Duelling For Supremacy: A Yugioh GX/Pokémon XOver

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Chapter 1: Duels of Light and Darkness

Last Time on Yugioh GX:

Ash, Dawn and Brock received an unusual visit from Mewtwo claiming that darkness was rising in the form of immense power: only by harnessing powers given to them by the Pokémon and DM Legends would the trio be able to combat the darkness and aid a very familiar Slifer: Jaden Yuki!

Jaden, meanwhile, was starting his second year when Ash and the others (accompanied by Piplup, Croagunk and Pikachu) travelled to the island: Ash impressing the Slifer with a win over Chancellor Crowler. After his duel, however, Ash remained in the Slifer Dorm whilst Brock and Dawn earned the right to be promoted to Obelisk Blue: at the same time, all three discovered their duel spirit allies:

Ash – Destream

Brock – Shaymin

Dawn – Darkrai

After a chaotic battle, which involved the Seal of Orichalcos, Jaden was challenged to a duel by Aster Phoenix whilst the Chosen (alias the Guardian of Will – Ash, Maiden of Dreams – Dawn and Master of Life – Brock) were challenged by Destream, Darkrai and Shaymin to three duels that would upgrade their decks and powers.

At the same time, the ORIGINAL Chosen (May, Max and Mokuba – from "Between my Brother and Me) were told of the Chosen by Atem and Kura, Maty being made upset by discovering the trio had allied themselves with the newly crowned Supreme King of Darkness: believing them to be consumed by darkness, May went on a one-woman conquest to see the Darkness defeated: especially when she found that Ash was the controller of Timaeus, Hermos and Critias.

After losing to Aster, Jaden did a disappearing act and Ash and co were challenged by Nightshroud: after the duel, Ash was sent to the Spirit World where Atem and Kura (Duel Spirit versions of the Pharaoh and Thief Lord) challenged Ash and Jaden to a TAG team shadow game.

The duel was surrendered by Atem and revealed to be a test of Jaden's control over the King's powers: and at the same time, Ash figured out that May, Max and Mokuba were the original Chosen.

Back at DA, the mysterious Society of Light was in full swing with the conversion of the last person any of the Chosen would face: ONE OF THEIR OWN: Brock was turned to the Light and apparently holds a secret known only to Max – who duelled Brock in a Light version of the Spirit World.

When Ash and Jaden returned to Duel Academy, Ash unleashed a whole new series of cards to battle Shadow, a dark version of May sent by the Goddess of Joy to stop Ash and his friends.

After that duel, Jaden began to have doubts about his power whilst Ash feared what would happen next: this resulted in a clash of the Titans with Ash and his Evo-Force Deck taking on Jaden and his Supreme Heroes Deck.

In the midst of the duel, Jaden seemed to hold back until he heard the voice of Haou speaking to him, claiming that he would never hold anything against Jaden and that the powers of the SKOD were Jaden's to command.

In what wound up as one of the best duels of DA's history, Jaden and Ash had a Jaden vs. Zane conclusion with the duel finishing in a draw; however, the Guardian of Will and Supreme King of Darkness now have to work together to take on Brock and another new member of the Society of Light: DAWN!

However, unknown to them (for now) Ash and Jaden have one clue: May, Max and Mokuba found out that the secret to this battle lies within the familiar surroundings of Domino City:

What will happen now that Ash and Jaden have overcome their personal demons and can they rescue Dawn and Brock as well as defeat the Society of Light?



Duel Academy; Jaden and Ash's Dorm Room:

Five days had passed since the seemingly unforgettable duel between Ash and Jaden and, after learning of Dawn's fate to the Society of Light, the Guardian of Will had to admit that he felt lost: now that the original Chosen Quartet had become just the two of them, as well as May's warning about Ash's allegiance with Jaden and Darkness, the Guardian felt like he had no hope left in the world.

His Evo-Force deck had saved him against Jaden, but the powers of his Pokémon Legends – Lucario, Destream, Latios, Latias, Mewdios and Entei – were all that Ash had to fall back on: he knew that Brock had his own legends – Shaymin, Celebi, Lugia, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos – and that Dawn had her team as well – Darkrai, DIalga and Palkia – but against this new attitude of his former friends, the former Frontier Champion and Pokémon Champion just felt one thing: alone.

Jaden, on the other hand, had his own legend – Arceus – as well as the power of his Evil and Elemental Heroes, not to mention Yubel and yet, Ash wondered if that power would be enough.

