Duelling For Supremacy: Chapter 20: Dark Revelations

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Normal Speech;


Original Cards

(Spirit Speak)

"The Dark Spirits speaking"

"What do we do?" asked Max.

"We go and find Ash," May decided.

"And whoever screamed," Jaden nodded.

"We rescue him," Mokuba agreed.

"Defeat the darkness," Zane piped up.

"And save the world." Yubel finished.

Jaden then stopped and held out his armoured hand before he recited, "I, Jaden Yuki, Supreme King of Darkness…"

May and the others joined him, "I, May, Goddess of Joy…"

"I, Max, Prince of Wisdom…"

"I, Mokuba Kaiba, Defender of the King…"

"I, Zane Truesdale, Cyber-Master of Light and Shadows…"

"And I, Yubel, Dragon Maiden of Dreams and Nightmares…"

"Shall stand together," Jaden began.

"As friends," May added.

"Brothers in arms," Mokuba nodded.

"TO THE END!" They chorused in unison, before another mocking voice filled their ears.

"Awww, don't I get to join in?"

They all turned as one and saw Ash, dressed in his Emperor's Armour, leaning against a tree, his eyes as green as emeralds as he spoke, "No? oh well then, have you met my newest member of the dark?"

With a snap of his fingers, Ash smiled as Shadow, Shade and Solus all appeared, before they were joined by a fourth member who stepped out of the darkness, his long brown hair and fierce red eyes making Jaden's blood run colder than ever.

"Hello again, Jaden!" laughed Nightshroud.


Domino City: Docks

At long last, the final day of the DC trip came around and, for the students, a lot had changed in such a short space of time: as the majority of the students waited for the boat that would take them back to the island, Jaden, Zane and Yubel were with May, Max, Mokuba and Seto Kaiba as they all looked at one another.

"So for now," sighed Jaden, "This is goodbye, but I have this feeling we'll all meet again."

"At the start I would never have said this," May smiled, "But I certainly hope so Jaden and please, help to save Ash, won't you?"

"Of course," Zane answered, "And then we'll take care of Shade, Shadow and Solus; they took our friend and now we have to work to get them back!"

"Not to mention Atticus," added Jaden, before he then looked to Kaiba as he added, "And what about you Mr Kaiba? The destiny of the Chosen doesn't really concern you anymore: May and I are allies and we'll be seeing each other again, so what will you do?"

"Whatever I have to in order to save the world," Kaiba explained, "I will do what I can to help save your other friends Jaden, but, when you do save Ash, give him a message for me."

Jaden shrugged, before he wished he hadn't as Kaiba stepped forwards and smacked the Supreme King hard on the face, Yubel shaking her head as Jaden asked, "What was that for?"

"Frightening May," Kaiba explained, "Not to mention bringing that cursed seal back to our world."

"Come on Jay!" called Syrus from the boat, "Crowler says we'll leave in a few minutes!"

"Coming Sy," called Jaden, before he turned and asked, "Was that it?"

"What about them?" asked Mokuba, looking to where the White students were gathering on their own boat, "What about Dawn and Brock?"

"We'll do what we can to set them free," Yubel promised, "But Ash is our main priority: he is, as the Goddess told him, the sole power of the trio, as she is yours; Ash is the Chosen One of the Spirit Realm and, if he gets to that world, then we may be unable to stop him."

May suddenly handed Zane a letter, which she stepped back and added, "If you need our help; just let us know: another chance to help Ash; another chance to beat him is like gold."

"Just make sure Shade, Shadow and Solus don't get to him," Kaiba added, "Because Ash is powerful enough; now that he has them on his side, it's only a matter of time before the Heart is Ash's source."

The DA Chosen nodded before they climbed on board the boat and, turning to their friends, Jaden waved and gave May his 'that's game' pose as he called, "Until next time!"

May nodded before she reached under her coat and tossed something to Jaden; catching it in one hand, Jaden looked at the item and smiled with understanding:

The Terracotta Medal, now complete, was in his hand with a message: If you can't get to him, give him this: your friend and ally: the Goddess of Joy.

Jaden clutched the medal, aware of Haou nearby as he nodded and thought to himself, /May, we'll get Ash back; then we'll save the world from the Society: the next time you see us, the Chosen Ones will be complete…I promise!/


Nearby: Sacred Tomb:

However, as the boat sailed away, neither party were aware of Chaos Regent Aliastro watching from a hidden rooftop; spreading his wings, the regent flew down and through the darkness until he reached a certain rotund room where his master, the Midnight Emperor, was waiting.

(My Master,) he bowed, folding his wings, (It is as you said; the Goddess of Joy still has faith.)

"And the others?" asked Shade, emerging from the darkness next to his Master.

(They believe in your Light,) explained Aliastro, before he looked up and asked, (My Lord, might I ask about my fellow regents?)

