"That was a poor shot, Cajun." The amused drawl creeped it way down Remy's spine, and he glared up at his opponent. Logan just stared back at him, at ease and completely unconcerned by Remy's annoyance. Remy just huffed in disgust and backed away from the pool table, crimson eyes trained on Logan.

Stepping up to the table, Wolverine eyed the remaining balls, mentally lining up his next shot. A moment later, he rolled his shoulders before stretching across the pool table, the cue stick held easily in his hands as he lay poised over the green felt. Remy grinned as he realized that Logan was now within easy reach.

As Logan pulled the cue stick back, Remy took a step towards him. The other man ignored his presence, at least until Remy murmured, "Winner takes all, mon amour," in his most seductive purr. The shot went wide, tapping the side of the ball and sending it straight into the eight-ball, which fell into the closest pocket.

Now it was Logan who glared up at his opponent, a small growl trickling from his throat, even as his body stirred at the promise in Remy's words. "That wasn't very nice, Cajun," he chastised, but Remy just smiled back at him innocently, completely unaffected by the knowledge that he had just deliberately caused Logan to miss that last shot, costing him the game. After all, it wasn't his fault that his words had made Logan's hand slip, right?

His smaller body tense and his eyes eager and bright, Logan stalked towards Remy. Crimson eyes widened as Remy moved backwards, away from the pool table. Wolverine pursued, dogging his footsteps. The back of one of the leather couches pressed against the back of Remy's legs, and Gambit stilled, waiting to see what would happen. He trusted Logan not to hurt him, and judging by his appearance, this was going to be enjoyable. Still, something was wrong here.

"Ah, wasn't it winner take all?" he breathed, his voice deepening with excitement and anticipation. "Dis is sort of…backwards," he pointed out, but Logan wasn't listening. Stopping right in front of Remy, so that he had to tilt his head back to stare up at the taller man, Logan grinned wickedly.

"Yeah, that's what it was. But you never specified when, exactly, payment was to begin," he countered. Before Remy could snap back with a witty retort, Logan's strong hands wrapped around his wrists, turning him inexorably, so that he was facing the couch. Those warm hands slid up his arms to his shoulders and pressed lightly, Logan's intentions abundantly clear.

Remy allowed himself to be pushed down onto the floor and pressed forward, so that his arms sunk into the couch of the cushions as he held himself up. A strong grip moved from his shoulders to the back of his neck, brushing along his exposed skin in the process. Remy shuddered under the caress, unconsciously pressing back into the firm touch.

With a sudden tearing that jolted Remy's body, the shirt was split down the middle. Damn, that made the third one this month, he thought ruefully. It was a good thing that he loved clothes shopping. After all, a good looking man such as himself must have an equally attractive wardrobe.

Warm hands pressed into his shoulder blades, kneading. They slowly worked their way inwards, until they met at his spine. Moving up a little, they pressed into the knotted cords at the back of his neck, and Remy allowed his body to sag as tense, sore muscles were massaged into relaxation.

Slowly, those pressing fingers moved insistently down his back, kneading the whole way down his spine and curving outwards, so that they dug sharply into his sides along his ribcage, not hurting, but instead feeling very, very good. His eyes drifted close as he felt his body relax, the loosened muscles bringing him relief. Remy hadn't realized just how tense he had been until that moment.

Logan hesitated only for a moment at the waistband of his pants, before sliding his hands around to his front and renewing the massage, pressing his own body snugly to Remy's back. Questing fingers sought out erogenous zones, stroking and kneading as he went. With the hands on his front, Remy allowed his body to be pulled backwards, so that his head tilted back onto Logan's shoulders as the other man finished soothing the muscles on his upper body.

Gripping his chin gently, Logan turned Remy's head, angling it enough to kiss the other man, his tongue coming out to play as it wriggled around in Remy's mouth, the kiss moist and sloppy and utterly hot. Remy responded eagerly, his right hand coming up to curve around the back of Logan's head as they kissed long and deep.

Remy broke from the kiss with a gasp when a hand found its past the waistband of his jeans, having already unbuckled the belt that he had been wearing. His body was pressed forward again as Logan shifted, his other hand unzipping Remy's jeans before sliding down to grasp his arousal. Remy twitched at the stimulation, growing even harder as Logan stroked him, his grip firm and steady as he slid up and down Remy's erection.

"Heh. You're gonna be beggin' soon, Cajun," Logan growled behind him, and Remy just moaned in response. The other man was probably right, but he didn't care right now. Just so long as those sensations didn't stop. Ever.

Logan's free hand was tugging on Remy's jeans, and the other man shifted away from the couch long enough for his lover to slide them down past his thighs. Remy relaxed, preparing to accept Logan's finger. Instead, he bucked backwards as something soft and wet lapped at him. Whipping his head around, he stared wide-eyed down at Logan, who looked back up at him, his eyes filled with lust and laughter.

Logan pulled back just long enough to ask, "What? Didn't think I'd do it, Cajun?" Remy just shook his head, words escaping him as Logan went back to his previous occupation. A wanton moan escaped him, and Remy lifted a shaky hand to his mouth, muffling his voice as Wolverine continued to rim him, his tongue sliding inside now and again, and making Remy writhe.

A chuckle reverberated against his flesh, and Logan slipped a finger inside of him, crooking it carefully as he sought that special spot that would reduce Remy to a mindless mass of feeling. Remy's body shuddered and he gave a muffled scream a moment later as Logan hit what he'd been seeking. He rubbed more deliberately this time, pressing against the Remy's prostrate.

Logan's rasping tongue was still swiping across his skin, lapping up the sweat that covered his body in a thin sheen. Not able to take the infernal teasing anymore, and aware that someone could walk into the recreation room at any moment, Remy snapped, "Quit teasin' Remy and just do it already, Carcajou!"