Looking to what remained of his decks – his Evo-Force Deck (containing Lucario) and his Legends of the Ocean Deck (containing Latios and Latias – Ash began to worry about his power: without the other members of the Chosen, the power of the Guardian of Will was at its weakest, which meant Ash couldn't recover the power of Entei and his allies, nor could he recover the Legendary Knights.

/Maybe,/ thought the Guardian, /I should just give in to this Sartorius: re-unite my power with that of my friends./

(Yes,) hissed a cold voice in his ear, (You know the truth Guardian; that is exactly what you should do: just surrender.)

Ash looked up with shock: he hadn't been imagining that voice, but where was it coming from? Grabbing his Ocean Deck, the Guardian looked round and asked in a fierce voice, "Who's there?"

(Your inner heart,) explained the voice, before there was a flash of white light and Ash stared in shock at the figure before him.

He was dressed in a whitened version of the armour that Ash changed into as the Guardian of Will: his helm seemed to cover his face before Ash noticed the figure raise a face-plate, exposing clear, bright green eyes, which shone with silver sparks: a duel disk similar to the one owned by the Guardian of Will was strapped to this white stranger's arm and, as Ash watched, he saw the strange smile and look at him.

"Hello there…me!" laughed the figure, "I challenge you to a duel! If you lose then you must see the Light and embrace our power; but if I lose then I will give back your precious Legendary Knights!"

"You have them?" asked Ash, "How did you get them?"

"Your friends gave Master Sartorius our power and created me to bring you back to them: admit your weakness Ash Ketchum!"

"I'll never be weak!" Ash thundered, changing into his own silver Guardian's Armour, "But I hope you're ready to lose, because I'm sending you back to Sartorius in pieces!"

"Maybe,"grinned the White Ash, "But now is not the time to duel: believe me Ash Ketchum, your time is coming and when it does, you will bask in the power of the Light."

Then, as Ash watched, his whiter self vanished, leaving the silver-clad Guardian to wonder what had just happened: the one thing he knew however, thanks – ironically – to his other half was that he would never give into his doubts and fears.

/No,/ thought Ash, his armoured hand becoming a fist as he filled his thoughts with determination:

/I will never again be weak: Sartorius will never win and I will rescue my friends./

"I," he spoke out loud, his armour receding into the spirit within him, "Ash Ketchum, Guardian Of Will, shall never give up in this battle against the Society of Light and there's not a power in this world that will change my mind."

He had no idea how wrong he was…


Forest Area, Academy Island:

Jaden looked out over the lake as he tried to concentrate on what had happened in the past week: he had been given full control over the King's powers and now he had a deck of new cards, no, strike that, he had two decks of new cards: his own "Supreme Heroes" deck and the King's "Darkness Reigns Supreme" Deck: a deck filled with Evil Heroes that was as dark as he was.

(Still don't trust me Jaden?) asked a familiar distorted voice: looking to his left, Jaden saw Haou appear in spirit form, his face and body covered by the black armour of the Supreme King, whereas Jaden was dressed in his Slifer attire.

"It's actually hard to trust someone who used to reign over the forces of darkness Haou," admitted Jaden, his back against a tree, "I know that the world is counting on me to work with Ash, but it's you that I'm worried about: you allowed me to control your power in my duel against Ash, but that power is still yours."

Haou seemed unnerved as he listened to Jaden's words: it was true that through his help, Jaden had been able to tap into the King's power, but it had been Haou's and not Jaden's.

/There has to be something I can do for him,/ thought the King as he watched Jaden rub the bridge of his nose before looking to his deck.

Following Jaden's gaze, Haou's gold eyes widened with realisation as he asked, (Jaden, tell me, do you still have that pendant given to you by the Gravekeeper's Chief?)

"Never get rid of it," replied Jaden, revealing the pendant from under his shirt before he asked, "Why?"

(Well,) Haou told him, (How about I prove to you that the power of the King resides in both of us: and I can prove that with a duel against you. If you win, I'll put my power into that pendant and leave my power to you: it will almost be the same as the Pharaoh back in his day: remember what I told you about that?)

"I remember," Jaden replied, "You said that Atem and Kura were sealed inside the Millennium Items where their powers allowed them to take over the keepers of the items: Yugi Moto and Ryo Bakura. So, what you're saying is that, if I win, you'll do the same?"

(Yes,) Haou replied.

"But what if I lose?"

Haou was stunned at the question, but, nevertheless, asked in response, (Well, what do you suggest?)

