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March 17, 2006

Marina walked up to the fairly sized house. She rang the bell. A young girl about 9 years old opened the door. "Oh Hi Marina" the girl said. "Hi Ellie "Marina replied, "Can I come in?" Ellie nodded her head and let Marina in. "Shout's upstairs you can go up to his room" Marina nodded and headed upstairs to a room with too many memories, memories that still haunt." She stopped in front of a white door. Hesitating she knocked on the door. "Come in" his voice said muffled by the door. Marina turned the doorknob and walked in. Tom turned around from the computer desk and faced the door," Rina?" He asked using the nickname he had made for her, "What are you doing here?"

Marina sniffed then sat on the edge of the bed facing her boyfriend. Thomas' face turned serious. He rolled the chair over to her. They were knee to knee," What's wrong?" Marina suddenly burst out in tears. Shout sat next to her

"Everything is all wrong" she sobbed. Shout looked at her confuse. "What do you mean?"

Marina looked into his eyes, "I'm pregnant, Shout"