"You may," hissed Ash, his own draconian wings fanning outwards as he explained, "Rael and Valaeon are being converted by the power of Orichalcos and the Heart's power inside me. You were wise to side with me immediately Aliastro, which is why I did not change your form."

(I am your humble servant my Emperor,) bowed Aliastro.

Ash raised his faceplate, exposing his emerald green eyes and pale face, before he spoke once again, "And what of our targets? With Shade, Shadow, Shroud and Solus, I have 5, but I need 7 if I am to claim the Ultimate Power."

(Zane Truesdale is still loyal to his calling,) explained Aliastro, (However, my Lord, if you were to divide his Light from his Darkness, you would have your sixth warrior.)

"And what of our final targets?" asked Ash, "What of those whose darkness we seek?"

(Regrettably,) Aliastro explained, (I have been unable to get close to Daemon and there is no sign of Lilith or the true Darkness, but the others are ripe for the picking, my Lord; once the darkness has fused with the power of the island, their darker selves will bow at your feet.)

Ash didn't say a word; instead, he rose and left the room – the Abandoned Dorm – as he made his way to his chamber, where Shadow was waiting for him. When she saw him with his wings out, Shadow smiled and kissed her love on the lips, allowing Ash to hold and carress her before he parted from her lips and spoke once more, "My Dark Empress; I have a favour to ask of you."

"Of course my love," Shadow replied, "What is it that my Emperor wishes of me?"


Obelisk WHITE Dormitory: Brock's Room

The White Master fell on his bed with a tired expression in his eyes; it had been a long week's trip to Domino City and then, when Master Sartorius had learned of the failures of the Light Brigade, he had charged Brock, Dawn, Chazz and Alexis with the task of becoming the Joint-Number One Teams in the upcoming GX Tag Team Tournament.

However, the White Master knew that, in that tournament, he would have to face his former ally, Ash Ketchum and, if what Master Sartorius had said was true, then Ash was no longer a mere weakling of a duellist. Instead, his dark soul was now the greatest threat to the Society's plan to spread the Light across the world.

"Aw," sighed a musical voice, "Isn't your allegiance so lovely Master of Light?"

Brock leapt from his bed and turned to see a girl dressed in slick, streamlined black and midnight blue armour, a chaotic-looking duel disk over her left arm as she leaned against the wall of his room.

"Who are you?" asked Brock, "How did one of darkness come to the wonder of the…"

"Oh, save it Brock," laughed the girl, before she added, "My name is Shadow and I have a message from my love; the Kaiser of Chaos and Midnight Emperor."

At the last word, Brock froze and then stepped forwards, kneeling before Shadow as he asked, "What does my Emperor ask of me?"

Shadow smiled as she recalled Ash's instructions:


Ash didn't say a word; instead, he rose and left the room – the Abandoned Dorm – as he made his way to his chamber, where Shadow was waiting for him. When she saw him with his wings out, Shadow smiled and kissed her love on the lips, allowing Ash to hold and carress her before he parted from her lips and spoke once more, "My Dark Empress; I have a favour to ask of you."

"Of course my love," Shadow replied, "What is it that my Emperor wishes of me?"

"Unknown to me until just recently," explained Ash, "Solus was prepared for my acceptance of power: tell me Shadow? Did May ever talk about my duel against Demon?"

"She did," Shadow replied, "She talks about it like it's a poison, but I know Orichalcos and it is glorious!"

"Indeed it is," Ash smiled, "Well, when I turned to darkness, Solus told me about his advance plan: my old friend, Brock Stone, the Master of Light as he is now known, is actually my ace in the hole; Solus haunted his memories and made him turn to our cause; then, he took the form of Sky Shaymin and helped Brock see the Light. However, the darkness in him still exists and it is that power, known as Onyx that will soon serve me. I want you to go to the White Dorm and tell him this message…"

(End Flashback)

"So the time has come," Brock nodded, "When I was turned to the Light, Onyx came to me and said my power would be needed; very well Shadow, go back to my Master and tell him this: I am staying with the Light as his spy; Onyx will come to him when I need his assistance, but for now, I must play my part."

"Of course Brock," grinned Shadow, turning to walk back through the darkness as she added, "Oh, and by the way, my dark love thought you might say that, so he gave me this message as well: make sure you and Miss Rhodes team up together to face our Lord and myself."

"As Darkness commands," smiled Brock, "I obey; farewell, Lady Shadow."


Abandoned Dorm: Later that night:

"You did brilliantly Shadow," smiled Ash, sharing a passionate kiss with his Empress, "And I accept Brock's hidden allegiance to the Light; once Sartorius discovers him, it will be too late. The darkness that I have placed in him…this Onyx spirit as he is known, shall keep him hidden from Sartorius' visions and power. Also, what did he say about the Tournament?"