"How about…" Jaden gave a shiver before he suggested, "If I lose the duel then my body is your vessel and host as long as you wish: you can use me for whatever dark needs you may have: in short, I win then I control you; I lose and it's the opposite, deal?"

(Deal!) Haou replied, before he seemed to concentrate on the shadows and, as Jaden watched, he saw the spirit of the Supreme King become flesh and blood before his eyes.

Picking up his duel disk, Jaden slid his deck into the holder and faced his opponent, "Then you'd better get your game on Haou!"

"My game is always on Jaden, but you had better watch out: I may respect you, but now, we're opponents!"

Jaden = 4000

Haou = 4000

Drawing his first hand, Jaden looked to Haou before he announced, "I'll go first and I'll start off big: I summon Elemental Hero Neos Alius (ATK 1900 DEF 1300) and next, I throw down two face downs and end my turn!"

As the kid-version of Neos rose onto the field, Jaden actually felt comfortable in this duel: sure, he was facing his darkness, but this was a duel he was determined to win, no matter what it took: all year, even with Ash, he had been looking for a challenge and now here it was.

Drawing his card, Haou looked to it before he announced, "I summon an old ally of yours Jaden, I summon Evil Hero Shadow Gardna (ATK 700 DEF 2000) in defence mode and throw down a face down: that ends my turn!"

As the red and black monster rose onto the field, Jaden smiled to himself as he remembered using this Evil Hero in his duel with Ash; but now, to help control the powers of his deck, he had divided light from darkness.

Evil Hero Shadow Gardna: ATK 700 DEF 2000/4Star/DARK/FIEND: When you have the same number of monsters on your field as your opponent, you can discard this card to the graveyard to end the current Battle Phase: as long as this card is in the graveyard, any Battle Damage you take is halved.

/Could that be why I feel so weak?/ he thought as he drew his own card, before looking to Shadow Gardna, /Okay; last time I used my head, it almost cost me the duel, but this time, I'm facing someone who knows my moves almost as well as I do, so time for a plan. Shadow Gardna will halve any Battle Damage if he's sent to the graveyard, plus there's Haou's face down card to take into account. This had better work…/

"For my move," he announced, "I activate the field spell Skyscraper!"

Haou watched with pride as the field around them changed into the cityscape that Jaden had always used for most of his duels before he looked to Jaden and gave a nod: here was the real Jaden Yuki, but just because he'd finally found the courage didn't mean the Supreme King was just going to roll over and let him win.

"Now," explained Jaden, "Whenever I battle with an Elemental Hero, well, then that hero gains 1000 attack points as long as his attack points are lower than the stats of my opponent. So next, I summon my Elemental Hero Heat (ATK 1600 DEF 1200) and, thanks to his Special Ability, he gains 200 attack points for every Elemental Hero in play; so, with two heroes, Heat gains 400 points."

Heat was a white skinned hero that was covered with red and gold armour all over his body and across his head; when he looked to Shadow Gardna, a strange fiery aura covered the field before his attack points rose to 2000.

"So now," Jaden continued, "Elemental Hero Neos Alius, attack Shadow Gardna with Solaris Smackdown!"

Neos Alius' attack power increased by 1000 before he leapt into the air, his hands glowing with gold energy as he sliced through Shadow Gardna, the dark hero being sent to the graveyard: at the same time, however, a dark aura seemed to cover Haou and, as Jaden looked past the aftermath of the attack, he saw Gardna's spirit almost shielding the King.

"So your Gardn'a shielding you Haou," Jaden shook his head as he spoke, "My Elemental Hero Heat will still deal damage, so go Heat, attack Haou directly with Fist of the Phoenix!"

The fiery aura that had enveloped the field now seemed to gather around Heat as he raised his hand, a fiery apparition appearing in his palm before, with a thrust of his right hand, Elemental Hero Heat unleashed a fiery attack that seemed to take the shape of a phoenix, the attack being weakened by Gardna's barrier, but affecting Haou nonetheless.

Jaden = 4000

Haou = 3000

"And now," added Jaden, "I throw down another face down and end my turn: come on Haou, I mean, coming from the Supreme King of Darkness, this duel is almost too easy!"

"Is that so?" asked Haou, drawing his card, "Did it never occur to you Jaden that I was luring you into my trap? I know every Elemental Hero that you do and I prepared for a powerful one like Heat…with this!"

He revealed a Trap Card showing an Elemental Hero being punished by bolts of black lightning, a red aura now covering Heat as Haou grinned coldly – not that Jaden could see it thanks to the armour.

