Chapter 7: Surprises

When we left the school we decided to go to Starbucks. Alice got straight black coffee, the weirdo, Rose got a mochachino, Edward got a carmel latte, and I got a hot chocolate, cause coffee is supposedly bad for the baby. I mean Renee drank coffee with me and I turned out fine... sorta.

We left there after about an hour and a half when Alice started planning what colors the nursey was gonna be and the outlay. She can do what she wants when we find out what gender the baby will be. Before that she can just get over it. Anyway, we left there and Edward took me back to the school to get my truck.

"Tomorrow's our appointment," I said before I got out.

"Yup! What time is it at, again?" He asked smiling.

"4:15 after school."

"Great. Hey, do you want me to pick you up before school tomorrow so we can ride to the hospitol together and not have to worry about your truck?" He hated my truck he says it slower and older than dirt.

"Sure, that'd probaly be best." I nodded.

"Awesome I'll be there at 7:30, kay?" He said as i started to unbuckle.

"Sounds good. See you tomorrow. Love you!" And got out of his car.

"Okay. Love you, too!" He waited for me to get in my car before he pulled out.

When I finally got home it was about five thirty. I decided to go up stairs and lay down.





I woke up several hours later from a weird dream. It was odd. I'd dreamt that I was in the hospital having the baby, but once I had him another came out, a girl this time. Then another boy, a girl, a boy, they just kept coming out. It was like that movie, Son of the Mask, when she's sitting there filing her nails and they just keep popping out. It was just weird.

I looked at my clock and it said it was a quarter to 2. I got up to use the bathroom and get a drink of water. I opened the bathroom window and filled one of the many cups in our bathroom. I had barely taken a sip before I smelt the stock yards.

After about 5 minutes of throwing up and another 10 of dry heaving I got up to brush my teeth and went back to bed. I slept soundly after that.



I went through my new morning rituals. Get clothes, throw up, go pee, get dressed, kneeling at the toilet for 5 minutes feeling like I'm about to throw up, put on my make-up, and go down stairs. Wonderful, isn't it?

I decided on a bowl of Cupcake Fruity Pebbles, they don't taste like cupcakes by the way, and orange juice. When I rinsed my bowl and cup out, Edward honked outside. I hollered up at Renee I was leaving and gave Charlie kiss on the cheek and told them I was leaving, they were both off today. He had been sleeping on the couch for awhile now. Him and Renee are arguing again. I grabbed my bag and left.

"Hey, Bells. Hi, Baby Girl." Edward smiled at my stomache.

"Hi, Edward. And our Baby BOY is gonna need therapy if you keep calling him a girl." I greeted him.

"Whatever you say." He laughed.




School passed uneventfuly. In gym Coach Clapp told me I should sit out today till I know if I'll be able to dance. Before I knew it we were on our way to Port Angeles. I was so excited, this is the first time we'll see our baby and he'll actually resemble a baby.

We walked over to the maturnity ward and signed in.

"Dr. Treamer will be with you in a moment." The receptionist, Carrie smiled.

"Okay. Thank you." I smiled back.

Before we even sat down we were called back. A nurse took blood, my temperature, and other stuff. Then Dr. Treamer came.

"Good afternoon, Bella Edward." She said sitting down. "And how are we this afternoon?"

"Everythings good." I answered. "I've been getting bigger though, sooner than I thought you were supposed too."

"Everyones different. It just depends on the person." She said putting the cold gel on my stomache. I shivered and Edward grabbed my hand and smiled.

She moved the wand around on my belly for a couple seconds before she nodded and smiled. "Would you like to know why you're getting bigger sooner?"

"Yes, please." I said eagerly.

"Look right here," she pointed to one side of the screen, and then moved the wand over and pointed to the other side. "That's baby A and that's baby B."

"We're having twins?" Edward said with a huge grin plastered on his face.

"That's what it looks like to me. I'm sorry I wasn't able to catch at our last appointment. We won't be able to tell if they are idenical till they're born, though."

I was speachless. We are having TWINS! I was estatic, but scared to. How are we going to handle one newborn let alone two. I couldn't be happier, though. "Amazing." I whispered.

"But there are some risks we will have to worry about." She said seriously.

"What kind of risks?" I asked sorta of scared now.

"Nothing you need to worry about right now." She said quickly. "But later in this pregnancy, you will probaly have to go on to bedrest, and with any multiple pregnancy the chances of premature birth is higher."

"If she does have to go on bedrest about when do you think that would be?" Edward asked concerned for me and the babies.

"I think probaly around 25 weeks. Thats only if she needs to do it, there's no gurantee she'll have to, but I think with her age and size there is a good chance she'll have to." She looked at both of us. "Any questions?"

"I was gonna ask if I would be able to do Dance, but it seems thats out of the question now." I told her.

"What kind of danceing do you do?" She asked me.

"Right now? We're working on our winter recital. I'm in the lyrical, hip hop, and the opening and closing number." I said thinking about last years recital. I was awesome.

"And when is your recital?"

"It's Decmember 15th."

She shook her head. "I don't think you'll be able too. If you were only carrying one baby then you might of been able to. I'm sorry, but you would probaly be putting all of you at risk."

I nodded. I wanted to do it, but I don't want to risk their health.

"If thats all, I'll print you guys some pictures and you'll be free to go."





"TWINS!" Alice and Rose sqealed together once we showed them the pictures. We all had dinner at the Cullen's house and were now in the livingroom talking.

Alice and Rose were donelooking at the picture and passed it to Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle who were making bets on what their genders would be.

"$20 on two girls." Jasper decided.

"Nah, $20 on a boy and a girl." Emmet decided after studying the picture for five minutes.

"In your dreams. It's gonna be two boys." Carlisle said showing it to Esme. "I've had three kids, they're gonna be boys."

"Whatever you say old man." Jasper said jumping out of reach of Carlisle's hand. I swear he's as bad as Emmet.

"Next person to call my Grand Daughters a boy is staying to do the dishes. I don't care how late you have to stay." Esme said going to put the picture on the fridge. There is no higher place of honor.

"Really Esme?" I asked exasperated.

"What? Carlisle said they're going to be boys, so now they will be girls. He was wrong everytime I was pregnant." She told me.

"Was not!" He defended himself.

"Was, too! You thought Emmet was going to be a Victoria and Edward was going to be a Carley. Even when my sister was pregnant with Alice you just knew she was going going to be a boy." She laughed. "You are always wrong when it comes to that."

"I'd look hot as a girl." Emmet nodded.



Edward took me home after we were done. It was about 8 o'clock. I kissed him goodnight and went inside.

I found Charlie sitting at the table, his head in his hands. He looked tired and sad.

"She left." He said simply when I walked in.

"Who left?" I asked confused.

"Renee, your mom. She said she'd had enough." He said in a dead voice.

"The bitch." Charlie hasn't been my number one fan these past few weeks, but he worked his ass off for me and Renee and she still just up and leaves.

"I know." You could tell he was really torn up about this. "We'll talk about it in the morning. How was your appointment?"

I got a big grin and handed him a picture. "We're having twins."

"Twins? Geez, Bells, you're making feel real young." He said sarcasticly. "I'm happy for ya, though. I would of rather you waited a little longer before you started having kids, but I'm happy for you."

"Thanks, Dad."





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