The look on his face said it all. He wanted her to trust him and his crew. He wasn't the type to hand over his trust to anyone either. He sounded like he was dead sure that Nate and the crew had her back as well as his own. Even without hearing the plan, it felt right to answer that next call with them present. She didn't have to wait long for the next call. She gave Nate the "Here goes everything" look and answered the phone.

Layla: "Yeah. It's me."

Frank: "Where's the drive?"

Layla: "I have it."

Frank: "Why wasn't it delivered to me? Your job was to retrieve that drive and deliver it to me. I'm still waiting. I don't like to wait for things that are mine. Is there a problem?"

Layla: "I'll say there's a problem. The situation was compromised. I wasn't comfortable giving the drive to Charlie. Some goones started shooting."

Frank: "Well, since you have a problem with Charlie. You can deliver it to me personally. I trust there won't be a problem with that."

Layla: "I have no problems with you, Frank. I have a problem with being shot at. I don't respond to wild threats and attacks. Especially when you attack me in front of innocent people. I never agreed to let people shoot at me. I don't like guns."

Frank: "We do what we have to do to protect ourselves. You understand what it's like. You've been doing jobs for me for awhile now. I've never had any reason to kill you. Don't give me one now."

Layla: "You never needed an excuse. Where do you want to meet?"

Frank: "Dock 10 in an hour. Bring the drive and don't be late. I won't ask next time."

He hangs up.

Layla: "We meet at Dock 10 in an hour. He wants the drive."

Hardison hands her the drive. Layla looks at him like "Why would you give this back?" and the realizes he probably duplicated the information somewhere so they could take Frank down.

Layla: "I'm going to pretend you never copied this to get back at Frank later. I want to nail that son of a bitch to the wall."

Hardison winks and smiles at her.

Hardison: "This one is fiesty. Keep a hold of her, Eliot."

Eliot: "I'm going to this meeting with you. I don't want anyone getting any ideas and trying to kill you before you arrive."

Layla: "I'm capable of handling myself. You don't have to play bodyguard and baby sitter for me. I can handle Frank."

Eliot: "I didn't say you couldn't handle Frank. I said I'm coming with you."

Layla: "I bet you wish you were handling a small business now."

Eliot: "This is my business. It's what I do."

An hour goes by and the team takes their positions. Hardison gives Layla an ear bud so they can all communicate with her.

Layla: "Are you sure this is going to work?"

Hardison: "There is no way for them to know you have that ear bud unless they have them also. We're going to be here on the other side the whole time."

Layla: "All right. I'm at the location now."

Layla and Eliot are looking around surveying the area and everything that surrounds it. Both making a plan of attack and maping out escape points.

Layla: "Nice. There aren't even any cameras over here on this dock or any other security measures."

Eliot: "This doesn't feel right."

Layla: "Well, it's too late to go back now."

Four black SUV's pull up and about 20 guys get out with Frank.

Frank: "Hello Layla. I've been expecting you."

Layla: "Hello boys. I wasn't expecting you to bring your goones with you too."

Frank: "One can never be too careful. You brought your own protection I see."

He eyes Eliot who is mentally counting all the guards around him and taking in the weapons they have on them.

Layla: "I'm only one girl. I don't need 20 guys to protect me. I retrieve. I don't hire to kill."

Frank: "Oh I can prove otherwise. This is just a simple exchange of goods. Nobody has to get hurt. Unless of couse what I want isn't here. Then I'm going to assume you sold me out to your cop friends and this goes ugly really quick."

Layla: "Well, since it's a simple exchange, then why don't you tell me who was trying to shoot up my place last night?"

Frank: "Is that what your offering? The drive for the information on the hit. Do you really think I am that stupid that I'm just going to hand over some incriminating information to you. You've already compramised my trust."

Layla: "You are that stupid. You tried to have me killed before you even got the full report on the situation. That's a stupid move. Not to mention your paranoid. Paranoia is never a good thing. Do you have a reason for the cops to be staking out your businesses right now? Is that why you keep accusing me of being one of them?"

Frank: "I accuse you of being one of them because only a cop would keep that drive out of my hands. Only a cop would try to stop my plans to save their city. A cop would be worried about taking down my business and not about saving their own ass."

