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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chapter Six -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Penelope woke up in the morning about 7 weeks after they'd traded places, she was home alone. An empty bed, a hungry dog, an unwelcomed alarm and work awaiting her. Except she woke up before the annoying alarm clock and bolted to the bedroom and brought up the microwave meal she'd barely stayed awake to eat the night before. Now she decided that microwavable food was so a no go.

She felt her stomach flip and she threw up again and she began to feel absolutely miserable but she had to get to work before she was late so between throwing up and regaining some composure she got herself ready.

Derek picked up his phone so that on the dot at 8 he'd ring his baby girl and see if she was up knowing that if she had her way their alarm clock would be shattered and in a million pieces on the floor. He didn't get an answer the first time and tried again.

"Heya handsome." Penelope said as cheery as she could muster at that moment.

"Baby girl what's wrong?" He worried instantly at hearing her off tone down the phone.

"I think I've got food poisoning." She told him miserably, the urge to cry that she was ill and alone taking over. "That or a stomach bug."

"Should you be going to work if you're ill?"

"Got no option hot stuff. I'll be fine." She feigned at him down the line. "Work calls. I'll be fine." She said and she felt her insides somersault. "Hold that thought." She said as she catapulted herself into the bathroom and let the phone drop to the tiled floor as she threw up. She grabbed her phone and wiped her mouth. "I'll call you back." She said and snapped her phone shut as a realisation hit her.

No period. Emotional. On off vomiting. Weird cravings. Tiredness. Tenderness. PREGNANT. Penelope felt the tears flow freely then as she stared at the wall in front of her. She wasn't ready to be a mom, heck she didn't even think she'd make a good mom. In a moment of no hesitation she grabbed her phone and called Derek back.

As soon as he answered she spoke. He didn't even get a greeting in there. "I might be pregnant." She said and broke down at the thought. She had a home, a house that was ready. A man that she loved but she was absolutely terrified.

Derek couldn't help but smile at that sentence. Even with Penelope crying he couldn't stop the feeling of joy rush through his veins. "Right baby if you're okay to go to work then go but on your way home I want you to get a pregnancy test or 10 and get them home." He heard her composing herself. "We know this case isn't gonna get solved unless we get something decent to work on so I want you to ring me, I'll heads Hotch up and then you're gonna keep me on the line. Got it?"

"Got it." Penelope sniffled. "Are we ready for this?"

"Born ready." Was all Derek told her and she believed him.

Penelope plodded through the day in literally the throes and motions. She didn't do anything extraordinary with her day; she just did what she needed to before being able to head home after a full day. She looked at the multiple pregnancy tests in front of her and pulled one out; looking at it she dropped it into the basket before a dozen more followed.

Now she stood in her bathroom and she looked at herself in the mirror, phone poised ready, tests all ready and she could feel the nerves. She jumped as it rang and she answered it.

"It feels wrong."

"What does?" Derek asked confused, she seemed resigned, distant.

"You're not here and I'm about to do the whole peeing on a stick." She said as she continued to stare. "You should be in the room with me, sitting on the floor waiting with me."

"I'm in the bathroom in the motel, on the floor. I know it's not perfect but baby you need to do this."

"Okay." She said and grabbed the first stick. When she was done she had them all lined up, a timer on and she sat down on the floor so she couldn't stare. "I blame you for this."

"Me?" Derek asked shocked and then dissolved into a chuckle. "We romp a lot sugar. Especially in those 4 days..."

"Honey, that weren't no romp session. That was some sexually driven escapade." She told him as she calmed and remembered, Derek wouldn't run, they wanted a family. If it was now, so be it. "Maybe being on top really does make it easier to get up the duff."

Derek laughed; he could hear that she was calming. "Or maybe it was my payback on your aching body." He teased her and she groaned in remembrance at him.

Derek was ready and waiting in their doorway that night, come one minute to midnight he stood in waiting as Penelope rushed the bathroom, coming out he wrapped his arms around her, and half pushed, half carried her to the bed, kissing her hungrily as he went. He pushed her down and then it happened too quick for Penelope to react.

"Oh no!" She said as she pulled at the cuff on her right arm, the one that was keeping her tied to the bed post. "Don't you dare Derek." She told him as he cuffed her hand and she heard a chime of a phone.

"Midnight!" Was all Derek said as he pulled her top down her body to get it off and then pulled her pyjama bottoms down with it. "Payback." He told her and kissed up her thigh, he felt her squirm, felt her quiver as his breath hit her clit and he knew he'd gotten her already when his tongue hit it.

"Oh God." Penelope said almost helplessly as she felt utterly powerless to his teasing, she began to ache for him, feeling the wetness begin she knew what she needed and she knew she wasn't going to be getting it anytime soon. Derek continued to have his way with her before he began to crawl up her body, leering over her sexily, kissing at her skin. He kissed her left boob before sucking the nipple, his hand remaining on her clit, teasing her, feeling her getting wet and ready. "You're a tease."

"That you love." He told her and began to kiss her and then pulled away without her being ready to finish. He sat back between her legs and he pulled them up and when he saw the access he needed he just thrust right in and hit her g-spot that he knew so well and Penelope whimpered his name before it began to strengthen in magnitude and need.

He looked at the bedside clock, this was record and he knew what to do before he wasted too much more time. Then as he thrust her again in quick succession her got what he wanted. "DEREK!" Rang through the bedroom.

"That's what I wanted to hear." He told her and began to get his entire revenge.

Penelope snapped out of her flashback by hearing Derek and a ringing. "P shut that alarm up." He told her coolly. "Just breathe baby and get up and look."

"Easier said than done." She muttered as she turned the alarm off and then readied herself. She got up and looked at each of the sticks, her eyes glazing with tears, her silence almost deafening. "When you coming home daddy?"

"Hell yeah!" Derek shouted and jumped up and ran out of the bathroom, Penelope heard the startled voice of Reid and the others came into hearing range. "I'm gonna be a dad!"

Penelope laughed and the tears flew down her cheeks as she smiled, that in itself told her that trading places had been the been the best thing her and Derek had ever done in their life.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chapter Six -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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