One last chapter...I do hate tying up endings and it probably shows but bear with me :)

Alice stepped out of her canary yellow car and, taking in the cool evening air, straightened her jacket. She had a soccer game to help her team win before prom and that brought a smile to her lips; only Forks High could manage to double book so brilliantly. She took a deep unnecessary breath and finally strode up the driveway to the Swan house. Charlie opened the door before she could knock with a wide smile. "You look fine Alice." He chuckled, he didn't know a thing about her and Bella but the statement still made her think he suspected. She giggled.
"Not so bad yourself Chief." Charlie blushed; he was still wearing his uniform minus the gun belt. Bella appeared on the stairs before her could answer, wearing a long, deep blue dress, pale white bandages on her hands and a smirk on her lips. Alice herself had healed quickly but there was still a jagged chip in her jaw from the very first fight with Edward. She didn't think that was ever going to heal but she didn't mind; it served as a reminder of her brother and what some people would do for love.

"Alice. Stop flirting with my Dad would you?" Alice crossed her arms across her chest and held back a laugh at the crimson that was slowly creeping up Charlie's neck.

"But I love your Dad." She grinned and Bella rolled her eyes, moving to stand at the foot of the stairs beside her vampire. Charlie's blush deepened until it started to border on purple. Bella stood on tiptoe to plant a kiss on her father's cheek before taking hold of Alice's hand, taking care not to jar the deep cuts she had inflicted upon herself.

"I think he's a little old for you, now come on." Alice let the human drag her out of the house with a goofy grin on her face as she watched Charlie close the door behind them, still looking like a slightly stunned tomato. She giggled, stooping gracefully to pluck a daisy from the ground. In one smooth movement Alice placed the tiny flower behind Bella's ear. Loyal love, purity and patience, Bella in a nutshell she smiled to herself and opened the passenger door for the human before racing around to the driver's side and slipping into the seat. "Why the daisy?" Alice shrugged, still smiling.

"No reason." She turned the key and they sped through the town at speeds only a Cullen could manage on such narrow roads. "I thought it'd look pretty but you're overshadowing it."

"Overshadowing what?" Bella frowned as they pulled into the school grounds. It was amazing how little time it took Alice to get to the school when it took Bella at least twice the time in her truck.

"The prettiness of the flower." The human's frown only deepened as Alice flitted to her door and held out a hand. She took it and Alice lead her to the pitch. "Next to you it doesn't seem as pretty." Bella blushed but Alice didn't see, she ran her thumb over the human's warm knuckles. "Are you ok?"
"Fine. Are you?" Alice stopped at the edge of the field.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Bella smiled softly, releasing Alice's hand to run a finger along her cold jaw line, caressing the break in the porcelain.

"You seem a little scrambled. Like you're rushing. It's weird." Alice smiled leaning in slightly to rest her forehead against Bella's.

"Just nervous I guess. Forks hasn't won the tournament in a fair few years and these Atlanta kids are supposed to be really good." Bella chuckled brushing her lips across the vampire's gently.

"I bet they don't have an amazing goalkeeper though." She winked, Alice giggled.

"Thanks Bell. I needed that."

"Hey stop distracting my keeper; I need her at the top of her game today." A voice called and the girls flew apart, Bella blushing furiously. Jet wandered over with a wide grin and sparkling viridian eyes. "Relax guys, I've got no problems bar the fact that Bella here is distracting you. Come on Cullen, in position." Alice snapped into a salute and laced her fingers with Bella's as they followed the boy to the pitch.


The team from Atlanta were fast and strong Alice learned within the first few minutes. After half an hour they had made a good dozen attempts on her goal, all of which she had saved with little trouble. Except for the last. The last shot of the first half span out of her hands and into the back of the goal much to the pleasure of the team from Atlanta. The whistle blew and her team was called to Coach Lawson. "You didn't play badly. But you didn't play to your best either..." Alice could see Bella over the coach's shoulder; she was talking to Jasper on the bleachers, Alice's jacket draped around her shoulders. "Cullen. Stop daydreaming." The coach looked amused.

"Sorry." She smiled sheepishly and Jet nudged her, a knowing gleam in his eyes.

"As long as you keep your game up I don't care Cullen. Now get back out there." The teams jogged back out onto the pitch to applause and cheers from both sides.

Alice could pick out each and every voice in the crowd and was surprised to hear Jacob. She cast a glance to the bleachers and sure enough he was sat behind Bella, wearing a smart black suit. She smiled.

The applause increased in volume when after a few minutes Jet managed to score a goal; Alice clearly saw her friend fake a left and kick the ball right, straight past the other team's goalkeeper. That time she joined in with the cheers.

