The Hitter

Eliot Spencer is in a local bar unwinding after a long day at work. He spots a dark haired woman with a beautiful body sitting alone at the bar. He checks her out to himself and decides to take a chance by approaching her. She couldn't possibly be taken. The way her jeans fit the curves of her body and the way her blouse had the top couple buttons undone said she was looking for male attention. At least, he hoped she wanted male attention. She was too beautiful to like women and this was a straight bar mostly. The occasional same sex couple would walk in, but it was mostly a place to pick up straight men and straight women who were single. She had an athletic body. He could tell she worked out and took really good care of herself.

Woman: "A Jack and Coke on the rocks, please."

Bar tender: "Sure thing, miss."

He gets her drink and Eliot half smiles to himself. Now this was a real woman after his heart. Real women could handle drinking whiskey. That meant she was one of those tough women. She could probably kick his ass if she was in a bad mood. But, there had been an air of friendliness to her voice when she spoke. She even smiled when she thanked the bar tender for the drink. She was in no mood to kick anyone's ass right now. She was blowing off steam and unwinding after a long day just like he was. He'd take his chances now. He walked over to where she was sitting and stood next to the stool next to her.

Eliot: "Excuse me, is this stool taken?"

She turned that beautiful smile on to him and gestured for him to take it. He sits and she does her own once over checking him out. She decides she likes what she sees and turns to face him. She was impressed with his looks just as much as he was with hers.

Woman: "It is now. I'm Joanne."

Eliot: "I'm Eliot, nice to meet you."

She holds out her hand for him to shake and he lingers for a few brief seconds after squeezing it politely.

Joanne: "So, what is a good looking man like you, doing in a dive bar like this?"

Eliot: "I live 15 minutes from here. It's a quick walk from where I live."

Joanne: "That's a good enough reason for me."

Eliot orders a Jack on the rocks and the bar tender brings it over to him.

Eliot: "Next round is on me."

Joanne: "A gentlemen who drinks Jack. I think we have just crossed over into friend territory."

She taps her glass against his and Eliot gives her a smirked smile. Eliot has no idea there is a group of men on the outside of the bar photographing everything Joanne is doing and documenting it. They're taking note of everyone she talks to including him. The men blend in with the crowd passing by the corner dive bar except for the occasional glimpse of a camera coming out of a pocket and the "click" sound of pictures being stored. Joanne has no idea these men are looking at her either.

See, Joanne has a colorful past that would make any sane man question her sanity. Joanne is a hitter and has been hired to do a lot of jobs for a lot of different organizations. Her last job was for an Irish mobster in Upper New York City. Joanne has made more grown men cry home to their moms then anyone could count. Eliot would be proud of her little secret, but she never tells about her life story. That's the way she liked it. She's in control of everything and he only knows what she allows him to know and vise versa. Right now, she was in control of drinking with her hot bar partner who seemed to be very much mutually attracted to her. Besides, if he asked what she did for a living what was she supposed to say. She couldn't very well just tell him she was a hired hitter. He wouldn't understand what that meant unless he was doing the same job. Besides, most men got intimidated and ran away when they found out she wasn't little miss Damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor.

Joanne: "So, what else do you do, Mr. Jack on the rocks?"

Eliot: "I'm in the security business."

Joanne: "Security business, eh. You don't strike me as a rent-a-cop. As a matter of fact, you look like the type who's given the cops a run for their money many times."

Eliot: "Oh yeah. I've defiantly given the cops a run for their money. Never been caught either."

Joanne: "Really. You're just that good at what you do that you can out run the cops."

Eliot: "Not only can I out run them, but I've done my share of taken them down."

Joanne: "You some sort of Hitter or something?"

Eliot raises an eye brow at the mention of being a Hitter. Only someone who did the work for a living would casually throw that term around off of the top of their heads. That meant she must know him from somewhere. He'd made a lot of enemies all over the world. It would be just his luck that she was one of them. This evening was looking promising and now his choice of beautiful women may be a dangerous blast from his past coming back to collect a debt. But, he didn't recognize her. Her face wasn't familiar at all.

Elliot: "Or something. Why are you so curious about what I do for a living?"

Joanne: "Making conversation. It's nothing personal."

No. No sort of recognition flashing in her eyes or anything. It really was just a random question to make bar talk. Either that or she was a good liar. Even a good liar would have their walls down after a couple Jack and Cokes.

Elliot: "So, what do you do?"

Joanne: "I'm in the security business also. I'm mostly into big businesses but, small businesses and Internet businesses are good. Let's just say I take what is rightfully mine and give back what rightfully belongs to the little people."