"He will do as you command, my love," answered Shadow, feeling her Emperor's cold lips against hers.

"Then all that remains," explained Ash, "Is to retrieve the darkness from within our new Cyber-Master of Life and I have the perfect way to do that: Shade!"

The darkness folded before the Dark Kaiba appeared and bowed to his Emperor; Shade was now dressed in a long black version of Kaiba's overcoat with a crimson version of the Blue Eyes White Dragon on the back of the coat; with deep black jeans and his chaos disk, Shade looked a lot more intimidating than he used to as Kaiba's doppelganger.

"My Emperor," he bowed, keeping his eyes low as he asked, "How may I serve you?"

"You are to take Shroud and target Zane Truesdale's little brother Syrus and Tyranno Hasselberry in a Tag Team Duel," Ash explained, before he held up his hand and summoned two cards to his hand; tossing them to Shade, Ash asked, "I suppose I don't need to tell you what to do with these?"

Shade took one look at the cards and, bowing once more, he replied, "As Darkness commands; I obey: when shall it be done, my lord?"

"Three days from now," explained Ash, "In the meantime, work on unifying your decks and make sure that, when you duel them, you make it hurt!"

When Shade left, Shadow rested her head on Ash's chest as she looked into his cold green eyes, "Have I ever told you how cold you are, my love?"

"Yes," smiled Ash, "But would you love me if I was any different?"

"Not any more than I do now," answered Shadow, before she positioned herself behind the Emperor and slowly began to soothe his tired body, making sure she helped to pleasure him by massaging the edges of his black dragon wings.

When she was done, Ash looked over his shoulder at his Black Dragon's Disk, before he smiled under his faceplate and thought to himself, /Soon, I will have the greatest power in all of Duel Monsters and then the world will once again know the power behind the Heart of Chaos!/


Slifer Red Dormitory:

Jaden, Zane and Yubel looked to one another as they tried not to think about the lack of their dark enemy on the boat back to Duel Academy; with Syrus and Hasselberry sleeping in another room, the Chosen had time to speak openly about their plans.

"What we have to find out," Yubel spoke up, "Is what Ash's first move is? Once we know that then we can work to defeat him."

"We also have to work around Sheppard's new tournament," explained Jaden, remembering the Chancellor's return from his business trip, Without Ash, we only have three, so one of us needs a new partner."

"You should do it Jaden," Zane advised him, "Yubel and I need the new powers of our familiars and besides, Aster's here, so it'll be the Ultimate Hero team!"

"Heh," laughed Jaden, "Good point Zane."

With their plan of action decided, Yubel then asked, "What about the former Life Master and Maiden of Dreams? Sartorius will not pair them up for fear of losing them both: and then there's Ash as well: now that he goes by his moniker of the Kaiser of Chaos and the Midnight Emperor, we don't need to guess who his partner is."

"Shadow," shuddered Jaden, remembering the last time that he had met her, "She's creepy."

"And she's Ash's right hand," Yubel put in, "She has powers like he does; cards like he does and the power of that seal: with those at his disposal, Ash will do whatever it takes to become all powerful."

"Wait a minute," Zane suddenly realised, speaking as if he'd been hit by a bolt of lightning, "Say that again Yubel."

"He'll do whatever it takes to become…all…powerful!"

"THE SACRED BEASTS!" they gasped in unison.

"It makes sense," Jaden nodded, "Those three are like dark versions of the Gods: with that power and the Heart of Chaos, he may be going to the spirit world sooner than we thought."

"What do we do?" asked Yubel, watching as Jaden, thinking about his own battle with the Beasts, changed into Haou's armour and spoke as the King.

"We take Ash head-on; Jaden has felt their power before, but if he has to duel them again, then who knows what will happen," he paused for a few seconds before he added, "If we are to do this, we have to stop seeing Ash as a friend; from now on, he is our enemy and our target: the Guardian of Will is gone; murdered by the Kaiser of Chaos; together, we're the only hope for this world…indeed all worlds."

"You're right Haou," Yubel nodded.

"If that's what it takes," sighed Zane, before he asked, "What do we do?"

"I don't know," admitted Jaden, resuming control, "But whatever we do, we have to do it soon."

"Maybe I can help!"

Jaden, Yubel and Zane looked up in shock as they saw the last person they would expect to be standing there; dressed in his grey suit and silver hair, the newcomer looked at them as Yubel asked, "How?"

"Make me the new Guardian of Will," answered Aster Phoenix.

Jaden: Can we do that? Make Aster one of us?

Aster: It's not like you have any other choice Jaden; you know as well as I that the Chosen need to stand together;

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Haou: Where one door closes, another one opens; can we save Ash and reunite the Chosen or will the world be doomed to darkness?

Ash: Oh, the suspense is killing me…kinda like how I'm going to kill the Light (evil laugh)

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