Chapter 3 - To Catch a Thief

Victoria revelled in the glorious feeling of speed and liquid movement as she followed James through the cool dark forest.

She found she was able to enjoy the sensation even though part of her mind was still reeling from the revelations of the past hour. And another part was occupied with the growing thirst that was savagely burning the back of her throat… threatening to overpower everything else.

Her first reaction on finding out that she was now a vampire had been fury. How dare he change her without her consent? Even though she had been dying… even though she would have chosen this over death… she still wished it had been her choice. For all he knew she might have prefered to die.

Victoria had been inches from attacking him when he told her what he'd done… and she could tell he'd been surprised when she didn't.

After the fury had come the excitement… the exhilaration. She had never felt more alive… more powerful… more graceful… more beautiful. She had barely been able to recognise herself in the mirror. Even when she was human she had turned heads… but the vampire venom had changed her lovely features till they were perfect. She had gone from merely beautiful… to dazzling.

However she couldn't help thinking she would look a lot better when she was clean… and had some new clothes. James had promised her they would get some new clothes as soon as they'd hunted. A wise decision. Even now the burning in her throat was testing the edges of her self-control. Allthough she couldn't wait to get ou of those clothes… hutning was clearly the priority. And though biting and killing humans would have bothered her when she was human… she was something new now. Something far surperior to a weak little human. They were prey… and she… she was the ultimate predator.

Her flaming waves of hair fanned out behind her as she ran… crimson eyes on the vampire in front of her. She had to admit… even from behind the veiw was excellent. Particularly from behind she thought with a glance at the jeans that clung to his perfect ass. She never seen anyone as close to perfection as him. Yes all vampires were unnaturally attractive (so they could get close to their prey James had told her) … but something told her this male… this James… was handsome even by vampiric standards.

Suddenly a scent hit her nostril so hard it distracted her completely from her lustful thoughts… hit her so hard it almost sent her reeling.

Blood. Human blood. There was someone nearby… more than one someone.

Both vampires slowed, sniffing the air… taking in the heady scent of their prey. It was near overwhelming to the newborn vampire to smell the blood running through these people's veins. The burning sensation increased, making a low growl escape her throat.

He put an arm in front of her and crept forward. She followed closely… anxious to get her teeth into one of these unsuspecting humans that smelled so good.

As they reached the shadows at the edge of the forest they could see a park… a young woman walking briskly along the path not far from them. Victoria saw in a second they weren't the only ones watching the woman. A stocky middle-aged in black man was creeping up behind the unsuspecting woman, keeping to the natural shadows in order to avoid being spotted.

A low hiss escaped Victoria's throat as she watched the man get closer and closer to his victim.

Suddenly the man broke into a run, sprinting past his victim and grabbing her purse as he ran. The woman let out a cry of shock and dismay as the man bolted for the cover of the forest.

In flash she was flying through the bush, instinctively picking the best place to ambush him.

He barely had time to cry out before she was upon him, tearing his skin with razor sharp teeth… enjoying the rich, salty, coppery, taste of blood. She was lost in it. It was a few moments before she realized the man was dead… and her mouth and clothing were smeared with his blood. But that didn't seem to matter compared to the relief at satiating that awful thirst.

She straightened up, feeling eyes on the back of her head. James was standing behind her, leaning against a tree… a grin curving his lips. She grinned back, pushing her flaming hair out of her face. "Not bad for your first time" he said satisfiedly. "He was easy" she said nonchalantly, only her eyes showing her pleasure at the complement.

Suddenly he was standing right in front of her… close enough for her smell his delicious scent… close enough to touch… if she was brave enough.

"You're a natural…" he said… his voice low and husky. She could see the heat in his eyes. Even blood-splattered and dirty he clearly found her desirable. And she wanted him… god did she want him. Just the thought of having him sent a shiver of anticipation up her spine.

She didn't know who moved first. One moment he was looking at her like a cat that has spotted a mouse… and the next he was jerking her to him… crushing her mouth with his… kissing her forcefuly… fiercely…possessively… moulding his body to hers…

It made her feel giddy… drunk to have his lips and hands on her. A far from unpleasant sensation… though it did feel strange to kiss someone she barely knew. Not something she usually did. But then again she'd never met anyone who affected her like this before.

Then as quickly as he'd started he stopped… leaving her feeling rather breathless… despite the fact she no longer needed air.

"Les get you out of those clothes" he said with a grin. "I'm driving" she said smugly, holding up the keys to the woman's convertible.