward.

Her phone vibrated again and this time it was Jasper. She hung up on him too.
She was married to Jasper and Bella was Edward's fiancé.

Alice got to her feet with a raw throat, still feeling ill and sped towards her house intent on falling for Jasper all over again to get over Bella but still hating that she was marrying Edward all the same.

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