Elliot: "A modern day female Robin Hood."

Joanne: "Yeah. Only it takes more then bows and arrows to take me down. I'm a bit of a fighter when I'm being confronted."

Elliot: "I like my women feisty."

Joanne: "I'm sure you do."

Mutual flirting was a good sign. No, she defiantly wasn't an enemy or on a mission to take him down. That was a relief. It was rare that he actually got a day to himself where he wasn't working or on his guard. After a few more drinks, they were laughing and smiling and he felt himself growing closer to her.

Joanne: "What do you say to getting out of here and going somewhere a little more private?"

She ran her hand threw his hair and kissed his neck to make her point clearly known.

Eliot: "Let's go."

Joanne takes him to her car. Before they get inside the car, she starts kissing him in the parking lot. Things start to get hot and heavy as she unlocked the car and Eliot got inside. He wasn't sure he was going to last the 15 minutes it took to get to his place from here, but she seemed to be in control so he had to play her game if he was going to get anywhere quickly with her.

They pull up in front of Eliot's apartment complex. Joanne parks the car and the two of them get out heavily into kissing and groping each other all the way to the door. Joanne never noticed the black car that was following them to Eliot's apartment. The same guys that were taking pictures outside the bar was now watching the two of them go inside the apartment complex with great interest. The head guy driving looked very pleased with himself. He was sure he discovered Joanne's hide out and now she was cornered with no where else to go. He didn't count on Eliot knowing exactly who he was and who he worked for.

Eliot didn't waist any time with Joanne. They made it inside his front door before he picked her up around his waist and kicked the door shut behind him. He puts her up against the wall as they are both eagerly removing each other's clothes and throwing them all over the apartment in random spots. She removes the elastic band from around his wrist and pulls his hair back out of the way as he goes to town kissing and biting her neck. They move from the wall to the counter top of the island in the middle of what would be the kitchen area in the middle of the apartment.

Joanne: "Take me right here."

She pulls him down on top of her and round one continues. They finish and he takes her into his bedroom and round two starts. The next morning, Eliot wakes up and sees Joanne still sleeping soundly next to him in the bed. He lightly kisses her on the forehead before removing himself from the bed and searching around on the floor for his shorts he had on. Not being successful in finding them he walks over to the dresser and gets another pair out. He smiles to himself as he sees the virtual stream of clothes tossed all over the floor of the apartment and picks them up. He folds her stuff and sets it on the chair in his room next to her. He cleans the counter remembering what happened and goes to work making breakfast.

Meanwhile, out on the street, the men that are watching are putting together a plan to bust into Eliot's apartment and kill Joanne. She knew too much to stay alive. She was a liability to the gang and they couldn't have her out there on her own. She could take down the whole organization if left alone and not taken care of.

Joanne comes out of Eliot's bedroom buttoning up one of his flannel shirts and wearing her boy shorts.

Joanne: "Man, some night last night."

Eliot: "Yeah. I put your clothes on the chair in my room for you."

Joanne: "I know. I found them. I just liked this shirt so much on you last night I thought I'd try it on."

She stands like she is modeling for him and he smiles, suddenly something outside catches Eliot's eye and he makes a dive instinctively to cover Joanne. A few gun shots pop off and they both take cover behind the couch.

Joanne: "Bloody cowards. They can't even fight face to face. They have to shoot threw windows."

Eliot: "What the hell is going on? Why are there men shooting up my place?"

Joanne: "I'll explain later if we get out of here alive."

Eliot: "I'll get you out of here alive."

The men with the guns stop shooting and more men break through the front door.

Eliot: "You've got to be kidding me."

Joanne puts her hand on his arm as he gets up to do what he does best.

Joanne: "Be careful. These are dangerous men."

Eliot: "I know who they are, Joanne. Just stay down and let me do the work."

He gets up from behind the couch and confronts the first man.

Eliot: "Hey, I don't appreciate you guys just busting in my front door and shooting up the place."

Man: "Give us the girl and we'll leave."

Eliot: "That's not going to happen."

He starts beating the man up and two more men try to jump in. He takes all of them on and beats them down. Joanne, meanwhile, has gotten up and has now come to join the fight. The remaining guys go to take her and she beats them down just as fast as they are coming at her. Eliot is watching her impressed. He recognizes her moves.

Eliot: "Can you explain to me what the hell just happened?"

Joanne: "Well, my day job of security retrieval just got a little more interesting."

Eliot: "We need to get out of here. There could be more goons hiding around waiting for us."

Joanne: "Well, I think you're going to need some pants and a shirt then."

She tosses him a pair of pants and a shirt. He laughs as he puts them on.