After Forks High's first goal the game passed quickly and soon the referee was blowing his whistle calling the game to a close.

The final score was three-two to Forks. Every student on the bleachers screamed and flooded the pitch. Alice was swept along with the rush, laughing with them and trying to catch sight of Bella but only catching a flash of brown hair and intoxicating scent as Jet pulled her from the throng and towards the changing rooms. "Thought you'd need a hand." He smiled, releasing her arm. "You're cold are ok?"
"Sure Bell's got my jacket so yeah. Little chilly." She grinned; his euphoria was infectious. "You were good out there but stop being a gentleman and go get changed. Emily will be waiting." He chuckled at his friend and ducked into the changing room. The whole team had left their clothes for the prom inside to change into after the match. "I'll see you in there Cullen ok?"
"Sure sure." She rapped on the door in goodbye before rounding the corner to the girl's locker room and ducking into the showers.


By the time Alice wandered into the gym wearing a sleek black dress that reached to her knees, the prom was in full swing. The hall was full of students dancing with each other to the deafening music and just outside she could see several couples slow dancing in the moonlight. She allowed herself a smile before moving into the crowd intent on finding Bella. She slipped past Emmett and Rosalie who all but owned a section of their dance-floor with the bear-like boy swinging his wife around with unnatural grace.

It didn't take her long to catch Bella's scent; even mixed with hundreds of others it hadn't lost its potency. The human was sat in a corner laughing with Jacob. Silently she strode over and took a seat on the arm of Bella's chair. "Alice." A smile spread across the human's face. "You made it."
"I said I would didn't I?" Bella nodded and with a smirk Alice noticed that she was still wearing Alice's jacket. "Then you should know better than to bet against me by now sweetheart." Jacob chuckled and stood to move. "Where do you think you're going?"
"Um…home?" He tried but Alice caught him by the sleeve and dragged him back. "Or not."
"Stay Jake. No one cares if you're across the border and besides we haven't seen you for a while without someone nearly dying." She cast a glance to the blushing Bella but when she looked back to Jacob there was another beside him. Toby.
"Hello Alice." He smiled down at her and she felt Bella take her hand, almost possessively. A grin pulled at her lips.

"Hey Toby." His deep blue eyes dipped to their joined hands and flashed lighter blue. Alice saw it but she was sure she was mistaken; human's eyes did not change colour in an instant nor change back just as quickly.
"You were brilliant again today." His lips quirked into a smirk. "For a girl." He winked. Bella's thumb was drawing slow patterns on the back of her hand and Alice had to fight to concentrate. She knew her eyes must have darkened considerably; it was her natural reaction to Bella's touch, she just hoped Toby couldn't see it. He would be sure to call her on it.

"Bells? May I have this dance?" Jacob held out a hand to Bella and Alice thanked him with a smile as the human took it and let him lead her onto the dance floor.

"I never had a chance did I?" Toby muttered watching Alice's treacle coloured eyes follow Bella's movements.

"No. I don't think you did."" Alice smiled; Jacob had lured Bella directly into the centre of the hall and was leading her in a complicated dance that he was obviously inventing on the spot.

"What is it with your family and that girl?" His voice sounded slightly bitter but Alice didn't mention it. "I mean first your brother and now you."
"I don't know Toby. Maybe it's in the blood." She licked her lips to hide her smirk.

"Yes. Maybe it is." A slower song began to float from the speakers and Bella came darting from the dance floor to hold out her hand to Alice.

"I saved you the last dance." She smiled nervously until Alice grinned and took her hand. Alice waved goodbye to Toby and let Bella lead her outside where it was less crowded and out of sight. "What was that about?" The human murmured as they began their swaying dance. Alice swallowed heavily; the warm hand on her hip didn't help her concentration at all.

"Sorry what was that?" Bella chuckled to herself as she span Alice around.

"Am I distracting you?" Her breath played across Alice's face and the vampire's fluttered close while she tried to control her impulses.

"Bella you're a permanent distraction to me." She whispered, moving to drape her arms around the taller girl's neck. "It's rather unhealthy actually." A devilish glint was born in Bella's dark eyes. She ducked out of Alice's embrace and stepped backwards. Alice blinked.

"If I'm such an unhealthy distraction I should leave. Get Jake to keep me out of your sight for a while." Alice took hold of Bella's arm and pulled the human flush against her body. Bella blushed at the contact.

"Did I ever say I didn't like unhealthy distractions?" The vampire murmured against the human's lips. Bella shook her head slowly locking impossibly dark brown eyes with almost black ones. "Good. Because I love them." Alice closed the gap between the quickly, nipping at Bella's lip. "I love you."

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