"What is that supposed to be?" asked Jaden.

"My Dark Mutation Trap Card," explained Haou, "Now, by sending one card to my graveyard – Dark Armoury – I can Special Summon one Evil Hero who is the opposite of one Elemental Hero; so, thanks for summoning Heat as it allows me to summon Evil Hero Flashfire (ATK 1800 DEF 1100) and next, I activate the spell card Double Summon!"

Dark Mutation: TRAP/NORMAL: Activate when your opponent has two or more Elemental Heroes in play: Special Summon up to two Evil Heroes from your deck of the same attributes.

Evil Hero Flashfire: ATK 1800 DEF 1100/4Star/FIRE/WARRIOR: During either player's Standby Phase, inflict 200 points of damage for every Elemental Hero and Evil Hero in play.

Flashfire was a crimson-armoured warrior with the same white skin as Heat, but this hero also came with a pair of fiery, phoenix-like wings that seemed to radiate an almost dehydrating heat over the field.

"Now," continued Haou, "Thanks to Double Summon, I get to summon another monster this turn, so say hello to another Evil Hero: I summon Evil Hero Infernal Gainer (ATK 1600 DEF 0) and now, with another face down, my turn is over."

A crimson skinned hero rose onto the field and seemed to take his place by Flashfire: this hero seemed to remind Jaden of Elemental Hero Necroshade, except without the armour and a more demonised appearance in his eyes and body. This hero also had a set of spikes protruding from his back as well as black armour covering his hands, shoulders and legs.

Jaden gulped as he looked to the two dark heroes: he had never actually suspected that the Evil Heroes were this powerful, "My draw!" He announced, but not before a strong wave of pain coursed through him.

Jaden = 3200

Haou = 3000

"Why did I lose life points?" asked Jaden, noticing the change on his LP meter.

"My Flashfire's Special Ability," explained Haou, "As long as he is on the field, you lose 200 Life Points for every Elemental and Evil Hero in play: so play your cards carefully Jaden as the next move could be your last!"

"You seem to think," Jaden grunted, standing again from the aftershock, "That I'm just another opponent Haou: well, you'd be wrong and my two heroes will prove it. First, I activate my face down cards: H – Heated Heart, E – Emergency Call and R – Righteous Justice!"

Haou's hidden smile widened as he saw the three cards rise onto the field: these were three cards that Jaden had used and, once he activated the final part of the combo, Haou knew he would be in trouble.

"Now," explained Jaden, "My Heated Heart allows me to raise one Hero's attack strength by 500 points for this turn, so I choose my Elemental Hero Heat (ATK 2500 DEF 1200) to gain the bonus. Next, Emergency Call allows me to add one Hero to my hand, so I choose my Elemental Hero Lady Heat (ATK 1300 DEF 1000) and finally, Righteous Justice allows me to destroy one spell or trap card on your field for each Elemental Hero in play: so, with two heroes in play, your face down card is destroyed!"

Haou watched with a grim smile as his face down was destroyed before he looked to Jaden and asked, "And let me guess Jaden: you're now going to summon Lady Heat?"

"You're right there," Jaden nodded, "So I summon Elemental Hero Lady Heat in attack mode!"

A female monster rose onto the field at his command: she was dressed in a female version of the same red and gold armour worn by her male counterpart, but Haou noticed that, unlike Heat, Lady Heat's attack remained at 1300.

"And now," Jaden continued, "My Heat's attack power increases by another 200, which makes him strong enough to do this: Elemental Hero Heat, attack Evil Hero Infernal Gainer with Fist of the Phoenix!"

The fiery attack surged towards Haou, Jaden noticing Gardn'a spirit defending the king as his monster was destroyed, before Heat's attack still dealt damage.

Jaden = 3200

Haou = 2450

"And now, Elemental Hero Neos Alius, attack Evil Hero Flashfire with Solaris Smackdown!"

The second attack destroyed the dark hero, but Haou still seemed calm and content, despite the fact that his monsters were rapidly leaving the field.

Jaden = 3200

Haou = 2400

"And finally," Jaden finished, "My Elemental Hero Lady Heat attacks you directly: go Lady Heat, attack with Force of the Phoenix!"

Lady Heat's body began to glow before she swept her arms forwards, a phoenix illusion similar to Heat's filling the field as the attack struck down Haou's life points, Shadow Gardna's spirit still defending the King.

