Chapter 1: Angel of Death

She was almost dead when he found her.

Bruised. Broken. Bleeding. Spread-eagled on her back, eyes closed, flaming hair fanned around her face, porcelain skin marred with black and purple.

And her shirt and long denim skirt stained crimson… with her blood.

He could smell it. The coppery sweetness filled his nostrils… teasing him… taunting him… burning the back of his throat and turning his eyes black with bloodlust. He hadn't fed for days. He was thirsty.

There were 3 men standing around her lifeless body. Thugs. Criminals. Lowlifes. He barely even noticed them as he started to advance towards her… his movements' fluid, graceful, predatory.

The men froze as he approached… faces uncertain as they took him in. His cold, black eyes… his pale, icy skin, his long blond hair tied back in a ponytail… his lean hard body encased in a long black trench-coat.

They seemed to be wondering whether he was a threat. Or whether he was planning on running their fun.

One of them attacked from the side… fist swinging towards the left side of his head. He grabbed it and twisted, breaking the man's arm without taking his eyes of the girl. A smirk came over his face as the man yelped in pain.

He let him go, letting him fall in a heap to the ground. The man looked at him with wide frightened eyes before leaping to his feet and scurrying back down the dark alley.

The other two men seemed to take the incapacitation of their comrade personally. One drew a knife form his sock while the other produced a gun… both men's eyes blazing with hostility. He laughed… the wild, crazy, menacing sound sending a shiver down their spine.

The men with the gun fired, eyes widening in fear as the bullet failed to do any damage at all.

He drew back his upper lip... exposing his teeth as he snarled, . The inhuman sound and gesture send shivers of fear down their spine. They knew he was something entirely unnatural.

They froze for a moment before dropping their weapons and fleeing the same way as their friend.

Finally he was alone with her… the dying woman… the tasty one… the one who's who blood was calling to him like a siren. He couldn't remember ever wanting someone's blood more. She smelled… mouthwatering.

He crouched down beside her and brushed copper stands of hair away from her face. He was startled to see how beautiful she was… even bruised and bloody. Her face was oval… with fine delicate features… and full, luscious lips.

And despite her doll like prettiness her features had a toughness, a hardness that hinted at inner strength… and a fiery personality.

She was the loveliest thing he had ever seen… and she was dying. He could feel her heart beats slowing… her pulse beating weakly in her exposed neck. There was nothing to stop him. Nothing to prevent him from slaking his first… draining her life away.

Every thing in him was telling him to bite her… but he hesitated.

Her eyelids fluttered… slowly opening to reveal bright green eyes. Even though the light in them was already fading… he saw them focus on him.

"Are you the angel of death?" she asked; voice so soft that even with his acute senses he could barely hear her. "Yes" he whispered gently.

A smile spread slowly over her lovely face and her eyes fluttered closed.

He could feel her slipping away and he could no longer resist the temptation of her blood

He struck like a cobra… again and again… the delicious taste of her blood filling his mouth. He couldn't believe how good it was. He had thought she has smelled mouthwatering… but compared to the actual taste…

And then the unthinkable happened. He stopped.

Though the taste of her blood was irresistible… and he was a predator… a hunter… he somehow couldn't bring himself to end her life… to close those green eyes forever. And yet… she was dying already.

Her only chance was the venom that was now coursing through her veins… changing her… making her less human … immortal… like him.

He froze for a moment… for the first time paralyzed with indecision. Kill her… or save her? End her life… or give her a new one?

Long moments passed in which he didn't move at all.

He slowly realized if he had been able to bring himself kill her she'd be dead already. Why had he stopped? What was so special about this woman?

He didn't know the answer to either of these questions… but he knew he could neither kill her… nor leave her there.

So James picked her up as if she weighed nothing at all… and carried her off into the night.