Wolverine chuckled at the annoyed use of his name and removed his fingers. "As you wish," he murmured, before thrusting into his lover roughly, setting up a quick rocking motion before Remy had time to adjust to the sudden intrusion. Not that the crimson-eyed mutant was complaining. He had been sufficiently prepared that the slight burn of Logan's initial thrust was barely felt, quickly overwhelmed by pleasure.

Remy writhed, his hands scrabbling for purchase against the leather couch. Logan's large hand wrapped back around his arousal, squeezing tightly and cutting off Remy's orgasm. "What the hell was dat for?" Gambit yelped, his voice strangled as he rode the pleasure.

Behind him, Logan muttered, "You wanna come on the leather furniture, Cajun? 'Cause I sure as hell don't wanna have to explain to the professor." Remy saw the logic in that – sort of – but that didn't mean he was happy. Pressing back into Logan's thrusts, Remy let out a savage snarl, his body tightening around Logan. If he wasn't going to find release until after Logan did, then he was going to make sure that his lover came quickly.

Logan grunted, pressing a hand firmly against the back of his neck, holding him against the couch, so that he couldn't push back against him. His other hand continued to restrain Remy, and the taller man was nearly delirious with the added stimulation. Wolverine had better hurry it up and finish, before he used that energy that was bound inside of him to charge the account.

Logan was losing his pace, falling quickly out of rhythm, and Remy encouraged him, moaning and writhing as much as he was able, tightening his body around Logan every time the other man thrust inside of him. A moment later, Logan fell over the edge, muffling his howl by biting into Remy's shoulder. The brief pain only added to Remy's pleasure and he shuddered, fighting Logan's grip.

"What do you want me to do, Cajun?" Logan asked, squeezing Gambit's arousal for emphasis. His breathing was ragged in Remy's ear as he spoke, slowly recovering from his own ecstasy.

It took several moments for Remy to pull his scattered thoughts into some semblance of order, and then another moment to respond. "Ah don't care. Just do something to fix this!" he replied, gesturing towards his arousal. Lifting him up and flipping him onto his back, Logan laid him against the couch and settled in between his open legs. Leaning down, he kissed Remy, and the other man responded to the kiss eagerly, wrapping his arms around Logan's neck.

When the kiss broke off, Logan smiled down at him and started trailing kisses across his cheeks and chin, then down his throat. He stopped for a moment at the dip in his collarbone, sucking on the tender flesh there, his hands roaming Remy's chest, stopping to tease a nipple as it went by. Shortly thereafter, a mouth latched itself to his right nipple, and suddenly, Remy knew exactly what he wanted.

Fisting his fingers into Wolverine's hair, watching those brown eyes move to stare up at him, he grinned breathlessly. He was pretty sure that they wanted the same thing, and there was only one sure way to find out. "Use your mouth on Remy, oui?" he asked, his hands pressing down lightly, making it clear what he wanted.

"Heh. I thought you'd never ask," Logan replied, smirking, and then did as he was bid, his arms stroking across Remy's chest and down his legs as his mouth kissed and sucked on Remy's inner thighs. His tongue pressed up against Remy's balls before sucking one of them into his mouth, rolling his tongue around them. Gambit nearly bucked off the couch, only fear of Logan's teeth keeping him mostly still. One of Logan's hands played with his other one, and then Logan traded off.

A finger stroked up his erection, and that was the only warning Gambit had before he was taken into Logan's mouth, to the hilt, Logan's nose buried in his pubic hair. This time, he did buck, and Logan allowed the movement, relaxing his throat and letting Remy thrust in as far as he could, careful to keep his teeth out of the way. His tongue pressed up against the underside of Remy's arousal, and when Remy hit the back of his throat, he swallowed, compressing his muscles around the cock in his throat.

Remy had been on edge before, so he lost it in moments, releasing down Logan's throat. His lover swallowed as he pulled back, the pressure almost painful on Remy over sensitized skin. Logan's tongue slipped out and lapped up what he had missed, and Remy moaned faintly, his body limp and sated, his breathing rough and irregular as he panted, hot and sticky and utterly satisfied.

Shifting his body again, Logan rearranged them on the couch, pulling a lightweight blanket that had been resting on the back of the couch over top of their intertwined bodies. He cuddled Remy, and Gambit sighed in contentment, sleepy now. "Go ahead and rest, Cajun," Logan murmured, one hand petting through his short hair. "I'll warn ya if anybody gets close."

Remy nodded against Logan's chest, his body situated so that his head was tucked under Logan's chin. He had forgotten about Wolverine's keen senses. He'd know of anybody approaching long before they actually made it into the room. It would be a scramble to get at least their pants on, but right now, Remy didn't care. He just wanted to bask in the afterglow of their love-making.

Just as he drifted off to sleep, he felt Logan kiss the top of his head, and heard him murmur, "Hope you enjoyed your winner's prize." It took a moment to sink in, but when it did, Remy's body froze, his eyes staring up at Logan in disbelief. The roguish man just grinned down at him. "You won the pool game, remember? So I had to do what you ordered me to. That was the agreement, was it not?"

Remy growled, but then shook his head, a smile playing about his lips. "Oui, dat was the agreement. And since Ah made sure Logan lost the game, dis was only fair play, Ah suppose." Logan chuckled, and Remy smiled wider. Taking his chances at throwing Wolverine off-balance had definitely paid off.

"Sleep now, Cajun. Perhaps we'll have a rematch someday," Logan murmured, and Remy nodded sleepily. A rematch sounded good, he thought vaguely as he drifted off. His last thought before sleep took him was that he'd never look at a pool table the same way again.