Jaden = 3200

Haou = 1750

"And now, I throw down a face down and call it a turn."

"Allowing my Trap to activate," laughed Haou, "And its special ability could only be activated when it was sent to the graveyard, so thank you Jaden: I activate the Trap Card Nightmare Resurrection!"

Haou's graveyard began to glow before the image of a Trap Card appeared on the field: this trap showed what looked like an image of the Supreme King of Darkness commanding an army of darkness, his dark magic almost digging into the hearts.

"And," continued Haou, "Thanks to my Nightmare Resurrection card, all monsters destroyed in battle return to the field and then, during my next Standby Phase, you lose life points equal to the battle damage I received."

Jaden gasped in shock as he watched Flashfire and Infernal Gainer return to the field, both of the dark heroes holding a glare that could have beaten that of Kaiba.

"And what luck," added the King, "It's my turn and now Jaden, you lose life points equal to the Battle Damage I received, so let's count up, shall we: first, I lose 550 life points in Heat's battle with Gainer; then I lost 50 life points in Alius' battle with Flashfire and finally I lost 650 life points in the battle with Lady Heat, so that makes 1250 life points that you lose!"

Nightmare Resurrection: TRAP/COUNTER: This card can be activated when it's destroyed as a result of a spell or trap effect: during your opponent's End Phase, Special Summon any monsters destroyed in battle. During your next Standby Phase, inflict damage to your opponent's life points equal to the Battle Damage received before activating this card.

Jaden = 1950

Haou = 1750

"And," continued Haou, "As things weren't bad enough for you Jaden, guess what? My Flashfire's effect activates because it's my Standby Phase, which means you lose 200 points for each Elemental and Evil Hero and I count 5, which makes 1000 points of damage!"

Jaden cried out in pain as he felt his life points affected by the evil hero's effect: with the depletion of his life points, Jaden stumbled before his legs failed him, forcing him to his knees.

Jaden = 950

Haou = 1750

/I can't do it,/ thought Jaden, holding on to his hand, /Haou now has the means to summon a powerful monster to the field and I have less than a thousand life points: he was right, I was doubting myself: not to mention fooling myself if I thought I could defeat my own darkness./

(No, you weren't,) a friendly voice replied: Jaden gasped when he realised that he could hear Haou, (Jaden, it takes guts to stand up to your darkness: you have the means to become a great duellist and I want to see that duellist rise up. What I said earlier, I meant no harm; I only wanted to help and, if it is what you want of me, I vow never to go against your wishes again.)

"How can I believe you?" asked Jaden, his hands shaking as he listened to the King.

(Yubel,) Haou replied, (She and your friends have urged you to trust in the power of the Supreme King, remember? With that power, we can win: trust in that power now Jaden, don't think about me or my move. After all, the Supreme King is a title and power and both belong to you; me, I'm just the spirit of the King: now stand up Jaden Yuki; stand up, Supreme King!)

Jaden slowly dragged himself to his feet before he looked over at Haou, his hazel eyes now a deep shade of gold as he asked, "So you think you can still win Haou? You may be my darkness, but that is one thing I will never allow to control me: I am the true Supreme King and you are nothing more than a shadow of that power, now make your move!"

"As you wish Jaden," Haou replied, his face-plate hiding the smile on his face: Yubel had always been right about Jaden and now Haou had seen it for himself.

Looking to his hand, Haou explained, "I activate the spell card Dark Fusion and, with this card, I fuse Elemental Hero Bubbleman with Elemental Heroes Sparkman and Avian to summon Evil Hero Cyclonus (ATK 2800 DEF 2500) and now Jaden, let's see if you can brace this storm!"

Jaden watched with a gold-eyed glare as the three heroes vanished into a vortex of darkness before a new hero rose onto the field: at first glance, Jaden thought he was looking at Elemental Hero Tempest, but, when he looked closer, Jaden was actually impressed at what he saw.

This new hero had the same armoured body as Tempest, save for a deeper shade of blue covering the body as well as engraved bolts of crimson lightning along the arms and legs. His face was concealed by a black mask, which extended on to a pair of emerald green and black leathery wings. Instead of the blaster that usually covered Tempest's arm, this hero had only a quiver of arrows over his back and, when Jaden saw Cyclonus land, he saw a red and black twisted crossbow rise until it settled over his right arm.

"Now he's cool," Jaden smiled, "And I'm guessing he has some kind of special ability?"

