Chapter one: It turned pink

My whole world fell apart the day that little test turned pink. So many things were going through my head that minute. What are Charlie and Renee gonna say? What am I gonna do with it? Should I tell the father? I decided I should call Alice and tell her what the results were. "Hey, Alice,""Hey, Honey, well, whats the verdict on the test?" she asked. Then I couldn't take it anymore I broke down in sobs. "A-A-A-Alice I c-c-c-can't be pr-pr-pr-pregnant! W-W-W-We only did th-th-that one time," I sobbed. "SSSSHHHHH, Bells it's OK, it's OK. We'll get through this." "Thanks, Alice, I really appreciate this,""Hon, you don't have to answer this, but is Edward the father?" she asked. "Yes," I whispered. "OK, Bells why don't you go lay down and think about this, It's going to be fine, I'll call you later okay?" "Okay, bye," "Bye."

I go to lay down and think about what I'm gonna do OK I can't abort this baby, but what if Edward won't have anything to do with us? Should I give him/her up for adoption? No, I can't give up my own flesh and blood. I thought about it somemore and made my decision. I'm going to keep my baby, No matter what Renee and Charlie, or even edward say I'm going to keep him/her

I know it's short but I would like opions on if I should continue or just delete this thnx