Layla: "Frank, you just proved to me that you don't know a damn thing about me or my job. I don't give a good god Damn what you do to this city. If you have some plan to take over Boston and over throw the world, that's your business. That doesn't involve me. I'm not the one who is going around talking about cops and getting busted. The last thing I need to to is go down because my boss got paranoid. I'll just tell Mike about this little conversation we're having. I'm sure he'll be really curious to know how you got so paranoid."

Frank: "I'm not in the business of making friends. Mr. Spencer here will tell you that. Damien sends his regards."

Eliot: "Your in business with Mauro."

Frank: "Yes. Mauro seems to think there's a whole team of rats crawling around this dock trying to get information on this deal to take us down. He also informed me that you and he were good friends for a long time."

Layla: "This is all very interesting. I'm glad we could have a family reunion here. Did you two want some time to hug it out? Are we dealing or playing games because I don't play games."

Frank: "I find it incredibly entertaining that you would take my drive and go straight for Mauro's hit man. He can't get you anywhere."

Eliot: "If you know so much about my job, then you know it's never a good idea to piss me off."

Frank: "You ask so many questions. Not once did you even stop to think what was going to happen to you or what my crew was going to do with yours. You're too wrapped up in protecting Layla and watching her back. It never occurred to you that we'd go after your team first. We're on to you, Spencer."

Layla: "Am I boring you with this?"

She pulls the drive out of her pocket.

Layla: "It's obviously not as important to you as I thought."

Frank: "I'm cleaning up the lose ends. I get the drive from you. I kill his crew and then I kill you. We're in the clear."

Layla: "There are no lose ends. Your paranoia is growing. You really should switch to decaff or something. You know I could drop each and every one of you right here right now before you had a chance to even say the word "boo"."

Frank: "You could. But, I know you don't use guns and we do. There's no way out of this unless you can fight back evenly with guns."

Layla: "I wouldn't be so sure about that Frank. You'd be amazed at what an old fashion ass kicking can accomplish."

Frank: "Yes. In this case, both of your deaths."

Eliot: "I wouldn't underestimate the situation."

Frank: "I'll be taking my drive back now. You two can figure out the petty little survival details without me."

Layla glances at Eliot like "Now what?" He nods at her.

Layla: "Seriously? You still think this little ambush is necessary. I haven't done anything to deserve your mistrust."

Frank: "And I'm not in this business to make friends."

He grabs the drive from her.

Frank: "It really has been a pleasure. I'm going to miss dealing with you. Your defenatly one of the more beautiful hitters I've dealt with."

Layla: "Do you really think I'm going to make it that easy for you?"

She grabs a hold of his arm before he can pull away from her and kicks the drive out of his hand. It goes sailing in the air and shatters on the ground.

Frank: "You're going to pay for that."

Layla: "So are you."

She starts fighting with him. The men seemed to be waiting for some kind of signal. Eliot jumps into action disarming the gaurds before they can start shooting. It's just enough time for them to be scattered about the wearhouse by the time the police show up to arrest Frank. By then, Layla and the team are long gone and no sign of them anywhere. The shattered drive on the ground being a decoy and the actual incriminating evidence sitting conveinently in Frank's pocket.

Meanwhile, back at Leverage headquarters.

Layla: "Thank you guys so much for helping me back there. That was totally flawless. How the hell do you all manage to get away with that?"

Nathan: "It's easy when your helping the good guys."

Layla: "You really are a mastermind. I've never seen such an organized team."

Eliot: "We have mutual trust. Everyone knows what's going on and when we don't, it's for a good reason."

Nathan: "And it helps when we take a break from each other in between jobs."

Layla: "I owe you all huge for this."

Eliot: "The best pay back you can provide is getting yourself established in your new life."

Hardison hands her an envalope.

Hardison: "Everything you need is in there. ID, credit cards, driver's license, social security cards. They're all legit. You are officially a new person that nobody knows. Including us."

Layla: "Well, you know my new identity. You created it."

Hardison: "I don't know anything. You can't prove anything."

He gives her a serious face and she starts laughing.

Layla: "I think I'm actually going to miss you. You grow on a lady."

Hardison: "I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you."

Eliot: "Well, fungus grows on you too."

Hardison: "See? That was uncalled for. I didn't say anything to you."

Eliot kind of bumps Hardison with his elbow to show he's joking without breaking their usual banter. Layla hugs the girls and gives the guys kisses on the cheek and hugs. She walks out the door and Nathan shuts the door behind her. Another satisfied customer left to lead a long and healthy life.

The end