"You'd be right," Haou replied, "Once per turn, my Cyclonus allows me to activate a spell card that I have already used: so, I activate Dark Fusion once again and now, I fuse Evil Hero Flashfire with Evil Hero Infernal Gainer to summon the all-powerful Evil Hero Magmorteus (ATK 3000 DEF 2950) the dark sovereign of fire!"

Evil Hero Cyclonus: ATK 2800 DEF 2500/8Star/WIND/WARRIOR: Elemental Hero Avian – Elemental Hero Bubbleman – Elemental Hero Sparkman: This card can only be summoned by the effect of Dark Fusion; You must also discard the required Fusion Material Monsters from your hand or field to the graveyard. Once per turn, select one spell card in the graveyard and activate it: when this card is destroyed as a result of battle, reduce all battle damage to zero.

Evil Hero Magmorteus: ATK 3000 DEF 2950/9Star/FIRE/FIEND: Evil Hero Infernal Gainer – 1 FIRE Attribute Monster: This card can be summoned by the effect of Dark Fusion or Super Polymerisation. When this card destroys a non-FIRE Attribute Monster, inflict an additional 500 points of damage to your opponent. When this card is destroyed, Special Summon the Fire Fusion Material Monster from your graveyard.

Jaden could only watch again as Gainer and Flashfire vanished in another vortex of darkness before a monster as dark as night rose onto the field: this creature bore a resemblance to Evil Hero Dark Gaia as he held the same red-veined wings and demonic visage: his body looked as if it was made from molten ash as well as bearing two clawed hands and a pair of deep crimson eyes that seemed to bore into Jaden's gold eyes.

"This duel is over Jaden," Haou announced, "And it starts with my Magmorteus: attack Elemental Hero Heat with Vesuvian Nightmare!"

A red and black ball of fire built up above the dark hero as he stared at Heat with a look of true hatred, before Magmorteus threw the attack forward, the ball of fire incinerating Heat and dealing a heavy blow to Jaden's life points.

Jaden = 150

Haou = 1750

"You put up a good show Jaden," Haou told him, the hidden smile now being shown as one of pride, "But this duel is over and the power you hold is now mine to command: Evil Hero Cyclonus, attack Elemental Hero Neos Alius with Cyclone Crossfire!"

The flurry of arrows were loaded into the crossbow before Haou snapped his fingers, watching as the crossbow launched the arrows in a tornado of steel and wind energy, the attack enveloping Jaden's body: however, as he listened, Haou was stunned to hear no scream or no explosion.

When the smoke cleared, he did indeed see that Jaden's life points were reduced to zero, but the golden-eyed Slifer also held a smile of success and realisation as he clicked his disk off, before pointing to Haou's disk.

Looking, the King gasped when he saw the final result:

Jaden = 150

Haou = 0

"How?" asked the King, watching as Jaden approached him, before he pulled out a card from his ST Zone: the card was a trap that depicted what appeared to be Avian standing in the way of another hero being destroyed.

"I see," Haou smiled, "You used the Trap Card Elemental Sacrifice? With that card, when an Elemental Hero is destroyed, any following attacks are negated and I lose life points equal to the attack power of the destroyed monster."

"That's right," Jaden smiled, "And since Heat was 2200 when he was destroyed, you lose 2200 life points: a duel isn't over until the last card is played and I still had cards left to play."

Elemental Sacrifice: TRAP/COUNTER: Activate when an Elemental Hero is destroyed as a result of battle: negate any attacks after the activation of this card and deal damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monster's attack points: any spell card bonuses equipped to the destroyed monster remain in effect until the end of the turn that this card is activated.

"Well then," Haou smiled, "A deal's a deal: give me the medallion."

Jaden held out the item that he had won from the Chief, before he watched as Haou pressed his hand against it, the item glowing with a dull golden light before Jaden felt power flooding through his body. As this power coursed through his veins, Jaden watched as Haou lifted his face-plate, revealing a gold-eyed Jaden Yuki, who gave the Supreme King a wink and whispered, "See you soon, partner!"

Jaden nodded in agreement as the medallion's glow faded away, his hand clasping the item as he looked out over the lake, noticing several students camped on the other side.

/Thank you Haou,/ Jaden thought, before he chuckled to himself and added:

/Ironically, you made me see the Light, but not the Light that I will help to defeat: you helped me see the Light within me and I, Jaden Yuki, Supreme King of Darkness, do swear to rescue the Chosen and battle with my friend, the Guardian of Will, to defeat the Light and all its followers./

"I promise…"

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