Familiar Changes


Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin are best friends, they have been since birth, and their friendship is one which everyone aspires to have in their lifetime. The only thing wrong with their friendship came in the form of two persons: Rubin Malfoy and Minette St. Cloud, their significant others. Will they be able to look beyond the disgruntled mumblings of their partners to save their friendship or will they have to make a choice, and if so which will they choose? Unfortunately for this pair that is not the only trial they must face on the road to adulthood.

Chapter 1

Victoire Weasley was on her way up from her Defense Against the Dark Arts class in the Dungeons. She despised that class with a passion. Her entire family, in-laws included, was extremely proficient at Defense Against the Dark Arts but she on the other hand was struggling just to get by. She couldn't wait for the year to be over; she saw no reason for her to even do the class in the first place. No major dark attempts have been made since the attempted wizard coup when she was in her first year, six years ago. A group of ambitious wizards had tried to over through the Ministry because they were dissatisfied with all the freedoms which were being given to 'non- Pure Bloods' but they had failed miserably and were now paying the price of a lifetime sentence at Azkaban. Besides, her Uncles Harry and Ron were adept enough at their jobs in the Auror Office for her to not have a care in the world where dark magic was concerned. Since their complete defeat of the coup no other wizard had had enough courage to go up against them and as a result the Wizarding World was experiencing the longest period of calm since the end of the Second Wizard War. What she didn't know however was that that calm would be jeopardized in the very near future and her knowledge of Defense Against the Dark Arts would not only be necessary but a matter of life and death.

Ugh. Muggle Studies. Really? Who does this class outside of the castle? Besides, with my 'adopted' family I didn't really need to learn about Muggles in a classroom when they were a walking Encyclopedia for Muggle History. Hermoine and Harry grew up in the Muggle World for crying out loud.

These were the frustrated thoughts of none other than Teddy Lupin as he left Professor Selecia Richmond's office, his teacher for Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. Just as he turned the corner he ran into his best friend Victoire rounding another corner.

"Victoire darling! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes…" he shouted to her, hoping she wouldn't hear the defeat in his voice but of course Victoire missed nothing when it came to Teddy.

"What's wrong Teddy?" she laughed in response to his eager greeting. She knew him well enough to know that when he called her 'Darling' he was upset about something. She wondered, only briefly, if he and Minette had had another argument. They had been doing that a lot lately, and it was always over the most trivial things. The last time it was about the fact that he didn't meet her at the library after her free period. 'If they kept that up,' she thought 'they wouldn't last till the end of the year.' She shook her head and stood to wait for him to catch up to her.

Teddy laughed knowing she had seen right through him again, and, just as he got to where she stood waiting for him, he responded "Oh it's nothing. Richmond's on my arse again is all. Says if I don't start bucking up he's gonna have to talk to McGonagall about me…like she'll do anything anyway." While he acted rather nonchalant about it inside he was sending silent prayers hoping it would not get to that because whatever McGonagall did to him would be nothing in comparison to what his Grandma would do.

"Lupin be serious! You know your Grandma, and Harry, won't be happy if you don't at least pass Muggle Studies. I mean, why the hell did you even choose it if you knew you didn't like it anyway?" She could not understand his desire to torture himself with a class he had no interest in, however, if she were to be honest with herself, that was exactly what she was doing with Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she was in no mood to be honest with herself.

"Vic, you know why…" and with that the topic was closed, neither wanted to remember.

Their family's history was one plagued with death and all in the name of equal rights for Muggles, Muggle borns and Wizards alike. In doing Muggle Studies Teddy felt as though he was paying homage to his parents and all the others who had died for the cause. For that he would suffer the next few months gladly, so that their death would not have been in vain. Losses during the First and Second Wizarding Wars were high. Harry had lost his parents just as Teddy had so many years later. So many others who were close to Harry and the Weasley family had died fighting against the aggressions of power hungry, supremist fanatics which left them and the generations to follow feeling a little battle wary and searching for a way to make amends.

They continued on to Potions in silence where they assumed their seats next to Rubin Malfoy and Minette St. Cloud. Rubin was Draco Malfoy's son and had been dating Victoire, a Weasley for nearly two years and not once, in all that time has he mentioned this fact to his father. He knew for a fact that if he were to tell him or his grandparents they would immediately disown him or worse. Minette came to Hogwarts when her parents were transferred to the London branch of the Department of Wizarding Law Enforcement, that was three years ago. She still yearned to be home but she knew that if she were to return to the United States she would have to leave Teddy behind. They never discussed it but she knew that he had no desire to leave his family behind and he had always said how much he loved London. She didn't have the heart to ask him to leave it all behind for him because she herself was unsure whether or not, if the roles were reversed, she could abandon everything for him in the name of love.



The boys greeted each other, with slight animosity in their tone. Teddy didn't like Rubin Malfoy for the simple fact that, relatives aside, he didn't believe him to be good enough for his Victoire. He had known Victoire since she was born. Heck he even walked down the aisle with her, albeit when he was three, and she was two, at Harry and Ginny's wedding, but still. He felt she deserved the world and that 'Malfoy boy', as he commonly referred to Rubin, only promised to give her a piece of it. In fact he couldn't even promise her the acceptance of his family of her relationship; he couldn't even invite her to his family gatherings for fear of insults which may be hurled her way, or worse. Rubin on the other hand felt threatened by the relationship Teddy had with his girlfriend, but if he was to look beyond that he knew that Teddy was a good man, but his jealousy and pride would never let him admit that. He knew that Teddy was only seeking her best interest and what man can begrudge another for looking out for the love of his life, but Rubin felt there was more to it than that and so refused to accept the close nature of the friendship.

"Hey baby! How was Astronomy with Firenze?" Victoire asked in an effort to break Rubin out of his stare down with Teddy. She knew they didn't like each other but she was determined that they would have to eventually if for no other reason than the other was a part of her life. Rubin shrugged non-commitally and turned to the front of the class where Lucia Snape was setting up.